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10 New Urban Industrial Bedroom Sofas

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Due to master bedrooms increasing in size, bedroom sofas are becoming a staple choice for many homeowners.

Of course, it’s great to have an additional seating area to relax.

But mostly, bedroom sofas are there to make a style statement.

If you are blessed with a spacious bedroom, you can easily accommodate a comfy sofa for added warmth and relaxation.

In an industrial-style home, loft, or condo, selecting the right Industrial style sofa is especially important.

It’s a great opportunity to add a lot more interest to an otherwise cold space.

To keep your sofa in touch with that urban vibe, make sure it reveals naked or worn materials, has either a very clean or rugged look – and of course, provides comfortable seating.

Below we offer new urban industrial bedroom sofas to give you some ideas on how to select a sofa design that will work in your industrial/loft space – enjoy!

1. Modern Brown Leather

Mid-Century Bedroom Sofas

Leather (or fake leather) never goes out of style.

For an industrial/loft-style bedroom, you might want to consider this kind of sofa – with a simple metal frame and comfortable seating.

And add lots of pillows for interest.

2. Tufted, Modern & Tan

Mid-Century Bedroom Sofas

Notice how great this tufted tan leather sofa looks against a rustic coffee table and naked wood walls?

This would make a perfect addition to your industrial bedroom.

3. Black Leather Sofa

Mid-Century Bedroom Sofas

The tufted backrests make this traditional black leather sofa far more interesting.

The all-black color means it will work in any gray, white, or neutral-toned industrial loft.

4. Red Classic Chesterfield Sofa

Mid-Century Bedroom Sofas

This beautiful, aged red chesterfield sofa will add charm to any industrial bedroom.

This photo was taken in a warehouse to give you a feel for how interesting a piece like this can look in an urban industrial setting.

5. Clean and Modern Industrial

Clean and Modern Industrial

A totally different take – this uber-modern sofa looks great in this clean warehouse loft.

6. Cream Leather

Cream Leather

Tight on space?

This modern cream 2-seater with solid metal legs is a perfect addition for a smaller industrial style bedroom.

7. Modern Brown Fabric

Modern Brown Fabric

Another elegant, minimalist sofa with a metal base – this time, in a rich brown faux suede hide.

8. Light Gray & Modern

Light Gray & Modern

Adding neutral grays make a room warmer and inviting and minimize the apparent size of a large piece like this sofa in soft grey color with metal legs.

9. Brown Velvet Corner Sofa

Brown Velvet Corner Sofa

Need more seating?

Try using an L-shaped corner sofa like this one.

The rich brown velvet adds a lot of interest and warmth to a typical industrial gray or white interior.

Note the copper legs – very cool!

10. Dark and Low

Mid-Century Bedroom Sofas

Check out this perfectly styled industrial space with a low rise black leather sofa paired with a rustic coffee table, set against a white brick wall. Also, note the naked lighting.

Well, I hope you like some of the ideas we have shared!

As you can see, industrial style bedrooms can use a wide range of sofa styles and work well.

Just keep in mind the warehouse schtick – so avoid intricate floral patterns and stripes.

The beauty of this style lies in its minimalist arrangement. So, please keep it simple and clutter-free.

Happy Decorating!

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