Upholstered Bed in Contemporary Bedrooms

10 Gorgeous Contemporary Bedrooms in White

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Contemporary simply means things currently in trend. A contemporary style celebrates a range of themes but what is common in all is a serene, clutter-free, and simple color scheme.

When it comes to the color scheme, white is the king!

Nothing can be more serene, tranquil, soothing, and relaxing than resting in a contemporary white bedroom.

White bedrooms can be accented with complementing colors like soft grey, beige, off-white, and sky blue.

As you are reading this post, you may be interested in revamping your bedroom space!

So, here are ten gorgeous contemporary bedrooms in white that will give you’re an idea of how interesting white spaces can be:

1.) Minimalistic Design

Minimalistic Contemporary Bedrooms

A simple yet cozy bedroom with minimal design revealing a sleek and polished look with a white wooden bed, a wooden desk, and two plants in white vases.

2.) Monochromatic Decor

Monochromatic Contemporary Bedrooms

A contemporary spacious white bedroom features monochromatic decor, a comfortable bed and armchairs, and large bright sunny view windows.

3.) Wooden Bed

Wooden Bed Contemporary Bedrooms

A simple bedroom interior with wooden bed with grey blanket, in dark poster and chair under the window.

4.) A Sleek Low Rise Bed

Sleek Low Rise Contemporary Bedrooms

Here’s a minimalistic bedroom with a sleek low-rise bed and a green plant in a white pot on the wooden floor.

5.) A Pure White Bedroom

Pure White Contemporary Bedrooms

A pure white bedroom reveals a white bed, one vase sitting on the floor and the other on a white shelf along with two architectural elements.

6.) Grey Accented Bedroom

Grey Accented Contemporary Bedrooms

This is a grey accented bedroom with a comforter on a king-size bed, a bookshelf, a table, and a chair.

7.) A Grey Upholstered Bed

Grey Upholstered Bed Contemporary Bedrooms

A grey upholstered bed pops out against the white wall and serves as a focal point in the bedroom. Just the right appeal for your bedroom.

8.) Sleek & Spacious

Sleek & Spacious Contemporary Bedrooms

A contemporary bedroom is revealing a sleek and spacious design scheme. If you like subtlety and space at the same time, this one is for you.

9.) White & Wooden

White & Wooden Contemporary Bedrooms

A contemporary bedroom with a king-size bed, a large window, two posters, and a study corner.

10.) Upholstered Bed

Upholstered Bed in Contemporary Bedrooms

A comfortable bed on a white floor with a button tufted head and footboard against a wooden wall makes a perfect contemporary setting for a white bedroom.

White bedrooms are luxurious as well as elegant. Contemporary bedrooms embrace clean lines, sleek furnishing, minimal décor, and a clutter-free design.

Hope you got some inspiration from our picks! Happy Decorating!


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