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Avocado Latex Mattress Review

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The Avocado Latex mattress is the first all-latex bed from Avocado.

Avocado was one of the first brands to offer an affordable green mattress, the popular Avocado Green hybrid.

This review is about the Avocado latex mattress, their equally excellent 100%-latex alternative.

The Avocado latex bed is made with zoned organic latex, organic cotton and organic wool. It offers a perfect amount of bounce, a cooling sleep, and excellent support for back and stomach sleepers.

As one of the firmest mattresses in Avocado’s lineup, we can't recommend the Avocado latex mattress for side sleepers nor people weighing less than 130 lbs. It’s better-suited for back, stomach, and combination sleepers.

This mattress is also a great choice for heavier sleepers (any sleeping position) weighing over 230 lbs.

Keep reading for our in-depth review of the Avocado latex mattress.

If this is not what you are looking for or you’d like to compare this with other mattresses, check out our reviews of the best latex mattresses.

If you are looking for a latex bed feel without the high cost, consider getting a latex topper instead.

Pros and Cons


  • 100% organic.
  • Great support.
  • Responsive.
  • Sleep cool.
  • 1yr trial period.
  • 25yr warranty.


  • Costs more than foam and hybrid mattresses.
  • Too firm for side and light sleepers.


avocado mattress review

The Avocado latex mattress has an all-latex construction and doesn't contain synthetic foam or coils.

The latex layers are combined with organic cotton and wool to improve pressure relief, sweat-wicking, and cooling.

The Avocado latex mattress consists of three latex layers in total, with an overall thickness of 9 inches. These layers are made from certified organic Dunlop latex.

  • 2” D65 soft latex
  • 3” D75 medium latex
  • 4” D85 firm latex

In addition to the GOLS organic certification, the latex used in Avocado latex mattresses has additional certifications from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX, and eco-INSTITUT.

These certifications further guarantee the mattress is both safe for your health and good for the environment.

The bottom of the top latex layer is laser-cut into waves that provide targeted support and pressure relief to different areas of your body.

Whereas the organic cotton, sandwiched between each layer, absorbs motion, reducing bounciness and motion transfer.

The mattress is wrapped in an organic cotton cover with a layer of organic wool beneath it. The wool provides temperature control across all seasons and acts as a natural fire barrier.

Note for vegans: Avocado sells a vegan version of this mattress – the Avocado Vegan Latex mattress. It has the same feel and construction as the latex mattress but doesn't use any wool, making it fully vegan friendly.


review avocado mattress

The Avocado Latex mattress has a firm comfort feel – around 7.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. It’s the firmest of Avocado mattresses.

Sleeping on it feels like floating on the mattress. If you are the kind of sleeper that prefers to sink into a mattress and feel it wrapping around you, the Avocado latex mattress is not for you.

We recommend the Avocado organic luxury plush mattress instead.

We also do not recommend Avocado latex to most side sleepers and people weighing less than 130lbs. The mattress will feel too firm and may not have adequate pressure relief, affecting your sleep.

The Avocado Latex mattress is best for stomach, back, and combination sleepers weighing over 130lbs. It’s also a great choice for overweight and big-bodied folks over 230lbs.

Comfort & Support

avocado organic mattress

The Avocado latex mattress has excellent overall support. And unlike a foam mattress, it doesn't collapse at the edges. You can sit or sleep comfortably at the edge of the mattress too.

Note, however, that edge support is not as robust as in a hybrid pocket coil mattress. So heavier sleepers may notice reduced support when sleeping near the edge of the mattress.

The use of layers with varying firmness (soft at the top and firm at the bottom) ensures you still get some pressure relief while still enjoying good support.

The zoned top layer also improves contouring and keeps your spine properly aligned. This ensures you don't wake up with back, hip or shoulder pain. It can also reduce pain in people already suffering from back pain.


avocado green mattress reviews

Latex mattresses are known for their responsiveness or bounciness. But some people find them too bouncy. The increased responsiveness can also increase motion transfer, making it harder to sleep next to someone who moves a lot at night.

Avocado has designed its latex mattress to have the perfect amount of bounce. They’ve tempered it by adding organic cotton between the latex layers. The mattress still has some natural bounce, but not too much.

You still enjoy a good amount of responsiveness (which is great for sex, getting out of bed and changing sleep positions), but not too much that it affects sleep quality.

Temperature Control

Organic latex sleeps naturally cool, so temperature control is not a problem with the Avocado latex mattress.

If you are a hot sleeper or have night sweats, the Avocado latex mattress is an excellent choice. It quickly dissipates excess heat and doesn't trap any warmth as memory foam does. You won’t need a cooling topper or bed air conditioner.

