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Yes! You Can Overdose on Melatonin: And It’s Scary When You Do

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Melatonin is a hormone that regulates our wake and sleep pattern. The hormone naturally occurs in our brains, particularly in the pineal gland. The hormone functions in response to light and darkness and it also affect the way we rest. Due to different factors, some people can use over-the-counter melatonin supplements to improve their sleep patterns.

However, it is possible that you can get an overdose on melatonin which can cause long term impacts on your health. Some people tend to overdose on over-the-counter sleep supplements, and this exercise is not good for health.

Melatonin has a close link with light that comes into our eyes at night. The light can disrupt our sleep pattern since the brain can stop producing melatonin that makes the mind fall asleep. The production of melatonin peaks during the night, and it falls during the early morning.

There is very little melatonin in the diets we consume implying that it comes from our bodies. Quality sleep, therefore, is essential to allow the mind to produce optimal levels of melatonin. You can also consider products such as room darkening curtains, a better mattress like the top-rated Puffy mattress to improve the quality of your sleep.

When the mind is resting peacefully, it can produce sufficient melatonin that can regulate your normal sleep patterns. If you feel that you need supplements, it is crucial that you get information about their long term consequences if you overdose.

Melatonin Production And Aging

The other issue is that the production of melatonin begins to decline as we age. The creation of this hormone peaks among young adults between the ages of 18 and 40 years. The senior peoples usually experience problems with getting to sleep as well as staying asleep at night.

As such, the older adults can choose melatonin supplement to balance their internal clock which also affects sleep patterns. The supplement in the right dose is good for people in their advanced state so that they can sleep properly. The individuals in this category should also know the impacts of Melatonin supplements on their health.

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Significance Of Melatonin Supplement

A melatonin supplement helps to improve our circadian rhythms if they are disrupted. The complement is also ideal for promoting the body to readjust to a new sleeping schedule or combating jet lag. When you feel your regular sleep pattern is disturbed, you can try Melatonin supplement but in the correct dosage.

Melatonin supplements are available over-the-counter, but the challenge is that there is a lot of misinformation about proper dosage. Other melatonin supplements have very low dosages of about 300mcg while the highest dosage is about 10mcg.

Many studies show that the optimal dose of melatonin is shallow and it should be about 300mcg. Low dosage helps to upgrade melatonin to significant levels in the brain while at the same time preventing potential side effects.

Like other over the counter medications, melatonin supplement can cause side effects if one continuously overdoses on it. The issue with this supplement is that many people overdose unintentionally.

Reasons For Taking Too Much Melatonin

The manufacturers of melatonin believe that more is better like other supplements, but this is not true with this substance. Many customers lack information about what melatonin is, and they prefer extra strength melatonin supplement available to them.

Some people do not even know that high doses of Melatonin above the natural levels are not suitable for their health. The other issue pertains to limited availability of Melatonin supplements in stores with low doses.

The melatonin system is intricate and sensitive, and this is the reason why we should maintain things closer to their natural state. The reason for using melatonin is to try to copy the levels of Melatonin to support real and healthy night's sleep.

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Effects of High Doses Of Melatonin

If you take too much Melatonin above 300 mcg-1 mg, you are only elevating the required level far above 200pg/mL. When taking Melatonin supplements, we should consider the rate of metabolism. A dose of 500 mcg of melatonin takes about six hours before it reaches the undersaturation point of 200pgmL.

A full night's average sleep time is between six and eight hours, and the dose is ideal for sleep. However, a dose of 3 mg Melatonin takes about 11 hours to fall below the saturation point. Considering that a night's sleep is six to eight hours, the treatment will bind to Melatonin receptors for a long time.

As a result, in some cases, you may experience some difficulties in waking up in the morning. You may also feel groggy for a certain period during the day. Saturation of the Melatonin receptors for more than 11 hours throws your circadian rhythm off-balance. You may not be able to enjoy regular sleeping hours due to this imbalance which becomes a problem.

Excess Melatonin can negatively impact on mood which can affect your sleep patterns. Melatonin has a close link with serotonin, a hormone which regulates our mood. It is essential to understand safe levels of melatonin intake. For instance, the dosage of 300mcg-1mg is ideal for your health. You should always know that exceeding this dosage is not a wise decision since it can cause side effects.

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What Is The Right Dose Of Melatonin?

For sleep, the dosage of 1mg Melatonin is right since it does not advance our circadian rhythm. Naturally, the production of Melatonin should stop due to exposure to light. However, with an overdose of melatonin in our systems, the natural “off” system is overpowered. The result is an advanced circadian rhythm which is not a great thing. Such a scenario can cause worse sleep in the long run instead of better rest that comes with lower doses of Melatonin supplements.

A low melatonin supplement dose of 300mcg is appropriate since there are no added benefits of taking higher doses according to research. The treatment is the best for maximizing sleep benefits while minimizing the side effects of Melatonin. Some people prefer high doses due to misinformation by the manufacturers of the supplement.  You will need to search for the low dose bottle at your local drug store or ask your pharmacist to order low dose melatonin.

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