Modern Industrial Canopy Beds

10 New Urban Industrial Canopy Beds

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Industrial bedrooms are inspired by that old factory worn-out look and the abstract design.

An industrial bedroom features clean and streamlined furniture and a versatile décor.

Think of open and airy space in a muted shade that highlights an industrial look!

When designing an industrial bedroom, look for furniture in metal or rustic wood.

You can even make your industrial bedroom high class with a right canopy bed. Canopy bed creates a great impact and is a status symbol.

Earlier, only rich people could afford the canopy beds but now they are affordable to everyone. One can easily get them to add a layer of sophistication to their bedroom.

Here are ten new urban industrial canopy beds to turn your bedroom into a sumptuous refuge.

1.) A Modern Touch

Modern Industrial Canopy Beds

Give your industrial bedroom a modern touch with this kind of sleek canopy bed with an upholstered headboard in white.

2.) Bed with a White Canopy

Bed with a White Canopy

A romantically decorated bedroom features a white canopy bed with an upholstered headboard, nightstand, flower petals, and candles on antique stands.

3.) A Rustic Wooden Canopy

Rustic Wooden Canopy Beds

Here’s a rustic wooden canopy bed against a white brick wall draped with white bed hangings and linens.

4.) Comfort is Key

Comfortable Industrial Canopy Beds

Comfort is the central aspect of any bedroom!

Have a look at this bedroom with a canopy bed with lots of pillows and a fur comforter for extra comfort.

5.) Colonial Style

Colonial Style Industrial Canopy Beds

This colonial-style bedroom is set with a white canopy bed against a red brick wall.

6.) Metal Finish

Metal Finish Industrial Canopy Beds

Source: Houzz

A modern industrial canopy bed frame in the black metal finish makes the perfect choice for an industrial bedroom.

7.) Black Metal Canopy Bed

Black Metal Industrial Canopy Beds

A black metal canopy bed is a perfect addition to an industrial bedroom. It is also a bold statement!

8.) Brass Finish

Brass Finish Industrial Canopy Beds

A metal canopy bed in the brass finish is what you need to elevate your industrial bedroom.

9.) Wrought Iron Bed

Iron Industrial Canopy Beds

A wrought iron metal bed in white with a white transparent canopy adorned with lights makes a perfect setting for the coming festive season.

10.) Keep it White

White Industrial Canopy Beds

A charming white canopy bed against an old, outdated wall.

Hope you like our selections! Along with a canopy bed, decorate your bedroom with pendant lights with exposed bulbs and wires, rough and raw materials, bold and dramatic paintings, oversized artwork, and ductwork. Just so many things you can play with to make it abstract and urban.

Happy decorating!

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