The addition of organic cotton and wool makes the mattress even cooler. Wool is particularly good at temperature control – it cools you when it’s hot and warms you when it’s chilly.


avocado green mattress reviews

Since it doesn't have any polyurethane foam, the Avocado latex mattress doesn't off-gas. It doesn't have the chemical smell that new foam mattresses give off.

If you smell anything, it’s a mild natural rubber smell that dissipates quickly.

Sizes & Prices

The Avocado latex mattress is available in all standard sizes plus a split option. Here are the current prices for all sizes. Visit Avocado’s website for the latest prices and discounts.

Twin $1,599
Twin XL $1,699
Full $1,899
Queen $2,199
King $2,899
Cal King $2,899
Split Cal King $2,898


Note that Avocado offers financing through Affirm. This is a good option if you prefer paying for the mattress in smaller installments.

Shipping & Delivery

Free Delivery

Avocado ships all its mattresses for free to all 50 states in the US. Yes, that includes Alaska and Hawaii.

It usually takes a few weeks for your new Avocado mattress to be delivered. That’s because each mattress is handmade.

Your Avocado latex mattress will be delivered compressed in a box. Note that the mattress is heavy (the Queen weighs 139.7lbs), so you’ll need help carrying it inside and setting it up.

Alternatively, you can pay extra to enjoy Avocado’s in-home delivery and setup.

1-Year Trial

Worried about buying the wrong mattress? Fret not. Avocado offers a generous in-home trial.

You can test your new mattress at home for a whole year. This gives you plenty of time to test the mattress in different kinds of situations and all four seasons. You can feel how cool the mattress sleeps during warm weather.

The best part is that returns are free. If you don't like the mattress, just contact customer support (after at least 30 days of using the mattress), and they’ll arrange how the mattress will be donated to charity or recycled.

25-Year Warranty

25 Year Warranty

The Avocado latex mattress warranty is also very generous. Your new mattress will be covered for 25 years against defects and workmanship issues.

This is a prorated warranty. For the first 10 years, you get full coverage. You don't pay anything (not even shipping fees) to get the mattress repaired or replaced.

For yeast 11 to 25, you’ll pay a prorated fee depending on how long you’ve had the mattress.

The long warranty is an indication of how long the Avocado latex mattress is likely to last. If you don't want to keep buying a new mattress every five years, Avocado is a good choice.


Type of mattress:  Organic Latex
Materials:  Organic cotton, wool and Dunlop latex
Thickness:  9 inches
Trial period:  1 year
Free returns:  Yes
Free shipping:  Yes
White glove delivery:  Yes (for a fee)
Warranty:  25 years prorated


Avocado Latex Mattress vs. Competitors

Avocado Latex vs. Spindle Latex

The Spindle latex is also an organic latex mattress, but it’s less expensive than the Avocado latex mattress.

Similar to Avocado, the Spindle latex mattress has an organic cover and organic wool batting.

The Spindle mattress comes in a medium-firm configuration, but you can switch the three Dunlop latex layers around to get a firmer or softer feel. If you want the ability to adjust the feel of your mattress, Spindle is the better choice out of the two.

The Spindle mattress comes with a 1-year trial period, but the warranty is shorter at 10 years.

However, Spindle offers a 25-year Comfort Life Program. Within that period, you can buy a latex layer at a 30% discount to refresh the feel of your mattress. It keeps your mattress comfortable without spending a lot of money on a new mattress.

Avocado Latex vs. Birch Natural Mattress

The Birch natural mattress is more similar to the original Avocado Green mattress than the Avocado latex mattress.

Birch is a good choice if you want a hybrid latex mattress.

The Birch mattress consists of an organic cotton cover, organic wool batting, natural Talalay latex, and pocket coils.

Because it contains just a single layer of latex, the Birch natural mattress is much cheaper than the Avocado Latex mattress.

Avocado Latex vs. PlushBeds Botanical Bliss

The PlushBeds Botanical Bliss is another good all-natural choice if you are looking for an alternative to the Avocado Latex.

The Botanical Bliss mattress has an all-latex construction consisting of an organic cotton cover, organic wool batting, and two layers of organic latex.

Unlike the Avocado latex mattress, which offers just one single comfort choice and one size, the Botanical Bliss offers a choice of two firmness levels (medium and medium-firm) and three mattress thicknesses (9”, 10” and 12”).

The Plushbeds trial period is a bit shorter at 100 nights, but you get the same generous 25-year warranty as Avocado.

The Avocado Latex Mattress Is Best For You If…

  • You are shopping for a certified organic latex mattress.
  • You want an all-latex mattress without any coils.
  • You want to buy from a mattress company that operates sustainably.
  • You want a mattress that is guaranteed to last a long time.

Where to Buy

The best warranty and return terms are offered on Avocado's main website:

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