Industrial Gray Bedrooms with Blue Accents

10 New Urban Industrial Bedrooms in Gray

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The grey modern industrial bedroom interiors exude calm and cool.

Filled with the raw and industrial element, the sleek styling of these bedrooms reveals an urban lifestyle.

Placing soft area rugs, bespoke furniture designs, captivating artwork, and trendy accessories deliver a high-end industrial bedroom.

In short, designing an industrial bedroom implies creating an old-factory look into your sleeping space.

Envision a spacious bedroom with retro furniture, high ceilings, metal accessories, vintage clock, and rustic hues.

Here are ten new urban industrial bedrooms in grey that will definitely inspire you:

1.) Loft Style Bedroom

 Loft Style Industrial Gray Bedrooms

A loft-style bedroom with distressed grey walls, two leather armchairs, and a comfortable grey bed with pillows.

2.) Tall Windows

Industrial Gray Bedrooms with Tall Windows

A modern industrial bedroom with tall windows for natural light!

3.) Yellow Accents

Industrial Gray Bedrooms with Yellow Accents

A yellow accented bedroom with a pouf, cycle, chair, and wall posters!

4.) Blue Accents

Industrial Gray Bedrooms with Blue Accents

An industrial bedroom in grey with an Industrial lamp next to the bed with navy blue bedding against a dark wall with a moon poster.

5.) Metal Bed

Industrial Gray Bedrooms with Metal Bed

Metal beds are a fantastic choice for a perfect factory look!

6.) Concrete Walls

Industrial Gray Bedrooms Concrete Walls

A loft-style bedroom with grey concrete walls, black, and yellow double bed, and iron elements.

7.) Modern Industrial Setting

Industrial Gray Bedrooms with Modern Industrial Setting

A modern industrial setting with a cozy bed in grey against a brick wall, metal chair, and a plush rug.

8.) Recycled Furniture

Industrial Gray Bedrooms with Recycled Furniture

An industrial-style bedroom with recycled pallet bed with grey bedding. An eco-friendly setting!

9.) Black Wood Plank

Industrial Gray Bedrooms with Black Wood Plank

A modern loft bedroom with black wood plank against a comfortable white bed polished concrete wall and floor.

10.) Dark Grey

Dark Grey Industrial Bedrooms

Dark bedroom with grey bed on wood and concrete wall.

Exposed brick walls or concrete plains make a high-end décor scheme for industrial bedrooms. Industrial bedrooms may include rustic beds, leather armchairs, graphic patterns in fabrics, hanging open pipes, open bulbs, hardwood floors, etc. Every item must be picked and placed in such a way that creates harmony with every other item.

Hope you got some inspiration from our picks! Happy Decorating!

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