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10 Iconic Mid-Century Bedroom Decor Ideas

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Inspired by the idea “Good Designs Can Change Lives, Mid-Century bedrooms are always functional, accessible, simple, and natural-looking.

Midcentury style rose to popular acclaim in the 1940s through the 1960s and remains popular – especially among lovers of modern home design.

Anyone who loves a clean, clutter-free minimalistic design space will find mid-century style appealing.

Common mid-century style elements include pared-down wood furnishings that with leggy focal points, natural lacquer or painted finishes, lots of leafy vegetation, and plenty of soft, natural light.

A mid-century bedroom is a space that should be full of simple comfort mixed with a touch of high style.

Let’s walk through ten iconic mid-century bedroom ideas to visualize what we are talking about.

1. Vintage Coral Armchair

Mid-Century Bedroom Decor Ideas

Color can make or break a simply designed space – which mid-century homes often are.

Check out how this vintage coral armchair makes such a simple wooden desk and a potted plant make this room both interesting and elegant.

This is a classic mid-century look that doesn’t cost much.

2. Artwork Is Key

Artwork Is Key

A simple piece of modern artwork can make or break the mid-century bedroom.

Have a look at this simple yet elegant bedroom with a modern bed and artwork casually sitting on the floor.

3. An Analog Look

Check out how this vintage coral armchair makes such a simple wooden desk and a potted plant make this room both interesting and elegant.

Check out this modern lamp and analog clock on a bedside desk – these kinds of mid-century touches make this bedroom complete.

4. A Little Art Deco

Mid-Century Bedroom Decor

This is a trend in mid-century bedrooms: add lighted mirrors and just a hint of art deco.

Check out this vintage bedroom with retro decoration with edgy 50s clock, mirror, table, and chandeliers.

The big wooden wardrobe and geometric pattern duvet help to open up what is a fairly small room.

5. Braided Oval Beige Jute Carpet

Mid-Century Bedroom Decor Ideas

Natural fiber rugs and carpets can be used to make your mid-century bedroom a bit more natural.

6. Patterned Pillows

Patterned Pillows

Because the mid-century style is all about comfort, don’t forget some soft and fluffy throw pillows.

Choose from a range of patterns and shades.

7. Bedside Cabinet

Bedside Cabinet

Check out this lovely bedroom with a wooden bed and a high board cabinet.

Note that functionality is the focus of this bedroom, a must in mid-century style.

8. Upscale Charm

Upscale Charm

Nothing spells upscale modern, more than bold, intricate graphic patterns.

Feel free to Invite geometry into your space in your headboard, pillows, curtains, art, or wallpaper.

Check out this bedroom with a graphic patterned headboard, curtains, and even pillows.

The look is inherently elegant but calming.

9. Functionality Rules

mid-century bedroom

Accessibility and functionality are the main foci of a mid-century bedroom.

Check out this well-designed bedroom with ease of access in everything – a bedside table with a night lamp and a wooden dresser on the other side.

The cabinets were built into the headboard. Everyone has a purpose – and storage.

10. Little Cool Pieces Are a Must

Little Cool Pieces Are a Must

I think its safe to say that every mid-century bedroom needs at least one funky or cool piece to make it more interesting.

It’s kind of the rule.

Like this truly cool yellow bedside table.

A mid-century bedroom is all about form-meet-function!

Always start with smartly-designed furniture that is simple, not ornate.

Then, bring natural elements into your home using artwork, natural fiber rugs,  houseplants, lamps, and humble fabrics.

Finally, make your bedroom more interesting by adding a couple of funky/cool pieces – or big/bold wall art.

I hope you get some inspiration from the above picks.

Have fun decorating your home in mid-century style!

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