how to wash miracle bamboo pillow

How To Wash a Bamboo Pillow in 4 Super-Simple Steps

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Generally, Bamboo cushions refer to memory foam cushions that have a protective case made partially of bamboo. Bamboo is an excellent material to use on pillows for numerous reasons. For instance, they can assist with lots of sleep issues. However, even if you don't have difficulty sleeping, bamboo can be cool at night and helps you sleep cool too. Moreover, it keeps your spine in the correct position and alignment so that your muscles can relax adequately during the night.


  • Bamboo helps keep the temperature and keep your head cool when you sleep.
  • Protects against germs
  • Eliminates dust mites
  • Perfect for individuals with asthma, allergies, and lung troubles
  • Keeps your spine in better alignment
  • Can stop snoring
  • Help keep pillow cleaner


  • Most have to be hand washed and air dried
  • Have a humorous odor initially that needs to be aired out
  • Most can be destroyed by cold or hot water, being put in the washing machine
  • Can be firm that people are used to

Can You Wash Bamboo Pillows?

how to wash miracle bamboo pillow

Despite the many benefits of purchasing and sleeping with a bamboo pillow, you must keep in mind that these pillows call for a little bit of extra care to be sure that they'll last.

Bamboo cushions, especially those that have frequent memory foam, cannot be cleaned. The washing cycle is too hard for memory foam and will make it lose its shape and even crumble to bits.

If you need your bamboo pillow to make you comfortable for some time, follow these common tips for cleaning bamboo pillows, and be sure you pay attention to the directions that come with the pillow you wind up purchasing.

Steps to Wash a Bamboo Pillow

how to wash miracle bamboo pillow

You might be thinking, So how do you safely clean a bamboo cushion?

The answer is easy; you wash it with attention and love. Get into a routine that includes washing your pillow after every month or two and always doing it the same way for the best results.

Here are the measures for washing your bamboo pillow to last and not fall aside on you.

What You Will Want:

Materials: gentle or mild detergent

Tools: A hand washbasin or a deep sink

Drying: A pillow drying rack can be quite handy to keep the shape of this pillow while it dries out.


1. Eliminate the bamboo cover and machine wash (the cover) on a mild cycle with warm water

When washing a bamboo pillow, never use water that's too cold or hot, or else one can get destroyed. Always wash smoothly in warm water to prevent any falling apart from falling.

2. Hand Wash the Memory Foam Pillow

Using a small quantity of gentle or mild detergent (without bleach) and warm water, start to wash the pillow by hand. Squeeze in the detergent to be sure the entire pillow is adequately cleaned.

Keep in mind not to use too much soap or water, or it may be tough to rinse out the pillow and wash it properly. The pillow can be addressed in water, but it should not be completely soaked through.

3. Rinse the Pillow Out Completely Until There's Not Any More Soap

You need to get all of the soap out of the pillow after washing it. Ensure there are no suds left until you finish rinsing. So, rinse multiple times. Once all of the soap was rinsed out and most of the water removed, you are almost done!

4. Let the Pillow Air Dry

how to wash miracle bamboo pillow

Just like the washing machine, drying in the machine a memory foam pillow is a remedy for disaster (especially If it's performed on a high heat cycle). For optimum results, enable your pillow to air dry after hand washing, rather hang to dry in the sunlight.

Ensure that the pillow is dry before use because a small amount of moisture could support mold or mildew to grow. You don't need to be sleeping on a moldy pillow, particularly if you have asthma or other breathing issues.


how to wash miracle bamboo pillow

We suggest that you wash your bamboo pillow after every three to six months if you would like your pillow to endure for quite a long time. Bamboo pillows are fantastic for keeping cool and keeping up a clean pillow that you sleep at night.

Anyone can enjoy the pleasure of a bamboo pillow. However, individuals with asthma, allergies, and lung issues particularly have an easier time sleeping when they get accustomed to a bamboo pillow. These pillows can help someone stop snoring!

Remember that this post just supplies you with brief guidelines for washing bamboo cushions. Since each cushion is slightly different, and requires varying washing and cleaning techniques ensure to check out the cleaning directions on your pillow for better results.

For instance, some bamboo pillows like those with shredded memory foam may be machine washed under particular settings. A few memory foam cushions tell you to place Them from the dryer to trigger the memory foam.

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