Modern Gas Bedroom Fireplace

10 Gorgeous Contemporary Bedroom Fireplace

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A contemporary fireplace is inspired by the fireplace being used in the past but is not strictly confined to it.

The contemporary design theme incorporates the best options from the past and welcomes what comes in next.

A contemporary fireplace comes in various designs and styles that complement the overall design theme of the bedroom and holds the traditional value of a fireplace.

The fun gathering of loved ones around a fire is incomparable and never goes out of style but will stay for generations to come.

Here are ten gorgeous contemporary bedroom fireplaces that will make your bedroom more fascinating and warmer.

1.) Metal Black Finish

Metal Black Contemporary Fireplace

A fireplace in black metal finishes integrated into a classy PVC wall, and a fur carpet in front of it. Class and cozy!

2.) Integrated into a White Wall

Integrated into Wall Bedroom Fireplace

A minimalistic bedroom like this with a fireplace integrated into a white wall is a modern concept.

3.) White Marble Fireplace Design

White Marble Bedroom Fireplace

A cozy bedroom with a poster over a white marble fireplace and a modern lamp next to a pink armchair makes a perfect contemporary bedroom setting.

4.) Rectangular Glass Fireplace

Rectangular Glass ContemporaryFireplace

A long and rectangular fireplace such as this is a trending design for fireplaces as they are easy to integrate and can be nearly any size or shape.

5.) A Wood Burning Fireplace with Logs Underneath

Wood Burning Bedroom Fireplace

Such a modern-looking wood-burning fireplace also makes a great addition to your contemporary bedroom.

6.) Matte Black on Grey Walls

Matte Black on Grey Walls

A fireplace in matte black finish integrated on a grey wall makes a lovely contemporary setting.

7.) Elegant & Polished

Elegant & Polished Contemporary Bedroom Fireplace

Here’s an elegant fireplace in black integrated on a creamy white wall!

8.) Metal Framed Fireplace

Metal Framed Contemporary Fireplace

The metal frame surrounding the fireplace adds an additional layer of charm and elegance to a contemporary bedroom.

9.) Modern Gas Fireplace

Modern Gas Bedroom Fireplace

A portable modern gas fireplace that you can move anywhere to enjoy the warmth. In addition to the bedroom, a portable gas fireplace is a fantastic option for kitchen and outdoor spaces.

10.) An Electric Fireplace

Electric Bedroom Fireplace

A glass frame electric fireplace like this with a blazing fire is a popular choice for a contemporary bedroom.

Hope you like our selections! If you are looking for a warm and elegant look for your bedroom, a fireplace is the ultimate thing to go for.

Keep in mind to arrange the furniture in a way that compliments each other while giving the bedroom a clean and polished look.

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