Best Futon Bed Frames

Best Futon Bed Frames 2023: Top Picks and Reviews

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A futon bed frame is a basis on which the futon is constructed. These are the foundations where you can place your mattresses. Not only do futon frames look good, they are also a pretty useful piece of furniture.

The foundation can be made from wood, or metal, or wood and metal both. Numerous types of procedures transform futons into versatile multi-purpose and minimalistic furniture pieces.

What's In This Page

Through this post, we aim to educate readers on which futon frames are the best, providing a list which consists of the 15 best futon bed frames currently available.

Furthermore, we have also included sections on different types of futon frames, their characteristics and how they work.

Top Futon Bed Frames

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  1. Best Wood Futon Bed Frame: Kodiak Furniture Queen Monterey
  2. Best Queen Size Futon Bed Frame: Kodiak Futons Phoenix
  3. Best Full Size Futon Bed Frame: Kodiak Aspen
  4. Best Futon Lounger Bed Frame: Spacely Frame Futon Frame
  5. Most Versatile Futon Bed Frame: Nirvana B01N919AVN Futon
  6. Best Metal Futon bed Frame: DHP Nadine
  7. Best Support Futon Bed Frame: DHP Vermont
  8. Best Modern Futon Bed Frame: DHP Aiden
  9. Best Industrial Style Futon Bed Frame: DHP Henley
  10. Best Bifold Futon Bed Frame: KD Frames Studio Bifold Futon
  11. Best Futon Bunk Bed Frame: DHP Twin-Over-Futon Metal Frame
  12. Best Futon Bed Frame With Futon Mattress: Nirvana Futons Westfield
  13. Best Futon Sofa Bed: Novogratz Tallulah Memory Foam Sofa Bed
  14. Best Outdoor/Patio Futon Sofa: Best Choice Products Outdoor Convertible
  15. Best Japanese Futon Bed Frame: EMOOR Solid Pine Wood
Bed FramesBest ForMaterialsBed sizeWeight Limit
Kodiak Furniture Monterey Queen Size Futon FrameKodiak Furniture Queen MontereyBest woodHardwood frameQueen500lbs
Kodiak Furniture Phoenix Queen Futon FrameKodiak Futons PhoenixBest QueenHardwood frameQueen500lbs
Kodiak Aspen Futon Frame, Full, Reclaim Mocha FinishKodiak AspenBest fullHardwoodFull500lbs
Best Futon Lounger - Frame ONLY - Sit Lounge Sleep - Small Furniture for College Dorm, Bedroom Studio Apartment Guest Room Covered Patio PorchSpacely Frame Futon FrameBest loungerMetal frame & wood slats80” x 32”500lbs
Nirvana Futons Queen Size Tri-Fold Wood Futon Sofa Bed Lounger Frame - (Space Saver, Natural Finish) Ideal for Small Spaces, RVs, and Dorm FurnitureNirvana B01N919AVN FutonMost versatileHardwood frameTwin, full, queenNot specified
DHP Nadine Metal Futon Frame with Espresso Wood Armrests, Full Size, Mattress Not IncludedDHP NadineBest metalMetal frameFull 600lbs
DHP Vermont Metal Futon Frame, Classic Design, Full Sized - BlackDHP VermontBest supportMetal frameFull600lbs
DHP Aiden Metal Futon Frame, BlackDHP AidenBest modernMetal frameFull600lbs
DHP Henley Metal Arm Futon Frame, Industrial Loft Design, Converts to Sleeper, Black Sturdy MetalBest industrialMetal frameFull 600lbs
KD Frames Studio Bifold FutonKD Frames Studio BifoldBest bifoldWood frameFull, Queen600lbs
DHP Twin-Over-Futon Metal FrameDHP Twin-Over-FutonBest futon bunk bedMetal frameTwin/full200lbs/600lbs
Nirvana Futons WestfieldNirvana Futons WestfieldBest with futon mattressMetal frameFullNot specified
Novogratz Tallulah Memory Foam Sofa BedNovogratz TallulahBest futon sofa bedWood frame78”L x 44”W600lbs
Best Choice Products Outdoor ConvertibleBest Choice ProductsBest outdoor futonWood frame61.2”L x 28.5”W (Sofa position)352lbs
EMOOR Solid Pine WoodEMOOR Solid Pine WoodBest Japanese futon frameWood frameTwin440lbs

1. Best Wood Futon Bed Frame: Kodiak Furniture Queen Monterey

Kodiak Furniture Monterey Queen Size Futon Frame

Kodiak Furniture is a Minnesota based furniture firm that sells drawer sets, mattresses, daybeds, and frames in all sizes. They send the furniture in parts with necessary hardware, instructions, and tools.

