Spindle Latex Mattress

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Best Place to Buy a Spindle Latex Mattress

Definitely buy this mattress on the manufacturer’s official website, SpindleMattress.com.

This guarantees that you get a genuine product and that you are eligible for their 365-day comfort guarantee.

The company also has many deals and offers which you can only get on their website.

Our Spindle Latex Mattress Review

Spindle Latex Mattress

What most impressed us about the Spindle mattress is their pricing. For a 10” mattress that uses natural latex and whose comfort you can adjust at home, the prices are a huge bargain.

The Spindle mattress uses only Dunlop latex. It’s not as soft and plush as Talalay latex, but Spindle has figured out a way to make it comfortable for all kinds of sleepers.

They provide four comfort levels: soft, medium, firm and extra-firm. But don’t worry that you’ll choose the wrong comfort option.

The mattress is adjustable. At home, you can interchange the layers to go from one comfort level to another.

To create a plush feel at the top, they inserted a 1” layer of natural wool batting below the organic cotton cover.

The wool provides pressure relief and improves the mattress’ breathability and moisture-wicking.

Under the wool, there are three layers of latex, 3” each.

The firmness of each layer depends on the comfort option you selected. Remember you can interchange them at home to adjust the comfort of the mattress.

If for instance, you want a medium firm feel, the ideal configuration is medium-firm-medium. If you want a softer feel, arrange the layers as medium-medium-firm.

The mattress ships free to all 48 states in the contiguous United States.

Spindle has a 365-day comfort guarantee. During that time, they’ll work with you to make the mattress comfortable.

If they cannot, they will ask you to donate the mattress to charity and send you a full refund.

If you decide to keep the mattress, their warranty is ten years long. They also have something they call a Comfort Life Program which runs for 25 years.

At any time during that period, you can buy a replacement layer for your mattress at a 30% discount of the current prices.

To know more, check out our in-depth spindle mattress review.

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