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Misfit Sleep and Fitness Trackers Review

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Misfit Ray is a great way to monitor your health and activity to stay in shape. This tracker not only helps you stay in shape but also improves your overall health.

Like the other Misfit watches and trackers, the Misfit Ray too has built-in step counters that help you keep track of your activity. You can feed in your daily goals, and the watch will notify you when you meet them.

The Misfit Ray is much more than a fitness and sleep tracker. It has vibration alerts for call and text notifications and even an alarm that wakes you up without making noise so that your partner is not disturbed.

The replaceable battery in Misfit Ray makes using it even easier. You do not have to charge it every day, so there is one less gadget to connect to a charger before you go to sleep.

The Misfit Ray is quite popular because it offers advanced features at a lesser price than most competitors.

Pros and Cons


  • Stylish cylindrical frame
  • It helps set fitness goals
  • It helps track the quality of sleep
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity enabled
  • Integrated sensors to measure heart rate
  • Provides haptic feedback
  • It comes in 6 attractive colors
  • Multiple band options are available
  • Easy to wear leather band
  • Waterproof construction for swimming
  • Simple LED display
  • Tracks cycling, swimming, and other forms of activity


  • More of a luxury than a necessity
  • Metrics are not always 100% accurate

Unique Features

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The Misfit Ray comes with many features that distinguish it from similar models on the market. These include:

Sleep Cycle Monitor

One of the most striking features of Misfit Ray is that it checks for sleep cycles. It not only tells you about the duration of your sleep but also about how well you slept. The motion sensors let you know if you had a restless night.

The Misfit Ray also helps you know if you had a heavy or light sleep so that you can improve sleep quality.


Many Misfit sleep and fitness trackers like Misfit Ray have a built-in alarm. The tracker vibrates to wake you up on your set time. This is mostly useful for light sleepers, as heavy sleepers usually ignore vibration.

There are vibration alerts for text messages and calls in the Misfit Ray as well.

Activity Levels

The Misfit Ray sleep and fitness tracker helps you categorize activity based on low, moderate, and high levels. This enables you to check if you need to increase your activity to optimize your health. It vibrates to give you movement reminders too.

Multiple Activity Tracking

Misfit Ray and other Misfit fitness trackers assess different kinds of activity. They not only work as pedometers, but they also take tennis, baseball, and cycling into consideration.

In addition to these, there are sensors for yoga that add to your activity measurement. This gives you an exact idea of your exercise and diet patterns.

Waterproof Construction

One of the best things about the Misfit Ray is its waterproof construction. This tracker is water-resistant up to a depth of 50 meters. This makes it great for people who sweat a lot while working out. It is useful for swimmers as well since it can resist water damage pretty well.

Misfit Sleep Vs. Its Competitors

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The Misfit Shine Ray sleep tracker uses exceptional sleep tracking technology. Unlike some models, it syncs with connected smartphones to upload the required data automatically. You don’t have to worry about manually transmitting data from the tracker to your phone.

The sleep data in most rival models comprises sleep duration only. However, the Misfit sleep tracker tells you about heavy and light sleep patterns.

The Misfit Ray also calculates and reports REM cycles to help you monitor your sleep quality.

In addition, most sleep and fitness trackers need you to charge them. This adds to the list of devices that you have to charge daily. However, the Misfit Ray has a replaceable battery. You just have to replace the battery every six months, which takes away the hassle of charging it daily.

Issues & Concerns

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Some issues that you are likely to come across while using the Misfit Ray sleep and fitness tracker are:

Lack of Support for Other Apps

The Misfit Ray sleep and fitness tracker works best with the Misfit app only. Many other apps have a better interface and greater ease of use. But, this fitness and sleep tracker does not work well with those apps.

Limited Functionality

Since the Misfit Ray doesn’t have a display option, it can get difficult to use for some customers. You will have to take out your phone and check the activity levels from the app. This is quite time-taking as compared to just having a look at the watch display.

Can be Inaccurate

The heart rate monitor and calorie counter in the Misfit Ray are not always accurate.

Plus, the activity tracker registers regular arm movements as exercise. So, it might give you some extra readings for the activity.

How to Use the Misfit Sleep and Fitness Trackers

The Misfit Ray is quite easy to use once you pair it up with your smartphone. Here are some simple steps that you need to follow in order to use your Misfit fitness tracker.

  • You need to link your Misfit Ray with your smartphone before using it the first time.
  • Begin by installing the Misfit app on your phone and logging in your health details.
  • Launch the Misfit app on your phone and find the Ray tab.
  • Connect it with your smartphone by tapping on the ‘LINK’ tab. You will have to tap your Misfit Ray three times to link it with your smartphone.
  • Next, set a daily goal for the activity and sleep in the app. This will help you see how far you’ve reached your daily goal.


  • Battery: Non-rechargeable batteries that work for up to 6 months
  • Ease of Use: Simple layout, user-friendly interface, allows personalization
  • Design & Style: Compact, practical, and aesthetically pleasing design with soft and comfortable bands
  • Size: Available in various sizes

Where to Buy

If you like the Misfit sleep and fitness tracker, you can order yours from Amazon.com!

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