Design and Build

This Monterey is a queen-sized futon frame in espresso color. This bifold frame includes a wooden seat and a backrest. Wooden slats are intersecting these frames.

Woven nylon ribbons are stapled on the seat, and the backrest at both ends on the backrest and seat. Both halves of the seat and the back swing out to form a bed. When pushed in and pulled up, the two halves, swing vertically to form a couch.

The futon frame has fixed armrests that when unfolded, double as headboards. A click-clack functioning of pegs or cylinders slide in and out of notches to adjust the futon in the upright and flat positions.


This Kodiak Furniture Monterey is perfect for limited and small spaces such as dormitories, lodges, and apartments. This futon frame may be used as a sofa, a bed, and a lounger.


In the Sofa position, it's 37 inches wide, 85 inches long and 36 inches high. At a bed position, it's 60 inches wide, 85 inches long and 22 inches tall.

Additional Features

This Kodiak Furniture Monterey comes with a one-year warranty.

Is It the Best of The Lot?

The Kodiak Furniture Monterey has a hardwood frame. All the hardware and tools are in the box, along with the instructions. The frame has marked the dots to match the parts. All you've to do is sort them and screw them together.

The frame has movable components which have a durable mechanics and solid construction that will support 550 pounds of weight. There's a swing out leg on the backrest that swings out when the futon frame is in the bed position. The espresso polish gives it an elegant finish.

2. Best Queen Size Futon Bed Frame: Kodiak Futons Phoenix

Kodiak Furniture Phoenix Queen Futon Frame

This is another offering by Kodiak Furniture. The brand makes futons with Indonesian hardwood. The wood has been carefully selected to bring you excellent long-lasting products.

Design and Build

The Kodiak Futons Phoenix includes a tray as an extension of the armrest. It's a blend of traditional and modern design.

The Phoenix is a reliable piece of furniture with a foundation consisting of a sturdy frame. The lower part of the armrest is a plank and while the top half has a lift-up tray on hinges. Fold-in Angles support the tray. Once the tray is dropped, the armrest becomes the part of the solid armrest.

The frame of the seat and the backrest fitted with pliers and are made from hardwood. Two nylon ribbons are running across both sides in the two halves.

These help in assembling the futon frame. Just stretch out the ribbon on the ground and fit in the slats in the frame and tighten the screws.

The same process works for both seat and the backrest. Now, assemble the stretchers and armrests. Then open the two halves or flaps and fit the frame into the loosely erected armrests and fix the screws.

When you fix the screws, the pegs in the frame fit into the slides on the two sides. Pick the backrest up to assess whether it moves gently. Your futon frame with flexible trays is ready.


The Kodiak Futons may be used as a bed and a couch. To turn the sofa into a bed, pull up the seat or base upward gently for the backrest. The Phoenix has a tray extension that could be used to keep your snacks and beverage, telephone, and notebook.


The Kodiak Futons Phoenix is 87 inches long, 37 inches wide, and 33 inches high. The bed weighs 155 lbs.

Additional Features

The Kodiak Futons Phoenix comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Plantation hardwood
  • Converts into a full-sized bed


  • The screws did not align in the stretcher

3. Best Full Size Futon Bed Frame: Kodiak Aspen

Kodiak Aspen Futon Frame, Full, Reclaim Mocha Finish

This is another offering by Kodiak Furniture. This simple and rustic frame brings tough, sturdy, and simple functionality.

Design and Build

Kodiak Aspen arrives in a box with the required tools and instructions for assembly. You may need an Allen wrench and two people to set up your Aspen framework. Place a paper, corrugated sheets, or rug on the ground before you start to construct the futon.

This will stop the floor from being damaged or scratched. To build seats and the backrest, bring these color coded components together.

Lay the parts with matching coloured dots adjacent to each other on the floor. The orange dots will match with the orange dots and the red with the red on the slats.

Now loosely screw the parts together. When you've followed these instructions, you will understand that your futon frame is coming together like a jigsaw puzzle. All the hardware such as caps, pins, screws, and Allen wrench is provided.

After the all the pieces are laid, screw all the components together by hand. Match the four nylon guides using the given pins.

When you've screwed the deck together fit in the wooden pegs on all four corners. Then tighten all the bolts. Repeat this process you did with the seat with the backrest. Then combine the two halves with a screw and fit the wooden pegs.

Now fix the aspen arms with the screws and note that the L-shaped and curves grooves are on the inner side. Insert the dowels and fit them. Put the wooden dowels into the stretchers and fix them into the inner side of the armrests.

Now adjust these wooden pegs into the L-shaped and curved groove on the armrest while having the two halves in an vertical position. After the two flaps are fixed into the frame to check them for movement.


Kodiak Aspen has two positions — full-sized bed and couch.


Kodiak Aspen is 37 inches deep, 76 inches in length, and 33 inches high. The futon weighs 70 pounds.

