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10 Cozy & Warm Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas

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Rustic style is all about creating a simple, peaceful, and comfortable space filled with worn antique and used furnishings.

Done right, you can achieve a truly classic and elegant look to rustic décor.

Rustic décor can utilize many eras of design – from traditional to modern or a blend of both.

Rustic homes often lean on neutral color pallets, clean- and simple-lined furniture, humble natural fabrics, floral patterns, unique light fixtures, soft fluffy throw pillows, etc.

Let’s look at some cozy and warm rustic bedroom décor ideas to give you a few new ideas for your bedroom redesign.

1. Cool Light Trick

Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas

First rule: a rustic bedroom doesn’t have to look old.

For example, check out this truly rustic bedroom designed with outdoor lights, modern pedestals, and pine cones.

Note the comfortable bedding and casual faux skin comforter, making this space warm and inviting.

2. Fire In The House

Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas

A fireplace is a must-have in any rustic bedroom – there’s nothing like it to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

Check out this cozy bedroom with a roaring natural stone fireplace.

3. UpScale Log Cabin

Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas

A nice upscale cherry furniture set is the perfect way to gin-up an otherwise ordinary log cabin bedroom.

4. Modern Rustic

Modern Rustic

Check out this modern rustic bedroom with potted plants adjacent to the window and basket on top of the nightstand.

This look works well in an industrial loft.

5. Natural Patterns

Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Check out how the addition of natural bamboo pattern wallpaper turns this very modern space into a rustic, almost outdoorsy space.

6. Patterns Make the Room

Patterns Make the Room

Natural wood fabrics with checkerboard and floral patterns enhance the overall aesthetics of a rustic bedroom!

7. Rustic Cottage Design

Rustic Cottage Design

Check out this beautiful rustic cottage bedroom in white with wooden decorative elements, a rope swing, a wicker chair, and a few houseplants.

It’s almost Boho-chic.

8. Rustic Wall Treatment

Rustic Wall Treatment

Check out this cool, upscale contemporary bedroom with its rustic wall treatment, white bedding, and pillows.

Note how the copper lamps perfectly complement the interior.

9. Log Cabin Luxe

Log Cabin Luxe

A gorgeous, all-natural rustic log cabin bedroom with a queen-size bed and a rustic cupboard.

This one looks like the entire room was cut from the same grove.

10. Plaid Pillows

Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Add a few Scottish plaid pillows to your bedding and mix them with plains to give any bedroom an immediate rustic, countryside feel.

When decorating a rustic style bedroom, make sure it does look too dark or too bright.

Instead, use a blend of dark and light to give a unique touch.

Lots of people forget that they can mix styles in a rustic style bedroom, too –  especially modern, traditional, modern, vintage, and contemporary.

Just keep in mind that the accessories and décor items you pick must go well with the overall design of the room.

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