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Our Leesa Mattress Review

Leesa vs Dromma - Leesa mattress uncovered on bed

Leesa is one of the most popular bed-in-a-box mattresses. It provides a premium sleeping experience at a very affordable price.

It is an all-foam mattress, meaning it does not contain any innersprings.

But the foam layer at the top of the mattress has a bounciness that you’d normally expect from an innerspring mattress. This proprietary Leesa foam also mimics latex foam regarding cooling. It does not retain excess body heat, ensuring the bed stays cool.

The middle layer of memory foam balances out the firmer top layer. It gives the mattress a soft pressure-relieving feel that is great for your pressure points (hips, shoulders & lower back).

The memory foam also provides additional support and ensures your spine is properly aligned to prevent any back problems.

The final layer consists of 6” of high-density polyfoam. It provides overall support and ensures the mattress lasts for years without sagging.

The three layers work perfectly together to provide a great sleeping experience. You get a balance of soft contouring, firm bounciness and overall comfort that is unique to the Leesa mattress.

The cover is made from polyester and Lycra, which gives it a soft and stretchy texture. It’s also designed to be breathable which keeps the surface of the mattress cool and sweat-free.

Leesa did a great job designing a universal comfort mattress. So while you don’t have multiple firmness options to choose from, the one available should feel comfortable regardless of whether you sleep on your back, side, stomach, or in all positions.

But don’t worry if it doesn’t. Leesa has you covered with a 100-night return period. You can return the mattress for free any time after the 30th night and before the 100th night (Hawaii and Alaska customers pay $100 return fee).

If you decide to keep the mattress, Leesa offers a 10-year guarantee to repair or replace the mattress in case of any manufacturer defects at no cost to you.

If you are looking for a bargain-price mattress that is comfortable, has good support, and lasts long, I highly recommend Leesa.

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