Additional Features

Kodiak Aspen comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Hardwood construction
  • Space-saving furniture


  • Arrived with a chip at the veneer

4. Best Futon Lounger Bed Frame: Spacely Frame Futon Frame

Best Futon Lounger - Frame ONLY - Sit Lounge Sleep - Small Furniture for College Dorm, Bedroom Studio Apartment Guest Room Covered Patio Porch

Spacely frame is just another piece of futon frame by Kodiak Furniture. This bed is easy to assemble and ideal for lounging, sleeping, or sitting.

Design and Build

Spacely Frame Futon Lounger is an ideal solution for confined spaces such as dormitories, studios, porch, guest rooms, etc..

The legs and frames are made from metal. The foundation is powder-coated in black paint. This large armrest stands on a hinge and lock into place such as the backrest.

The backrest and armrests have the same height. One mattress will adjust to the seat of the futon. It will rise and fold up along with the armrests. Pillows are needed for the backrest. It is possible to use a single long one or two pillows.

The frame is fitted with slats overlaid with a longitudinal metallic bar. Parts, instructions, and the tools arrive at your doorstep in a large box.


Spacely Frame Daybed is a highly functional and multipurpose piece of furniture. It can serve as a two-seater couch. One of the armrests can be reduced to create a lounger, or both may be reduced to create a day bed that can accommodate a 6 feet tall individual.


Spacely futon frame can work as a lounger, bed, and a sofa. In the sofa setting, the back is 36 inches high, the chair is 45 inches lengthwise, and armrest is 21 inches off the ground. The seat is 16 inches off the ground.

In the lounger setting where one of the armrests is lowered the chair is 62 inches long, 32 inches deep. In the bed setting, the sleeping surface is 31 inches deep and 76 inches long.

Additional Features

Spacely Frame daybed futon frame comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Stylish
  • Sofa, lounger cum bed
  • Multiple arm placing
  • Strong & sturdy metal frame
  • Easy to maintain


  • Needed to replace the wooden slats to make sturdy

5. Most Versatile Futon Bed Frame: Nirvana B01N919AVN Futon

Nirvana Futons Queen Size Tri-Fold Wood Futon Sofa Bed Lounger Frame - (Space Saver, Natural Finish) Ideal for Small Spaces, RVs, and Dorm Furniture

Nirvana Futons is an outstanding product from DCG Stores. The store offers prompt customer services and high-quality products. Their futon frames goes through testing for endurance, strength, and fitment. They built to last and are constructed from hardwood.

Design and Build

Nirvana Futons B01N919AVN is a queen-sized lounger. You can adjust the futon frame through one position as a bed, 4 sitting positions, and 8 lounging positions. The backrest tilts back to offer you a high level of comfort.

The futon frame is constructed from hardwood obtained from sustainable forest. The fine-grain wood utilized to construct the futon will last you for decades. It is created expertly and coated with a clear coat that accentuates the grain while protecting its beauty.

It is protected from stains and spills with the coat of polish. The futon contains flushed end caps that reduce the possible hazard protruding ends may present.


This futon is a versatile and flexible futon frame. The item is easy to transport and perfect for the man cave, recreation room, bedroom, family room, guest room, or vacation home.

You can take it camping and RVing. It is possible to enjoy lounging, sleeping, reclining, and sitting on this frame.


Nirvana Futons B01N919AVN is 56 inches wide, 76 inches long, and 10 inches. As a lounger, it is 56 inches wide, 57 inches long, and 32.75 inches high in the backrest. As a sofa, it's 36.75 inches long, 56 inches wide and 32.75 inches high. The framework can carrya weight of 250 lbs and is of 66 pounds.

Additional Features

Nirvana Futons B01N919AVN comes in a box containing the requisite tools. The futon frame carries a 5-year warranty.


  • Trifold futon frame
  • 13 adjustable positions
  • Eco-friendly, sustainably sourced hardwood
  • Flushed end caps
  • Space saving


  • Not the size advertised
  • The foot segment keeps falling

6. Best Metal Futon bed Frame: DHP Nadine

DHP Nadine Metal Futon Frame with Espresso Wood Armrests, Full Size, Mattress Not Included

DHP is a subsidiary of Dorel Industries Incorporated. They are manufacturers and importers of high-quality ready-to-assemble furniture.

Nadine is an ideal solution for professionals who desire a minimalistic or small space solution for their homes and offices.

Design and Build

The Nadine is a metal futon frame fitted with gray wood armrests. The backrest and seat are hinged to one another. They move along a lever mechanism which helps to open and fold the futon frame. The movable backrest and base are fitted on a sturdy metal rectangular base. The fixed armrests serve as headboards once the futon is fully open in a bed position.

