Transitional Bedroom Sofas

10 Beautiful Transitional Bedroom Sofas

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Transitional style attempts to achieve a seamless, interesting blend of classic and contemporary designs.

The transitional style is about creating a space containing a mix of different eras and elements that fit together well – either by color, pattern, or theme.

Transitional style highlights both traditional and modern furnishings, decorative items, and fabric choices – and this wide range gives you a lot of freedom when designing your space.

For a transitional sofa, think a modern take on a traditional style.

This might sound hard, but in fact, there are endless options for a transitional sofa.

You need to make an informed choice for your bedroom that goes well with your overall décor, as well as your personality.

Here are some new transitional style bedroom sofas to help you get you inspired:

1. Comfy White

Transitional Comfy White



OK, so this one’s def. Not for the kid's room.

This comfy mid-century modern white sofa would work in many transitional bedrooms.

2. Curvilinear Stunner

Beautiful Curvilinear Stunner Sofa


This curved white transitional sofa is a stunner.

Perhaps not the most practical seating for more than one – but who really uses a bedroom sofa for entertaining?

3. Pale Blue Sofa

Beautiful Pale Blue Sofa

A comfortable sofa covered in pale blue fabric is a great way to create additional seating in any transitional bedroom.

Notice how well this hue goes with a natural wood floor.

4. Scandinavian Gray

Scandinavian Gray

Transitional design is all about a modern take-on on a traditional style – like this sofa modern Scandinavian grey sofa with its tufted back and retro peg legs.

Gorgeous, unique – and elegant.

5. Dark Grey With Yellow Pillows

Dark Grey With Yellow Pillows

A dark grey sofa with yellow pillows adds an eye-popping color combination for any traditional bedroom.

6. Simple Gray Two-Seater

Transitional Bedroom Sofas

This simple modern gray two-seater sofa is a beautiful choice for any smaller transitional bedroom.

7. Modern Flax Couch

Transitional Bedroom Sofas

This cream modern flax couch is a cool addition to any modern-leaning transitional bedroom.

8. Gorgeous In White

Transitional Bedroom Sofas

A gorgeous white sofa with lovely curved arms and brass fittings.

A perfect example of the old and the new – in one.

9. Distressed Grey

Transitional Bedroom Sofas

This distressed ultra-suede grey sofa with pink pillows would look stunning in any bedroom.

10. Be Creative

Transitional Bedroom Sofas

Be creative with color when choosing your bedroom sofa setup – like this blue sofa with its yellow and maroon pillows.

I hope our picks inspired you to get a perfect sofa for your transitional bedroom.

The key to designing a transitional style bedroom is to find a way that makes everything seems to complement each other while representing your personality.

Happy Decorating!

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