how to ship a mattress

How to Ship a Mattress (Top Tips For Making Things Easy)

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Shipping a Mattress

Shipping a mattress long distance is not like sending your sister's shirt to her later she left it in your home during her last trip. Fortunately, though, it is much easier than pushing a mattress in the back of a truck, moving truck, or god stop attached to the top of your '11 Corolla. Lots of people are merely unclear about the process or how to begin.

The only circumstance where we suggest somebody should not send their mattress is whether their mattress is less money than worth. Let's say you are searching to send your $200 mattress from Sacramento, CA to Denver, CO.

The charge to ship your mattress will be more than your mattress, and at that stage, we advise you to obtain a new bed rather than spending the money to transport it.

There are lots of affordable bed-in-a-box brands. It is possible to look into who will send your mattress to your house or whichever address you want, at no cost.

For everyone else, continue along to discover how to begin shipping your mattress.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Mattress?


Several essential factors affect how much it will cost to ship your mattress. Some of the most important ones include:

  • The dimensions and weight of your mattress
  • The distance between pickup and drop-off locations
  • How fast you would like your mattress to arrive

Shipping a single mattress with a box spring is generally less expensive than renting a moving truck to move your mattress.

Think about it this way. If you pay for a moving truck, you pay to use the whole space in the trunk and the motor vehicle. When you send a mattress and a box spring, you are simply paying for the space it takes up as opposed to the whole truck.

One additional cost you ought to consider is insurance. If you have ever received a package you're excited to open, to learn what was inside has become broken to bits, you understand the frustration, and you probably don't want it to happen again.

If your mattress largely outweighs the cost of transport, you might wish to consider insurance seriously. It is possible the shipping company that you pick could endorse somebody, or you may get a third-party insurance provider by searching around online.

Guide to Shipping A Mattress

To avoid harm the best you can, you will want to properly package your mattress (and box spring if you include that too).

1. Measure Your Mattress

how to ship a mattress

It's essential to find your mattress's weight and measurements so you may obtain an accurate quote of how much the shipment will cost. Have a look at the typical measures for every mattress size for advice.

Twin: 38″ x 75″ 60 pounds

Complete: 54″ x 74″ 90 pounds

Queen: 60″ x 80″ 105 pounds

King: 76″ x 80″ 125 pounds

You'll also need to measure your box spring or foundation, but you will likely have to guess the weight. Typically, they are usually around 50-75 pounds.

2. Gather Quotes

Finding the right quote for your mattress dispatch is similar to finding the best auto insurance quote; you probably should not settle for the first one you buy. There are a couple of websites where you can ask for a free quote, such as,, and

All you will have to do is input the sort of furniture you would like sent, the measurements you took before, the pickup point, and the mattress's destination.

As a pro suggestion, you can name the price you wish to cover if the quotes you get are a little out of your budget. By way of instance, Uship includes a section on their site where you can “name your price” and look to find out if any service provider will do it at your rate.

3. Remove Bedding and Disassemble

how to ship a mattress

Before doing anything, you need to remove and separately pack your comforter, sheets, cushions, and whatever else you've got in addition to your bed. After that, disassemble the frame and place any small hardware pieces in a zip lock bag to keep essential parts from going missing.

Be sure that you keep all the elements of your frame or base together not to have to scramble to put everything back together later.

4. Bundle Your Bed

To make sure your mattress makes it to its destination safely and soundly, it is essential to learn how to package a mattress perfectly. First, wrap your bedding and box spring in a couple of layers of packing foam or bubble wrap.

Then, as an additional precaution, put it inside a protective mattress instance. The cases are normally made from plastic or cotton, and they zip as a mattress cover will. You can buy one online at or in most bedding brick-and-mortar retailers. Lastly, put the encased bedding and box spring within a box, and then fill the space with packing peanuts if necessary.

5. Organize for Pickup

how to ship a mattress

Once you decide the organization you're going to send your mattress with, you will either need to arrange for curbside pickup or order a shipping location where you can drop off your mattress.

Some shipping companies will give White Glove Delivery, so they will come into your house, wrap your mattress, and load it into their truck without you having to lift a finger. It is more expensive, but it is an attractive option for folks who want additional aid.

Is it Worth it to Ship a Mattress?

how to ship a mattress

With all of that in mind, you may be asking yourself if it is even worth sending a mattress in any respect. Sometimes, it will make sense to ship your mattress, mainly if it's new, costly, or you love it. Under those conditions, it will be much easier to justify the cost of sending a mattress.

But in other cases, you can save yourself time and money by just buying a new bed — mainly if your mattress is over ten years old. Additionally, with so many terrific deals on bed-in-a-box mattresses nowadays, it could wind up being more cost-effective to eliminate your old mattress and purchase a new one.

Final Thoughts

With proper preparation, transferring a mattress does not have to be complicated. If you choose to send it, you should follow the steps outlined above to protect your mattress and box spring and get it to your destination in good shape.

But while it is possible to send a mattress, it is not exactly affordable. Whether you rent a moving truck or pay for a Shipping service, the costs of transport your mattress can add up quickly.

But, there are situations when you have no other choice, so learning how to send a mattress correctly can help you simplify the procedure.

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