The frame of the seat and backrest are slatted with metal wires that support the mattress. The frame is constructed such that it can if a mattress lengthwise. Or it can be adjusted with two halves of a mattress that would come when unfolded to lie along each other. It can accommodate 6- and 8-inch mattresses. The seat is fixed with retention brackets that keep the mattress from slipping.


This futon is a sofa sleeper that can be transformed from one to another in seconds. It's a metal frame that will last you for decades.

The futon turns from a sofa to a sleeper in moments. The frame contains a standard bifold configuration and functions. The frame has a low center of gravity thus very stable. It is easy to care, just wipe down with a dusting cloth. This is a perfect piece of furniture for studio, dormitories, flats, home, offices, etc.


DHP Nadine is a futon frame. It is 41 inches wide,, 81.5 inches long, and 28.5 inches high. It weighs 61 pounds with bearing capacity of 250 lbs.

Additional Features

DHP Nadine is sent in a box. It can be constructed using the tools provided. It comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Retaining brackets
  • Wooden armrests
  • Sturdy metal frame


  • The from broke within 5 months

7. Best Support Futon Bed Frame: DHP Vermont

DHP Vermont Metal Futon Frame, Classic Design, Full Sized - Black

DHP of the Dorel Industries understands you are busy professionals on the lookout for space-saving solutions for your dwelling. They provide you Vermont, a metal futon frame that's affordable, trendy, and simple to use.

Design and Build

The DHP Vermont is a full-sized futon powder coated in black. The futon converts from a sofa to a sleeper in moments. The frame is sent in a box and is easy to assemble.

The frame has a simple structure of metal slats to support a split or single mattress. There are two retainer clips in the front which prevent the mattress from slipping off the frame. The frame is designed for comfort in both positions. The broas track arms double as a headrest with the futon is unfolded.


DHP Vermont is a timeless design with a curved a chair steel tube arms and low seat. The versatile design converts from a sofa to a sleeper with the pull of the retainer handles. The futon frame has a sturdy metal structure that's stable and durable. The metal grid provide support to the mattress and the user. It accommodates a standard-sized mattress.

DHP has been around the universe to look for the best designs and materials to build the best furniture. They bring one of the smartest and most trendy designs. The best thing about these futon frames is that they can be customized exactly the way you like — based on occasion and season.


DHP Vermont is 39 inches deep, 76 inches long and 32.5 inches high. It weighs 48 pounds but has a capacity of 600 lbs.

Additional Features

DHP Vermont is sent in a box with all the tools and instructions. The frame is comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Vintage design
  • Saves floor space
  • Couch in the afternoon and sleeper by night
  • Standard size
  • Six legs


  • The bar at the front-center came bent

8. Best Modern Futon Bed Frame: DHP Aiden

DHP Aiden Metal Futon Frame, Black

DHP 3273098 comes by the Dorel Industries who are a popular brand for assemble to use furniture. They provides a fusion of design and innovation into your life with value and comfort.

Design and Build

DHP Aiden is a metal futon frame having 6 legs. The pallet features a backrest and a seat.

The framework is crisscrossed with a metal grid that accomodate the futon bedding. The retainer handles in the seat's edge prevent the mattress from slipping. They're also utilized for pulling the futon frame from a seated position to a sleeper position. They help push it back to the seater.

This bifold moving pallet is fixed onto a steel frame that is screwed on to two armrests. These lower the center of gravity and lend weight to the frame. The four legs of the armrest are supported by a fifth leg in the front-middle and a sixth leg at the back for extra support and weight distribution.


DHP 3273098 is a three in one — a seater, a lounger and a sleeper. This framework enhances the living area and sleeping experience. This futon frame functions as the bed during night and sofa during the day. The framework has curved arms and amesh framework which makes this lightweight yet durable.


DHP 3273098 Aiden is 30 inches wide, 76.5 inches in length, and 29 inches high. In the bed position, it is 52 inches wide, 71.5 inches long, and 10.5 inches high. The frame weighs 43.5 pounds but carries an even weight of 600 pounds.

Additional Features

DHP 3273098 Aiden comes in a box with all the tools and instructions for assembly. The frame comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Full metal body
  • Six legs for weight distribution
  • Metallic grid to support and ventilate the mattress
  • 3 in 1 — sofa, lounger, bed


  • The welding broke in two months

9. Best Industrial Style Futon Bed Frame: DHP Henley

DHP Henley Metal Arm Futon Frame, Industrial Loft Design, Converts to Sleeper, Black Sturdy Metal

DHP by Dorel Industries brings you the Henley. This Trendy Design is not only inexpensive but also saves space.

Dorel uses the best materials and processes to ensure that you get to bring only the best products into your home. They create futon frames in various shapes and sizes to meet your needs.

