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Viscosoft Mattress Topper Review [2023]

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About Viscosoft Mattress Toppers

ViscoSoft 4-Inch Active Cooling Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Viscosoft sells three premium memory foam mattress toppers. The toppers range from medium-soft to medium-firm in terms of comfort. So whether you want to firm up a soft mattress or add some plushness to a firm mattress, there's an option for you.

Viscosoft mattress toppers are also great for reducing motion transfer, improving pressure-point relief, and making an innerspring mattress less noisy. They are also some of the best mattress toppers for back pain.

Below is a quick review of each topper.

To learn more about the different varieties of memory foam toppers and mattresses available in the market, read our explanation of the different types of memory foam, including the gel memory foam Vicosoft uses.

1. Viscosoft RESPONSE GEL FOAM Topper

Viscosoft RESPONSE GEL FOAM Topper

With its medium feel, the Viscosoft Response gel foam topper is the best choice for sleepers who want to make their mattress softer without sacrificing support. The topper hugs your body without making the mattress overly soft.

The Response gel foam topper is available in a 2″ and 3″ size. It's the cheapest of all three Viscosoft toppers.

2. Viscosoft SELECT HIGH-DENSITY Topper 


The Viscosoft Select High-Density topper is the best choice for sleepers who want to add support to their overly soft mattress.

The Select topper has a medium-firm feel that provides plenty of support, especially for back and stomach sleepers. Thanks to the high-density foam used, this topper lasts longer than most memory foam toppers.

The Viscosoft Select High-Density topper is 3″ thick. Price-wise, it's between the Response and Serene mattress toppers.

3. Viscosoft SERENE HYBRID Topper

Viscosoft SERENE HYBRID Topper

The Viscosoft Serene hybrid topper is the best choice for sleepers who want a soft and plush sleeping surface.

It's especially great for side sleepers and folks who find their mattress too firm.

The Serene topper combines down alternative and gel memory foam to provide a medium-soft comfort feel. The topper is 4″ thick and is the most expensive of Viscosoft's toppers.

What's In This Mattress Topper Review?

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Viscosoft Mattress Topper Comparison 

Viscosoft Response Viscosoft Select Viscosoft Serene
2″/3″ gel memory foam topper 3″ high-density gel memory foam topper 4″ down alternative and gel memory foam topper
Medium Medium-firm Medium-soft
No cover Washable bamboo rayon cover Washable cotton cover
60-day trial and 3-year warranty 60-day trial and 3-year warranty 60-day trial and 3-year warranty
Price (Queen): $99.99 for the 3″ topper, $64.99 for the 2″ topper Price (Queen): $159.99 Price (Queen): $174.95

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Viscosoft Mattress Toppers Review 

Let's break down everything you need to know about Viscosoft mattress toppers, starting from what they are made of to how they feel.


Visco foam mattress topper

All Viscosoft mattress toppers are memory foam toppers. They all have the classic body hug and slow response of memory foam.

Viscosoft Response is made with gel-infused memory foam. There are two size options: 2″ for those who want a soft but supportive feel and 3″ for sleepers who want a topper with more give.

The Response topper comes with adjustable straps and a slip-resistant mesh to keep it secure on the mattress.

Viscosoft Select is made with 3″ high-density gel memory foam. The high-density construction gives the topper a firmer feel and ensures it lasts longer.

The Viscosoft Select topper comes with a washable bamboo rayon cover.

Viscosoft Serene is the only dual-layer topper of the bunch. It consists of a 1.5″ down alternative pillow top and a 2.5″ gel memory foam base.

The Viscosoft Serene topper comes with a washable cotton cover. To keep it from shifting on the mattress, the Serene topper has adjustable straps as well as a deep pocket that can fit mattresses up to 18″ tall.


Because of their memory foam construction, all Viscosoft toppers have a higher than average give. Even firm memory foam will still hug your body.

That said, there's a notable difference in feel and comfort among the three toppers.

Viscosoft Response has a medium feel. It has a fairly deep hug but still retains enough support, so you don't bottom out.

The 2″ topper has a slightly firmer feel, especially if you put it on a firm mattress. We recommend it for back sleepers. The 3″ topper has more give and is ideal for side sleepers.

The Viscosoft Response topper is best for firm and extra-firm mattresses. It improves pressure relief without reducing support.

Viscosoft Select has a medium-firm feel. It is the firmest of the three toppers. It still hugs your body to relieve pressure, but it doesn't sink as deep as other toppers.

Heavier folks, as well as back and stomach sleepers, will find the Viscosoft Select to be the most comfortable option. It's also great for owners of mushy, sagging, or worn-out mattresses.

Viscosoft Serene has a medium-soft feel, making it the softest of the three toppers. Similar to a luxury pillow-top mattress, the Serene topper feels extra-plush.

We recommend the Serene topper for side sleepers who find their mattress too firm.

Comfort & Sleeping Experience

Viscosoft mattress topper sleeping experience

Overall sleeping experience:

All three Viscosoft mattress toppers are comfortable, as long as you choose the right one for your needs. All toppers are made with high-quality CertiPUR-US foam.


The high-density Select topper is the best choice for hot sleepers. The combination of a breathable bamboo-rayon cover with gel memory foam keeps temperatures down.

Viscosoft Serene has an average cooling performance. While the down alternative pillow top and gel memory foam do help with cooling, the deep and close hug of the mattress can cause heat build-up for some sleepers.

Viscosoft Response comes last in terms of cooling. The lack of a cover plus its close body hug makes it less than ideal for hot sleepers. If you want to buy the Response topper, we recommend buying a breathable cover for it. A cotton or bamboo rayon cover will help with temperature regulation.

Motion control:

Foam is very good at absorbing motion. All Viscosoft toppers have minimal motion transfer; you won't hear your partner (or pet) moving about at night. You can use the toppers to reduce the bounciness and motion transfer on a spring bed.

Responsiveness (bounciness):

Memory foam has low responsiveness, so none of Viscosoft toppers feel bouncy. If anything, they'll make your bed less bouncy.

If you like a bouncy mattress, we recommend looking for a latex topper.


Here are the latest prices on Viscosoft's official website.

Returns and Warranty

Vicosoft offers a 60-day Comfort Guarantee. During that period, you can return the topper if you are not happy with it and get a full refund.

Each topper is covered by a 3-year limited warranty. Read the full warranty to learn what it does and does not cover.

Care and Cleaning

Gel mattress pad

The ViscoSoft Response topper doesn't come with a cover. The only way to remove stains and dirt is by spot cleaning. We highly recommend buying a cover for the topper or using a mattress protector.

Viscosoft Select has a removable and washable cover, making it much easier to take care of. Just follow instructions on the care label when cleaning the cover.

The down alternative pillow top of the Viscosoft Serene topper is washable along with the cotton cover. Check the tag on the topper for cleaning instructions.

Viscosoft Toppers Pros and Cons


  • Multiple firmness options are available.
  • High-quality construction.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Free returns.


  • Only one topper is good for hot sleepers.
  • No option for sleepers looking for a firm topper.

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Viscosoft mattress topperViscosoft mattress toppers are great for anyone looking for a comfortable memory foam topper that doesn't break the bank. If you want to upgrade your mattress support or pressure relief on the cheap, Viscosoft offers three excellent topper choices.

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