Hollywood Art Deco Style

10 Bold, New Hollywood Regency Bedroom Decor Ideas

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Hollywood Regency style is all about glitz and glamour and is inspired by the opulent homes of Golden Era cinema stars.

Think mirrored surfaces, lavish fabrics, rich-looking embellishments and tassels, and elaborate wallpaper designs – all displaying the acute attention to detail that permeates this unique decorating style.

A Hollywood regency bedroom should create an enchanting room with a mix of styles, eras, and art movements – with ultimate luxury in mind.

Hollywood Regency rooms are often uncluttered, modern, dramatic, sensual, and carefully accented with a mix of bold and delicate pieces for a gender-neutral setting that’s truly classic.

Here are ten Hollywood regency bedroom décor ideas to help you design your ultimate luxe bedroom.

1. Luxury In Mind

Hollywood Regency bedrooms

Hollywood Regency bedrooms are all about luxury.

Note how this bedroom uses an upholstered bed and chair, fur rug, ornately decorative walls to make this bedroom super-luxurious.

2. Neoclassical


What a luxurious bedroom in a neoclassical style.

Note the king-size upholstered bed on a fur rug, with contrasting pillows against decorator walls – that all work together to create a super-luxe look.

3. Silver Accents

Hollywood Regency Bedroom Decor Ideas

Gold is common in Hollywood Regency bedrooms.

But check out this beautifully designed classic bedroom in silver.  Gorgeous, crisp and classy.

4. A Modern Touch

Hollywood regency bedroom

This spacious Hollywood regency bedroom is updated with a few modern furniture and décor pieces.

The final look is fabulous.

5. Baroque Dream Bedroom

Baroque Dream Bedroom

This incredible blue baroque bed with bed crown makes this room look rich and adds an over-the-top glamorous vibe.

Also, note the contrasting bedding with white pillows and the bedside nightstands.

6. Gold Accents

Hollywood Regency Bedroom

From furnishings to accessories and wallpaper to rugs, this room pounds the luxury message home with golden accents, making this room look both wealthy and glamourous.

7. Art Deco Style 

Hollywood Art Deco Style

Art Deco Style is a popular trend in Hollywood Regency Bedrooms.

Note the unique bed dressed with pillows, with its white headboard, curtains, and soft cream bench on the cotton carpet.

8. White Upholstered Bed

White Upholstered Bed

Here is another gorgeous and luxurious Hollywood Regency style bedroom with a white upholstered bed on a fur rug.

The contrast of white and brown is unique and makes this space especially warm and inviting.

9. Decorative Furniture 

Decorative Furniture

Another fabulous bedroom look with unique decorative furniture in silver.

Note the round and square throws and pillows on a dark blue bedding and the beautiful hanging lights.

10. Traditional Motif

Traditional Motif

What a gorgeous bedroom.

Note the furnishings and accessories in a traditional motif.

When designing your bedroom in Hollywood Regency style, invest in classic furnishings with bold and ornate finishes.

Make drama and luxury the main focus, while keeping things simple on colors – try to limit it to just 2 or 3 shades that highlight the architectural elements.

Add romanticism and sensuality by adding softer elements like an upholstered headboard, mirrored nightstands, an ornate dresser – or crisp it up using contrasting black and white hues accentuated with silver tones, velvet, and fur pillows and throws.

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