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10 Iconic Mid-Century Bedroom Chairs

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Modern mid-century style is characterized by simple lines, muted pallets, natural woods, and a bias towards function over form.

So when choosing a mid-century style chair for your bedroom, keep these features in mind.

There’s no denying that, aside from your bed, a chair is the handiest and functional piece of furniture in your bedroom.

Unfortunately, however, many people often overlook chairs when designing their space.

Accent, sitting, and dressing chairs can add a ton of style to any room.

Stylistically, bedroom chairs represent an excellent way to introduce contrast, personality, and interest to your room.

A comfortable bedside chair is also a pleasant place to sit and relax while watching your favorite TV show or sipping a cup of tea or coffee.

Listed below are ten iconic bedroom chair ideas to help you design your own stylish mid-century modern bedroom:

1. Teal and Oak

White Bed On Wooden Floor

Check out this interesting mid-century wooden bedside blue lounge chair and table, made in stained oak.

An eclectic choice – but it works!

2. Antique Blue

Antique Blue

Check out this comfortable, somewhat worn antique-style chair with blue cushions, wooden legs, and armrests.

Perfect choice for any mid-century bedroom – and easy to find at flea markets and such.

3. Vintage Pink

Vintage Pink

Check out vintage mid-century wooden pink armchair with accent pillows and wooden plant stand in a concrete flower pot with a rug lying on the wooden floor- a perfect mid-century bedroom setting.

4. Upholstered Chair

Upholstered Chair

This comfortable yet stylish upholstered chair in grey is a perfect addition to any mid-century space.

5. Cool Elegance

Cool Elegance

Always look for designs that create contrast and interest while blending with the overall décor of your bedroom.

This cool-looking grey saddle back upholstered chair is an excellent example of how to add interest to an otherwise dull room.

6. Leather Arm Chair

Leather Arm Chair

This armchair upholstered in leather with wooden armrests and legs blends with most mid-century modern bedrooms.

7. White: The Color of Love

White The Color of Love

White is always in style for bedrooms.

Check out this beautiful, simple setup with a wooden bed, side table, and armchair.

8. Wooden Armchair

Mid-Century Bedroom Chairs

This is a nice, comfortable wooden armchair to add to your mid-century bedroom.

9. Leather & Wood

Mid-Century Bedroom Chairs

A set of two armchairs upholstered in leather with wooden legs and armrests.

This kind of setup is easy to outfit and looks fabulous.

10. Teal Retro Armchair

Mid-Century Bedroom Chairs

A teal armchair with retro legs and an upholstered table – a pleasure to have furniture piece in a mid-century bedroom.

Remember that your choice of chair can make or break the overall aesthetic of your bedroom.

So always choose one that blends in well with the overall décor, but adds some amount of contrast to your room – either by style or color.

Happy Shopping!

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