Design and Build

DHP Henley is a metal futon frame with a sturdy frame in the modindustrial style. This low-profile layout is a multifunctional piece that is perfect for living in confined spaces.

This three in one futon work as mattress, lounger, and a sofa. It can be fitted with a standard-sized mattress. The frame has a bifold pallet with the seat and the backrest mounted on three hinge joints.

A lever mechanism supports these joints in both ends, which lets you pull the frame out into a bed configuration. The seat is pulled up and pushed back so that it slides on the lever to fold up into a sofa. This bifold pallet is mounted onto a steel frame powder coated in black color.

There are total six legs – 4 of the armrest and two in the center of the rectangular frame. The backrest and seat have a metal grid that supports the mattress.


DHP Henley is a tribute to a rise in the demand for industrial design. It will blend nicely with the other furniture and accents in your home, such as wood and metal dining sets and steel and chrome bookshelves, coffee tables, etc..

The Henley grabs the look absolutely with old pipe, steel mesh, and steel plate armrest. The steel side panels add to its stunning looks. The futon will fit in almost any room of your home, be it a living room, home office, guest room, or a den.


DHP Henley is 23.5 inches long, 76.5 inches wide, and 7.5 inches high from the ground.

Additional Features

DHP Henley comes in a box with all the required tools and instructions enclosed. A one-year warranty supports the unit.


  • Maximum capacity of 600 lbs
  • Industrial design


  • Arrived with scrapes on the panels and pipes

10. Best Bifold Futon Bed Frame: KD Frames Studio Bifold Futon

futon bed frame

The KD Frame Studio bifold futon has a simple no-frills design and an easy to operate folding/unfolding mechanism. 

You can take it from a couch to a bed in seconds. 


  • Easy to fold and unfold. 
  • Modern minimalist styling.
  • Sturdy wood frame.
  • Adjusts to four positions. 
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Sits low to the ground – it can be uncomfortable to sit on when in couch mode. 

Our Review

The KD Frames Studio bifold futon is perfect for small spaces like studio apartments and small bedrooms. 

The bifold design means it takes up very little space whether it’s in couch or bed mode. The bifold mechanism is also super easy to operate. 

The KD Frames bifold futon has a solid wood frame that supports up to 600lbs. Including the upright and fully flat positions, you can adjust it to four different positions. 

So it’s perfect for sitting, reclining and sleeping. 

Assembling the frame is straightforward; the instructions are clear and detailed. But it takes time to put in the long screws. We recommend using a drill or electric screwdriver to speed up assembly. 

The KD Frames bifold futon has small wheels at the rear. These casters are helpful when you are adjusting the bed. They make it easier to move the futon frame from the wall (to flatten it) or towards the wall (when folding it into a couch). 

The KD Frames bifold futon is available in full and queen sizes.

Issues & Limitations

Many customers say they found the frame too low. This is not a problem for sleeping, but it can make sitting on the futon uncomfortable. 

It’s especially problematic for seniors and people with weak or bad knees. 

11. Best Futon Bunk Bed Frame: DHP Twin-Over-Futon Metal Frame

futon bed frame

If you need additional sleeping space in a small room, we recommend the DHP bed over futon frame. It’s like a bunk bed but with a futon underneath and a normal bed on top. 


  • Extra sleeping space without taking up more room. 
  • Strong metal frame. 
  • Guardrail on top bunk. 
  • Built-in ladder. 


  • Top bunk is suitable only for kids and teens.

Our Review

The DHP Twin-Over-Futon frame is a great choice if you need sleeping and sitting space in the bedroom for sleepovers, guests or multiple siblings. 

The top bunk bed is a twin. There’s a ladder one each end of the bed to access it plus guardrails for safety. 

Under the twin bed is a folding futon frame that converts into a full size bed. So in total, the bunk bed can accommodate three or more kids. 

The bunk bed is fairly easy to put together. But because there are a lot more components to assemble, it takes longer to set it up – about 2-3 hours. 

Once you assemble the metal frame, it feels strong and sturdy. Users say they’ve not experienced any squeaking. 

Issues & Limitations 

If you are buying the DHP Twin-Over-Futon frame for yourself or guests, note that the top bunk has limited weight capacity. 

It can only support 200lbs, including the weight of the mattress and sleeper. It’s ideal for kids and teens. 

But the futon below can support adults thanks to its 600lbs capacity. 

12. Best Futon Bed Frame With Futon Mattress: Nirvana Futons Westfield Futon Set

futon bed frame

Looking for a futon bed frame that comes ready with a futon mattress? We recommend the Nirvana Futons Westfield Futon Set. It’s a wood futon frame with a plush 8” mattress. 


  • No need to buy a futon mattress separately. 
  • Mattress is available in a wide range of colors.
  • Solid hardwood frame construction. 
  • Plush and supportive microfiber mattress.


