10 Bright & Fresh Scandinavian Bedrooms in Cobalt Blue

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Scandinavian bedrooms look more calming and serene in blue tones. Have you ever wondered about how to decorate a Scandinavian bedroom in cobalt blue? Try a cobalt blue theme for an ocean ambiance in your home! It’s the perfect way to feel like you’re on vacation every day, even when it isn’t summertime.

With a Scandinavian style, there is no limit to what you can do! You may be wondering how best to make your room stand out with blue tones when the typical color palette for this region tends towards earthy browns or whites?

Check out these ten bright & fresh Scandinavian bedrooms in cobalt blue to add this color into your bedroom while still respecting Scandi-style beauty.

1.) Cobalt Blue Walls

A Scandinavian bedroom with cobalt blue walls creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere for a peaceful night’s rest.

2.) Recycled Furniture

Check out this Scandinavian bedroom with recycled furniture, including a pallet bed, a wooden rack, printed linens, a jute rug, and a pouf.

3.) Bed Linen and Pillow

Check out this light and bright bedroom in white with a comfortable bed with cobalt blue linen and pillows, frames on the wall, an upholstered bench, and a cotton rug.

4.) Contrast with White

Check out this cozy bedroom in cobalt blue and white with a bed, knitted blanket, a cabinet, few plants, and a woven lamp.

5.) A Cobalt Blue Blanket

A blue blanket creates a warm and cozy atmosphere in your bedroom.

6.) Accent Bed

Check out this light and bright Scandinavian bedroom highlighting an accent bed in cobalt blue serving as a fantastic focal point.

7.) Accent Wall

A Scandinavian bedroom with an accent wall in cobalt blue against a comfortable white bed with pillows and plants near windows.

8.) Light & Bright

A light and bright bedroom setting in white with blue accents on the wall, bedding, and glass vase.

9.) Punctuate It

A Scandinavian bedroom punctuated with cobalt blue accents on the pillow, vase, and photo frame.

10.) A Playful Bedroom for Kids

A playful bedroom in cobalt blue for kids with a bunk bed, a swing, a white rug, patterned pillows, and a pouf.

Hence, if you’re looking to give your Scandinavian bedroom a new style, try using cobalt blue. You’ll be able to subtly change the tone of voice in any room with this cool color!

Happy Decorating!

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