how to keep mattress topper from sliding

How To Keep Your Mattress Topper From Sliding (Easy Tips)

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Something just so annoying and pesky about a mattress sliding around on its box spring or bed frame: We turn and toss around in our sleep, but the mattress should not go around with you.

Whether you are having a pillow fight, a sleepless night, or a romantic rendezvous, the last thing you will need to be concerned about is the mattress from slipping off the box springs, and you end up on the ground.

Thankfully, there are several simple and incredibly inexpensive products that you may purchase off Amazon, which will easily resolve this problem for you.

Also, you might need some help from a friend or relative with this. Mattresses can be heavy and have to be set from opposing sides at the same time.

Why Does My Mattress Keep Sliding?

how to keep mattress topper from sliding

Little to no friction. This is the usual offender to a mattress that is slipping and sliding all over the area, especially in case you've got a latex foam or two-sided memory foam mattress.

This happens because the substance does not have a good sufficient grip against the mattress frame to keep it in place.

Old mattress. Like almost everything on this planet besides good wine, quality declines with age. Think back to the time you bought your mattress; how long is it since then? If your response is ten years or older, the reason for your mattress moving could be old age.

After years of continuous usage, mattresses will accumulate a layer of your body dirt and oil on the floor, hence the slipping.

Improper support. The reply to your issue might be that your mattress frame is too large for your mattress, or the legs to your bed frame are slipping around.

Many bed frames come up a few inches from the pliers, so the mattress sits down in the framework, keeping it in place.

Occasionally these frames have additional space between the mattress and sides to accommodate any bedding, but when there is too much space; your mattress may slip off the frame a little. The legs may also have something to do with it if they are wooden and sliding on a slippery surface.

You might also be wondering; how will my mattress change on a platform mattress? With the appropriate support, your mattress should remain in place on its base. Before buying a new mattress, make sure to double-check the company's website to see which kinds of support it's compatible with.

Ways to Maintain Your Mattress from Sliding

Use Mattress Non-Slip Pad

how to keep mattress topper from sliding

This is a simple and economical way to stop and further prevent slipping and sliding your mattress. They come in rubber alternatives that are the same substance used to maintain carpets or what people sometimes use to line their cabinet shelves and some foam choices.

Put it between your mattress and your box spring or mattress frame, and you are done. They also shouldn't alter the feel of the mattress since they're so thin.

You'll need to be aware of the dimensions of your mattress first. By way of example, the conventional queen size mattress is 60″ wide by 80″ long.

This can help you make sure you are getting the proper size product for your bed. You may even want to go a bit larger than the dimensions of your bed because you can always cut, so have a pair of scissors.

If you sleep on a California king and cannot find a size large enough, you can pair two individual mats together.

A more economical method would be to buy rubber matting or choose the one under your area rug in your living area. Cut it to fit your mattress's size and use it as a substitute non-slip mattress pad.

It may seem silly, but you may also make use of a welcome mat if you one of these lying around the home.

Some people have also claimed that double-sided carpet tape works too, but we are not 100% sure about it. Needless to say, this is a great go-to if everything else fails.

Velcro to Maintain Mattress from Sliding

Did you know that Velcro comes from stick-on strips? They have adhesive on one side, which you stick to your mattress base and in your box spring or bed frame.

Ensure that the loop bits are opposite the hook bits, and they'll match up once you set the mattress back on its surface. The strips must attach, stopping the mattress from moving around.

Adjustable Bed Frame to Secure Mattress

If your bed isn't secure inside your frame, meaning there are a few empty inches either width or length-wise, your mattress has room to wiggle.

Your options are to buy a new bed frame that suits you accordingly, or you can fill the room with something such as rolled-up towels or wood planks for a short-term remedy. You might also get a distinct size mattress, which leads us to our second choice.

Find the Perfect Mattress

how to keep mattress topper from sliding

You might need to think about getting a new mattress, possibly among those best mattresses of 2021. Occasionally two-sided or flippable mattresses have comfy material on them, but it's not slip-resistant. Or they are not stable enough, which leads to rocking, shipping moving.

Check first to see if your mattress remains under its trial period or guarantee, where it can occasionally be returned or replaced at no cost. If your mattress is 10 years or older, it may be time to find a new one anyway.

We recommend that you look for a one-sided mattress so that it's more likely to keep in place. The base of one-sided bedding is flatter and intended to face back on a hard surface.

Vacuum Under Mattress

Odds are, you have just done it once or twice if that. Your mattress collects dirt and dust over the years. It sits inside your bedroom, and it could eventually make it move around your mattress frame.

So, try giving your mattress and box spring a fantastic vacuum cleaner and see if that does the trick.

Yoga Mat Under Mattress

how to keep mattress topper from sliding

Another cost-effective suggestion to prevent your mattress from slipping is to put one (or 2) yoga mats beneath it. Yoga mats are inexpensive and easy to find online or at local shops, so it may be worth trying this idea if nothing else has worked.

Additionally, placing a yoga mat beneath your mattress may also help with sagging and possibly prolong your bed's life span.

How to Maintain Mattress Pad from Sliding

When you've figured out how to keep the mattress from slipping during the night, you may also need to understand how to maintain your mattress pad from slipping. Don't worry, we have got those tips covered also.

First, examine to see whether your mattress topper or pad has straps attached. It appears simple, but they may be hiding under the mat itself, so you may not have realized you could fix it to your mattress.

If not, Go to Amazon or an online bedding retailer and look for straps which you can join yourself for securing a mattress pad or topper from slipping. Otherwise, you can use one of the approaches listed above, such as positioning Velcro or plastic mats between your mattress and mattress pad.

Similarly, some people have trouble keeping their comforter, sheets, or weighted blanket on their bed.

If none of these ideas and tricks help you prevent your mattress from slipping, it resembles you may be sleeping on the sofa or in a sleeping bag on the ground.

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