how to stop pillows from falling behind bed

How to Stop Pillows From Slipping Between Your Mattress and the Wall

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There is nothing more annoying than having to wake up from a deep sleep just because your pillow keeps sliding from under your head into the gap between the mattress and the bed frame. That annoying gap not only impacts your sleep quality and comfort but also poses a safety hazard for small children.

Fortunately, these are some solutions to fix this problem.

Make your way through this article to learn different ways to prevent your pillows from slipping from under your head.

Why is there a gap between the headboard and mattress?

The gap between the headboard and mattress might seem to be a design flaw; however, the real reason is a lot more functional. This gap provides space for you to be able to properly maneuver your hands while changing fitted bedsheets.

Unfortunately, such an advantage may negatively affect your sleep if there is too much space. Here are some reasons for the gap between the headboard and the mattress.

Wrong mattress size

Mattresses are available in small, standard, and large sizes. The size of the mattress is a crucial factor to consider before buying. It must fit the existing bed frame for a proper fit.

For example, a full-size bed frame requires a king-sized mattress, and you can’t use a queen-sized mattress on a king-sized bed.

A mismatch between the size of the bed and the mattress results in the gap where your pillow may fall in while you sleep.

Shopping for a mattress is easy as they are available in the same size as the bed frame. You only need to know the measurements to get the right size.

Incompatible bed frame

Mattresses differ based on the material used in the construction. This is why they require various forms of support as well. If you plan to get a new mattress that is not compatible with your current bed frame, the only choice you have is to replace the latter.

You can always try filling the gaps using various gap fillers, such as adding a headboard. However, chances are, there may still remain a gap between the mattress and headboard. The only way to get the best support is by choosing a mattress that fits the bed frame.

How to keep pillows from slipping between your mattress and the wall

how to stop pillows from falling behind bed

Comfort in bed is vital as we spend a third of our lives asleep. Prying your pillow out of the gap in the middle of the night can really ruin your sleep. Some ways you can eliminate these gaps include:

Inspection and Solution

First, inspect the area between the mattress and the bed frame for any obstruction. If there is any, remove the mattress and the obstruction. Replace the mattress properly, so there’s no gap left.

Modify the headboard

The wrong headboard can also be the reason why your pillows always fall in the gap. Headboards come in different sizes and designs. You should get the right headboard according to the bed size to prevent any gap where pillows can fall.

Check if the headboard is adjustable by unscrewing the bolts. If so, repositioning or lowering the headboard can help you fix this problem.

Another quick and easy solution is adding extra padding to the headboard. If the gap is small, you can try using an upholstery foam at the front of the headboard. This type of foam is specially designed to fill small gaps and keep the pillows in place while you sleep.

However, this solution does not permanently remove the gap, so we don’t recommend it for children’s beds. Instead, you can use solid blocks since they are a safer alternative and can’t be removed by kids easily.

Block the gap

If you don’t want to buy a new bed frame or a mattress, consider blocking the gap yourself. One of the easiest and most fashionable ways to do that is by using other pillows.

Get some pillows that are large enough to easily block the gap. This is not only stylish but also comfortable, considering those pillows will stay on the bed when you sleep.

Similarly, you can add cushions to solve this problem. One of the best types of cushions for this purpose is continental cushions. They are extremely comfortable and large enough to stop other pillows from falling into the unwanted gap.

Another option is tube pillows that are literally stuffed tubes. They are available in different sizes and lengths to block the entire length of the gap while adding support to the cushions.

For a more permanent solution, you can screw multiple thick boards to the headboard to fill in all the unwanted space. Depending on the width of the gap, you can place some blocks and boards so that there’s no space left behind.

You can place fillers on the footboard as well. Just push the mattress against the headboards and then screw the filler to the footboard in place for security.

Elevate the mattress foundation

Using a taller foundation can also help remove the gap between the mattress and the wall. This will remove any considerable space throughout, reducing the chances of your pillows falling.

Make sure to measure the size of the foundation and gap. This will not only keep the pillows in place but also prevent the premature sinking of your mattress.

Other tricks to stop pillows from slipping between your mattress and the wall

how to stop pillows from falling behind bed

If the methods mentioned above don’t work or seem like a hassle, here are some more tips you can try out:

Slide the mattress close to the headboard

One of the main reasons for the gap might be that your mattress is not pushed as close to the headboard as it needs to be. Try moving the mattress towards the headboard so that there’s a smaller gap that doesn’t eat up your pillow.

If your mattress tends to slide, make sure to slide it back regularly at night so that you sleep comfortably.

Use Velcro strips to stop movement

If your mattress keeps sliding and creating a gap, try using Velcro strips between the bed frame and the mattress. Just place a mat or non-skid rubber between them and then stick the Velcro strips. You will need one strip for each corner and two for the middle, depending on the size of your bed.

Get a Mattress Wedge Pillow

A mattress wedge pillow works similarly to the cork placed over the opening of the bottle. Designed to precisely fit over the gap in the bed, a wedge pillow is basically an angled wedge-shaped pillow that keeps the pillow out of the gap while providing a larger area to rest on.

Apply Gap Fillers

Gap fillers are easily available in most furniture stores and effectively hold the pillows in place. They are of different types, depending on the size and material they are made from. Their types include:

Wood boards

Wood boards can be purchased from a hardware store to simply fill the gap. There is no need to cut them as they are available according to your bed size measurements. You can also paint wood boards to match the bed to make them less noticeable.


If you don’t like a wood board, another simple solution is pillowstops. These are slender boards made to fill the gap between the mattress and the headboard. They are different from wooden boards because they are upholstered and even cushioned for added comfort.

If you're conscious about the look of your bed, pillowstops are a great option. They block the gap while maintaining the aesthetics of your bedroom. However, they are expensive than wood boards.

Attach the frame to the wall

This is a semi-permanent solution in case all the other ideas don’t work. Try attaching the headboard to the wall using wall plugs and screwing them. Then move the mattress right against the headboard, such that there’s no gap.

However, this is not a great solution for those who often like to rearrange the furniture and room.

How much space should there be between the bed frame and mattress?

Ideally, there should be no gap between the mattress and bed frame, as it can cause annoy you in your sleep. Not only does it cause the pillow to fall, but you can also lose proper support. Plus, it can be dangerous for kids as well.


Your sleep quality is very crucial for your overall health. If you are fed up with your pillow falling into the gap between the mattress and the wall, it’s time to look for some solutions. There are a lot of ways to solve this issue. Consider modifying the headboard, blocking the gap, and elevating the foundation.

Adding a mattress pad like wood boards or pillowstops can also work in most cases. Just take your time and find out which method works best for you so that you no longer have to wake up because of your pillow slipping from under your head.

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