Old Blue Walls

10 New Urban Industrial Bedroom Decor Ideas

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When you envision “Industrial style” in your head, you probably see an open and airy space – a perfect showcase for your favorite art pieces and cool furniture.

Most high-style Industrial-designed homes contrast rough and raw industrial materials like exposed brick, cement, steel, and wooden beams with clean and streamlined furnishings and décor.

There is something about that weird mix of old and new that looks sophisticated, elegant, and fresh – like nothing else.

The thing is, though, an urban industrial bedroom can’t just look cool – it also has to feel warm and inviting.

From the pillows you choose to the fabric and pattern of your bedding, you need to make sure you don’t over-do that stark/modern urban industrial look, or your bedroom won’t feel inviting to your guests 😉

Here are ten new urban industrial bedroom decor ideas that should give you a few ways to make your Industrial designed bedroom a warm and inviting vibe:

1. Dark Colors

Dark Colors

What a bold and beautiful industrial style bedroom in super-dark colors.

2. Old Blue Walls

Old Blue Walls

A perfect example of an industrial style bedroom with blue walls.

Note the king-sized bed with grey bedding and pillows, empty poster frame, and that interesting antique clock on the wall.

3. A Tiny Bit of Art Deco

A Tiny Bit of Art Deco

Check out at this bedroom with its simple modern / art deco pieces and plants in small golden pots.

The unusual color choices work, too, with the pink bedding highlighting the red brick wall and tying into the rosewood furnishings.

4. Recycled Pallet Bed

Recycled Pallet Bed

A perfect industrial bedroom with a recycled pallet bed in white.

This is a super-easy, inexpensive look.

5. Gray on White

Gray on White

A perfect choice of color for an all-white room.

Note the comfortable bed with lots of cushions, a bedside chair, and a few houseplants.

6. Retro Touches

Industrial Bedroom Decor Ideas

A modern retro-style bed in an industrial setting makes the space more appealing and attractive.

Note the paintings on white brick walls, bedside desk, and modern chandeliers.

7. Loft Interior

Industrial Bedroom Decor Ideas

A light and clean loft-style industrial bedroom.

The comfy bed with soft throws and pillows make an otherwise cold space truly inviting and warm.

8. Industrial Style Lighting

Industrial Bedroom Decor Ideas

Place this industrial side lamp on either side of your bed to crisp up the room.

Also note the blue bed against a dark wall with moon poster, creating a perfect industrial look.

9. Pallet Rack

Industrial Bedroom Decor Ideas

Pallets can be used in so many different ways.

Notice how this pallet rack accents the black lamp, the round rug adds, and warm tan background in this industrial bedroom.

10. Skinny & Modern

Industrial Bedroom Decor Ideas

Check out this 3D rendering of an industrial style bedroom that mixes three different eras into one, while keeping things tied together with a simple two-tone black and white palette.

Easy, simple to pull off – and striking.

When designing an industrial style bedroom, stick with the basics but add small flashes of color and bold patterns to create interest and contrast against all that stone and wood.

Other nice flourishes include large modern pieces of art, simple natural wood and metal modern bed frames, and eclectic/hand-picked chairs, lamps, and sofas from different eras.

Industrial style bedrooms are not only aesthetically pleasing and truly interesting, but the look is also quite easy and inexpensive to achieve—even for the novice decorator.

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