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Surprising Ways Your Mattress Could Be Impacting Your Productivity

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A lot of people happen to be really casual about the sleeping surface that they sleep on. It is in fact comedic and criminal of individuals to ignore their sleeping surfaces and to not put enough thought and effort into purchasing a brand new mattress when the time is right.

Once you come back home after a long and tiring day, the only thing you really need is a good mattress to sleep on. Being human beings in this capitalist world, we’re driven by our urge to earn money and be as productive as we possibly can. All of our needs are dependent on how profitable we really are, and how hard we work during the day.

Those who are unable to sleep well on an even and comfortable surface through the night are almost always unable to put in a good day of work. If you don’t put in the right sleeping hours, you will never be able to be as productive or remain as focused at work.

Poor sleeping quality does not just weaken our body, but also declines our productivity as individuals. More than 92 percent of Americans in a recent survey believed that a comfortable mattress is vital for their sleep. If you aren’t able to provide your body with the right sleeping surface, you will never be able to get a good night’s sleep and, ultimately, work as hard during the day.

In this article we look at some of the surprising ways your mattress could be impacting your productivity and helping you put in more work than is required the next day when you show up at your workplace.

Peaceful Sleep Removes Anxiety and Stress

People suffering from stress and anxiety aren’t able to put in their best at work. The never ending feeling of stress and anxiety can put them under a lot of pressure at work. Recent studies on this subject matter have found that increasing levels of stress and anxiety can in fact disrupt your professional life.

Once stress and anxiety take over, you are unable to remain focused on what you’re doing. Hence, you ignore your professional responsibilities and focus on other factors putting you under the stress that you suffer.

You can avoid most problems that come with stress and anxiety by getting a peaceful night’s sleep. A good night’s sleep will allow you to remain focused during the day without letting stress or anxiety take over your head. A comfortable night’s sleep helps uplift your mood and allows you to remain calm and collected throughout your working day.

The Right Mattress Relieves Pain in the Body

When you lay down on a poor mattress, you put your entire body at risk. Unbalanced downward gravity from the bed and resistance from the mattress can misalign your body and cause certain pressure points to pop up on your body. Sleeping on a lousy bed can eventually lead to pain in your lower back, neck and hip.

A quality mattress allows you to sleep in peace while maintaining a healthy sleeping posture. By sleeping peacefully on a new mattress you can head to work refreshed and recharged.

Most people with back and hip pain because of their mattresses end up heading to work with their hands on their backs. The entire experience damages your performance and does not allow you to remain focused at work.

If you want to perform well at work and improve your productivity, it is necessary that you get a new mattress and sleep well. A new mattress will ensure that your back pain is limited and no ailments are fostered.

Increased Risk of Allergy

An old mattress in your bedroom can also increase the risk of allergies and other ailments. Imagine all the termites and dust particles lodged inside the foams of your mattresses. The termites eat off of your skin, while the dust particles settle on your clothes and skin to give them a dirty look.

Allergies can prove to be a major hindrance in your productivity. The time you spend handling allergies and other related issues can be better spent focusing on the work that you do.

Allergies are an especially massive threat for people who have asthmaor those with sensitive skin. Even people with weak immune systems can fall prey to the perils that come with allergies.

Less Time on Social Media

The 8 hours you get to sleep should solely be dedicated to the purpose. Since we know most poor mattresses make it hard for you to sleep, you end up spending a major chunk of those 8 hours somewhere else.

Most individuals turn to social media to kill the uneasiness they suffer while fidgeting in their beds. Scrolling through social media and inflicting hours of torture on your eyes isn’t the right way to mark an end to your day.

A good mattress not only helps you sleep well, but also saves you from the pain of scrolling through social media. Due to the elongated screen time you are unable to remain focused at work the next day, eventually killing your productivity.

Improved Life Quality

The right mattress and a good night’s sleep can eventually improve the quality of your life. A good mattress offers you more than just the chance to hit the snooze button – it transforms your life.

For instance, sleep deprivation affects almost every facet of your life. If you suffer from sleep deprivation, it is hard for you to remain focused at work and do what is required of you.

The best way out of such sleep related problems is to get a decent mattress that allows you to sleep in peace so that you can witness a general increase in the quality of life, along with better productivity during the day.

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