  • Mattress cover is not washable. 

Our Review

The Nirvana Futons Westfield Futon Set comes ready to use right out of the box. You don't need to purchase a futon mattress separately. 

The frame is made from solid hardwood and has a cozy traditional style. The manufacturer does not specify the weight capacity, but we are guessing it’s at least 600lbs. 

Users weighing 200lbs and more say they sleep on it fine with no wobbling or squeaking. 

The futon frame includes arms for maximum comfort when you are using it as a couch. 

As for the mattress, it’s 8 inches thick and filled with microfiber. It has a medium to firm feel, depending on your body weight and sleeping position. 

While many users agree that it’s not as comfortable as a traditional mattress, or even some premium futon mattresses, it’s perfect if you plan to sleep on it only occasionally. 

The mattress cover is available in a wide range of colors, so you can choose the one that best fits the room decor. 

Issues & Limitations

The only issue with the Nirvana Futons set frame and mattress set is cleaning. You cannot remove the mattress cover since it’s tufted. 

That also means you cannot wash it.

Some users ended up getting an additional cover that they can remove and wash. 

13. Best Futon Sofa Bed: Novogratz Tallulah Memory Foam Sofa Bed

futon bed frame

Is it a sofa bed? Is it a futon? It’s both. 

The Novogratz Tallulah is a futon sofa bed. It’s perfect if you need a stylish and upholstered couch that converts into a comfortable futon bed. 


  • Stylish vintage upholstered sofa. 
  • Memory foam cushions. 
  • Sturdy wood frame. 
  • Available in several colors.


  • Firm to sleep on – you may need a mattress topper. 

Our Review 

The Novogratz Tallulah futon sofa bed looks like an expensive mid-century or vintage couch. In reality, it’s a mid-priced futon and sofa bed. 

The upholstered and tufted design makes it look more luxurious than most futon bed frames. You can choose from different fabric colors to match your decor. 

Underneath the upholstery and cushions is a wood bed frame that can support up to 600lbs. So the Novogratz Tallulah can support heavy sleepers. 

The cushions consist of high-density foam topped with memory foam for added comfort when sleeping. 

The backrest has a split configuration, and you can adjust each half on its own. You can keep the backrest straight when sitting, angle it backwards into a reclining position, or lay it flat for sleeping. 

As a couch, the Tallulah futon measures 83”L x 33. 5”W x 32. 5”H. When you lay it flat, it measures 73”L x 44”W x 17. 5”H. It’s in between a twin size and a full size. 

Issues & Limitations

Despite having memory foam, the cushions on the Novogratz Tallulah are firm. This is not an issue when you are sitting or reclining, but they are uncomfortable when sleeping. 

We recommend getting a 2” or 3” full size memory foam or latex topper and laying it on the futon when using it as a bed. 

14. Best Outdoor/Patio Futon Sofa: Best Choice Products Outdoor Convertible Wood Futon Sofa

futon bed frame

Futon beds are not just for indoors. They are also great for the patio, balcony or pool deck. Our favorite outdoor futon sofa is the Best Choice Products outdoor convertible wood futon sofa. It comes complete with a cushion/mattress. 


  • Sturdy and durable wood construction. 
  • Includes a cushion/mattress.
  • Water resistant cushions and pillows.
  • Adjustable to different positions. 
  • Includes a pull-out tray. 


  • Fits one sleeper.. 

Our Review

The Acacia wood frame plus the cushions are all designed for outdoor use. 

The frame is durable and resistant to the elements (but we recommend spraying it with a clear coat every once in a while) while the cushions and pillows are water resistant. 

You can place the futon outside in the backyard or by the pool, on the patio or porch, or on the balcony. And don't worry about it getting dirty. The cushion and pillow covers are removable and washable.   

One of the things we love most about the Best Choice Products futon is its versatility. 

You can use it as a love couch that fits two people. There are pillows to lean against and the cushion extends over the side arms so you can sit comfortably. 

You can also use it as a 1-person recliner by flattening one end of the frame. Finally, you can flatten both sides to use it as a bed. 

The Best Choice Products futon frame includes a pull-out tray under the futon that’s perfect for placing drinks or snacks when you are lying down or reclining. 

Issues & Limitations

The only limitation of the Best Choice Products outdoor futon is its size. It can only hold two people when used as a couch (not 3 like most futon frames), and has space for just sleeper when used as a bed. 

If you want to enjoy it with your partner, order two of them. 

15. Best Japanese Futon Bed Frame: EMOOR Solid Pine Wood Slatted Platform Bed Frame

futon bed frame

If you want to sleep on a Japanese futon but don't want to put it directly on the floor, get the EMOOR solid pine Japanese futon bed frame.

