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10 Sleek New Modern Bedroom Decor Ideas

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Modern bedrooms are all about functionality, with every piece having a purpose. 

Modern style bedrooms should also have a polished, modern appeal that’s cozy – and this often requires adding rich materials, luxe bedding, and an occasional pop of color to contrast with the cold feel that minimalist furniture often exudes.

Think sleek furniture, interesting designer lighting, upholstered headboards, eclectic rugs, minimalist side tables, a mix of patterned + plain + colored pillows, etc.

Here are ten sleek new modern bedrooms that will help you transform your space into a clean and cozy calming environment – without losing that all-important functionality.

1. Modern Furnishings

Modern Furnishings

A cozy bedroom with modern furnishing, comfortable bedding & pillows, a night lamp, and pendant light.

2. Stylish Nightstands

Stylish Nightstands

A luxurious but modern bedroom with a stylish nightstand on both sides of the bed and overhead lighting that brings it all together. Beautiful.

3. Upholstered Bed

Upholstered Bed

What a charming bedroom in grey with a hint of yellow.

Note the upholstered bed with yellow comforter, contrasting pillows, modern yellow chandelier, and interesting posters on the wall.

Truly unique – and eclectic.

4. A Pop of Yellow

Modern Bedroom Decor Ideas

What an interesting bedroom – in yellow!

Not an easy color to pull off.

The furnishings and décor pull this one together.

5. Modern Elements

Modern Bedroom Decor Ideas

A perfect bedroom with modern elements.

Note the modern bed with plain and patterned pillows, stylish nightstand, and white wall rack with photo frames.

Simple, clean, and warm.

6. White & Grey Rock

Modern Bedroom Decor Ideas

Although white & grey is overdone today, it never goes out of style.

Notice how this room mixes the old with the new to make things interesting.

7. Green on a Budget

Modern Bedroom Decor Ideas

Here’s a good example of what you can pull off in a weekend of work with a good choice of paint color plus a few simple accessories.

What an interesting, unique look.

8. Symmetrical Frames 

Symmetrical Frames

In a modern bedroom, everything should look clean and polished.

The symmetrical placing of photo frames is an easy way to amplify that feeling.

9. Add Pillows For Color

Add Pillows For Color

Add a mix of plains, patterned or vibrant pillows to your bed or couch, to make a modern room pop.

10. Blue Shades

modern bedroom ideas

A classic modern bedroom with a unique wall-mounted headboard in blue.

Note the matching bedding with lighter-shade pillows. Gorgeous!

It is no doubt that good design promotes a positive mood and emotional wellbeing.

So, take inspiration from these modern bedroom designs to create a space that welcomes you, keeps life interesting – and uplifts your spirit.

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