Modern Metal Industrial Bunk Beds

10 New Urban Industrial Bunk Beds

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Industrial bunk beds are a fabulous option for lofts and apartments and also makes an ideal choice for a children’s bedroom.

An industrial bunk bed can be anywhere from a showpiece to industry and fabrication to a minimal modern design. The options are just endless!

Generally, an industrial bunk bed represents a masculine look, but you can give it a feminine touch with the right choice of color and patterns in bed covers.

Here are ten urban industrial bunk beds to inspire you in having one for your small apartment or loft as well.

1.) A Sleek Bunk Bed

Sleek Industrial Bunk Bed

A sleek bunk bed featuring two beds with easy stairs makes a lovely addition to your industrial bedroom.

2.) A Grey Metal Design

Grey Metal Industrial Bunk Bed

A bunk bed made of metal like this is a popular choice for an industrial bedroom.

3.) A Two-Tier Bed in Black

Two-Tier Industrial Bed in Black

A two-tier bunk bed in a small bedroom, minimalistic design with natural daylight, wooden floor, and ceiling.

4.) A Yellow Bunk Bed

Yellow Industriial Bunk Bed

A yellow bunk bed made of wood covered with grey bedding and a settee makes an elegant industrial setting.

5.) Two-Level Wooden Beds

Two-Level Wooden Industrial Bunk Bed

A wooden-walled room featuring two wooden bunk beds makes a perfect industrial setting and a stylistic aura.

6.) Dormitory Bed

Dormitory Industrial Bunk Bed

A lovely Dormitory Bed makes a perfect addition to a modern industrial setting. Durable, comfortable, and abstract, just perfect!

7.) Three-Tier Bunk Bed

Three-Tier Industrial Bunk Bed

A three-tier metal bunk bed draped in red plaid bedding makes a warm and smart industrial setting.

8.) A Metal Bunk Bed in White

Metal Industrial Bunk Beds

Check out this metal bunk bed in white draped in soft pink bedding, looking so warm and inviting.

9.) A Modern Metal Design

Modern Metal Industrial Bunk Beds

A Sleek and modern metal bunk bed draped in black and grey bedding with a ladder and a mirror encased in a black metal frame reminds of that perfect worn-out look from a factory.

10.) Slide Out Wooden Bunk Bed

 Wooden Industrial Bunk Bed

A slide-out wooden bunk bed is offering three beds for sleeping. Spacious and convenient!

Industrial bunk beds can be of wood or metal, revealing a solid and durable structure. You can further enhance your industrial bedroom with lovely drapes and bed covers in checked or striped patterns.

You can even elevate your comfort level by throwing more than a few pillows in red plaid or checkered fabric.

So go ahead and redesign your interiors with a trendy industrial bunk bed. Happy decorating!

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