It pairs perfectly with a twin size Japanese futon mattress. 


  • Stylish minimalist design. 
  • Natural solid wood frame.
  • High weight capacity. 
  • Adjustable to three heights.


  • Not as versatile as traditional futon bed frames.

Our Review 

If you have a Japanese futon, also called a shikibuton, or you are planning to get one, we highly recommend the EMOOR platform futon bed frame. 

Normally, Japanese futons are meant to be placed directly on the floor or on a Tatami pad. But if you prefer sleeping a bit higher, then the EMOOR bed frame is perfect. 

It’s a minimalist twin size frame that pairs with a twin size Japanese futon mattress. You can also use it with any other type of mattress including memory foam and latex.  

The frame is made from natural pine wood. Six legs and wide slats provide plenty of support and can hold up to 440lbs. 

That’s more than enough considering the frame is for a single sleeper. 

You can adjust the frame to three heights. One, use it without legs. The platform will be 2” high. 

Two, attach the legs to get a 7” height and three, extend the legs to increase height to 12 inches. You can adjust the height to sleep higher or get underbed storage space. 

The EMOOR platform bed frame is not made in Japan (designed in Japan but made in China), but the quality is really good. It feels sturdy and lasts a long time. 

Issues & Limitations 

The EMOOR Japanese futon frame is not as versatile as a traditional futon bed frame. You cannot convert it into a couch or recline on it. 

It stays in one flat position. 

Kinds of Futon Frames

bifold futon frame

There are three types of futon frames:

The bifold futon frame folds into half to make the seat and backrest of the futon. This backrest can be folded down to form a bed.

Futon frames are overlaid with suitable mattresses depending on their sizes, which might be -full, chair, queen, loveseat, twin lounger, full lounger, queen split, and twin split.

The loveseat frame is intended for limited spaces. These frames come in three sizes — twin, queen, and full. They can be folded up into a love seat or can be drawn out to make a bed.

They might have a third position — a lounger built into them, that's between the horizontal and vertical position of the mattress. This frame can support a thick mattress.

The trifold frame has three parts, the seat, the back, and the ottoman extension. These three parts can be arranged to form a sofa, recliner, or a lounger.

There is a malleable and thin mattress laid within this framework so that it could be folded back properly. The mattress folds across itself or over the back of the frame to create the futon's chair.

Bunk bed futons include a futon under a bunk bed. These are the best space-saving piece of furniture. The futon might be a loveseat, bifold, or a trifold type.

The size of the bunk bed overhead might be a twin, twin XL, queen or full size. Usually, it's a twin size as such arrangements are used for children's rooms.

How do Futon Frames Work?

Trifold Futon Frame

Futons may be made from metal or wood or a mixture of both. To keep it functional and to get the most of your futon, learn how to open and fold it properly.

This way, you don't pull on the wrong components and end up frustrated. Always pull the futon against the walls before trying to open them. The majority of the models can be folded by reversing the steps used to unfold the futon frame.

A Bifold Futon Frame —

Suppose a sheet of paper on a table. Now fold it to create a chair and a backrest. Because there are two sides or parts, it's known as a”bi” or two-fold.

When pulling out, both sides lie flat next to each other horizontally to make a bed. When lifted and pushed in, two sides move on a lever mechanism and fold up to make a vertical back and a chair. These futons fold up to build a 3 — 5-seater sofas.

A bifold futon frame is unlocked from the chair. Stand near the center and face the futon. Catch the bar or the foundation or the handles provides on the seat section of the framework.

Raise it to unlatch both segments and then pull towards yourself and step back. Lower the section on your hands till it's flat.

To close a bifold futon frame, eliminate any bedding that may get caught in the hinges. Then grab the bar, lift, and push inwards towards the bottom of the framework. It should glide into a closed position. If there's a latch, lock it.

A Trifold Futon Frame —

Now imagine your sheet folded into a “Z” lying on its side. The three sections fold up like an accordion. The slanting line forms the chair, one leg of the Z forms the backrest, and the lower line makes the Ottoman or the leg rest.

A tripod includes a hidden deck in the front. Raise the seat of the futon to open this covered deck. Unfold the mattress, which sits similar to an accordion-folded into three to set on the lower part.

When you lift the seat to pull the third deck, the legs may swing out automatically. In some models, you might need to set them and the mattress.

The backrest might need to be pushed down to create a flatbed. Some models might have rungs that brace the backrest.

Just raise the back to release these braces and adjust the recline. You may adjust these three portions of the futon frame to create a chair, recliner, or bed.

To fold a trifold, remove the mattress and replace it afterward, you've closed the futon frame. Pull up the backrest in the position. Set the braces and rungs at the desired level.

Some backrests have a lock and slide mechanism that is engaged with the pull and push motion. Then tuck the next deck beneath the primary seat and lift the seat so that it slides into place.

Then fold the mattress such that its backrest and seat are covered. Tuck the extra piece of the mattress under the seats.

In some models, the mattress can't be removed, the frame should be folded such that the chair looks like an accordion with the backrest in the vertical position.

The Love Seat Futon Frame —

Three sections fit into each other in the way that they may be pulled out to lie flat. They generally have two pieces of the mattress. After the futon is folded into a sofa, one lies over the other.

A loveseat may have a bottom section to use as a footrest in the reclined position. If not in use, they can be folded up or hidden. They may be pulled out of the hidden niche, and the back can be pushed to recline or flatten out.

To open the love seat, hidden niche and the back can be pushed to recline or flatten out. It can be pulled out to form the bottom half of the futon bed.

Just lift the chair, and the deck unfolds. Pull this deck out and fix its legs. Loveseats are fitted with two mattresses.

There is a third smaller mattress fitted on the third part for the legs. Simply press the back of the loveseat, and it unfolds. Many models unfold and fold by this pull-down and push-up movement.

A loveseat closes similarly to a trifold futon frame. Just push the backrest into an upright position where it locks into place. If there are rungs, fix them.

Remove the small mattress from the footrest. Lift the seat, fold the third deck. If the futon has flexible legs, then ensure they are folded into the deck before pushing it under the seat.

Characteristics of A Futon Frame

most comfortable futon

Look for these features when purchasing the futon frame;

The size may be full, twin, or queen size.

The frame styles may vary from the mod (mid-century ), traditional to modern.

Materials used to make a futon may be — metal, wood, or combination of both with canvas and vinyl. Metal and wood are durable, reliable, and affordable. The foundation may be in the form of mesh or slats to support the mattress. There might be handles welded to the edge of the frame that helps open and close the frame. Metal frames are lighter than wooden ones. But wooden frames too may vary as some may be made of light pinewood while others may be made of hardwood.

The finish of the futon frames includes the materials used and their combination to make a final product. Chrome, wooden, plastic, or steel legs are used.

Various upholstery styles are used to mix with the materials to produce an aesthetically charming and highly functional product.

The mechanism may be trifold, bifold, or loveseat type.

The number of legs may vary from four to six.

Other characteristics, such as a middle console, an armrest, and drawers, may improve the utility of the futon frame.

It is obvious that a futon frame has various advantages to it, and owing to the easy availability of the types of futon bed frames currently in the market- you can find the perfect match!

Futon Bed Frames: Frequently Asked Questions

Do futons make good beds?

A futon bed frame can be a comfortable place to sleep as long as you get a good quality and supportive futon mattress. 

With a comfortable mattress, you can sleep daily on a futon without any problem. For most people we recommend a memory foam futon mattress. It offers the best support and pressure relief. 

Can you use a regular mattress on a futon bed frame?

A regular mattress is not suitable for use on a futon frame. Futon mattresses are designed to bed easily when you fold and unfold the futon frame. 

A regular mattress is not meant to bend. It’ll be difficult if not impossible to adjust the futon from from a bed to a couch. 

The only time you can use a regular mattress on a futon is if you plan to keep the futon frame in bed mode all the time. 

Can you use a futon mattress on a regular bed frame?

Yes, you can put a futon mattress on a regular bed frame. But you need to make sure the slats are close together to keep the mattress from sagging. If the slats are too far apart, use a bunkie board. 

Something else to note is that the futon mattress may not exactly match the dimensions of a regular bed frame even if they are both the same size (e.g. queen, full, etc.). 

Can you sleep on a futon every night?

As long as you get a comfortable futon mattress that offers good support and pressure relief, you can certainly sleep on a futon every night. 

How thick should a futon mattress be?

Most futon mattresses are between 6 and 8 inches thick. 8 inches is the best thickness as it offers the most amount of padding. 

If the futon is for a child, a 6 inch futon mattress will do. 

Do futons need a box spring? 

You can put a futon on a box spring if you want, or any other kind of bed frame. But the best support for a futon mattress is a futon bed frame. 

Other options include placing the futon directly on the floor or on a Tatami mat, Japanese style. 

Can you put a futon bed frame in the living room? 

A futon bed frame that converts from a bed into a couch is perfect for the living room. It can even add a nice rustic or industrial touch to the space. 

If you want something that blends in better, look for a futon sleeper sofa. Because it’s upholstered and some even have a tufted backrest, it looks no different from any other living room sofa. 

Is a futon frame comfortable to sit on?

Futon bed frames are designed to work as a bed and as a couch, and they are comfortable in both positions. 

What matters most is getting a comfortable and supportive futon mattress. We recommend a medium firm mattress that’s firm enough to sit on and soft enough to sleep comfortably on. 

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