Best Iron Bed Frames

Best Iron Bed Frames 2023: Top Picks and Reviews

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Shopping for an iron bed frame?

You’ve come to the right place. 

Iron bed frames are typically made with more than one metal, usually steel and iron. Most iron bed frames have a steel frame and an iron headboard and footboard. 

An iron bed frame is a good choice if you are looking for a metal bed frame with a unique design. Iron bed frames are also really strong and can support heavy mattresses and sleepers. 

Iron bed frames are typically more expensive compared to ordinary metal bed frames, but you can find some affordable ones that use tubular iron to keep costs down. 

What’s In This Buying Guide?

In this buying guide, we recommend the best iron bed frames you can order online. 

We also explain the different types of iron bed frames, their benefits, and how to choose the right iron bed frame for yourself. 

Looking for a different kind of bed frame? See our reviews of the best luxury bed frames, low bed frames, and minimalist bed frames.

We also have a round up of the best bed frames overall.

Best Iron Bed Frames 2023

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  1. Our Top Pick: TRIBECCA home Leona Wrought Iron Bed Frame
  2. Best Iron Bed Frame With Slats: DHP Brooklyn Metal Iron Bed
  3. Best Vintage Iron Bed Frame: Walker Edison
  4. Best Wood & Iron Bed Frame: SHA CERLIN Frosted
  5. Best Budget Iron Bed Frame: TUSEER Metal Bed Frame
  6. Best Victorian Iron Bed Frame: Inspire Q Giselle Antique Victorian
  7. Best King Size Iron Bed Frame: Christopher Knight Home Sally
ProductAwardHeightUnderbed clearanceCapacityRequires box spring
iron bed frames Tribeca LeonaOur top pick51.5”11.5”Not specified Yes
iron bed frames DHP BrooklynBest with slats44”7”/11”450lbs (full)No
iron bed frames Walker Edison Best vintage56”6”500lbs (Queen)Yes
iron bed frames SHA CERLIN Best wood & iron41.5”12”900lbs (Queen)No
iron bed frames TUSEER Best budget43”13”660lbs (Queen)No
iron bed frames Inspire Q Giselle Best Victorian51.5”UnspecifiedUnspecified800lbs (King)
iron bed frames Christopher Knight Home SallyBest King size41.7”10”800lbs (King)No

1. Our Top Pick: TRIBECCA home Leona Wrought Iron Bed Frame

iron bed frames

Our favorite iron bed frame is the Tribecca home Leona wrought iron bed frame. It has a beautiful country style design, it’s easy to assemble and it’s extra sturdy. 


  • Beautiful French Country/shabby chic style. 
  • Includes headboard and footboard.
  • Strong & sturdy.
  • Silent. 


  • A bit pricey. 
  • Requires a box spring. 

Our Review

The beautiful ironwork in the headboard and footboard is the main attraction in the TRIBECCA wrought iron bed frame. 

The piping and spindles are finished dark bronze, which completes the French Country style of this bed frame. 

The rest of the frame consists of side rails and three metal slats designed to support a box spring or foundation. 

The Tribecca home Leona bed frame is fairly easy to put together. You can do it yourself, but it’ll be easier and faster with two people. 

Everything you need, including tools and the assembly instructions, are provided along with the package. 

As long as you’ve tightened everything properly, the Tribecca should feel sturdy and silent. 

Issues & Limitations

The Tribecca Leona iron bed frame is a bit pricey compared to other metal and iron bed frames. 

Keep in mind that you also need a box spring or foundation to go with it. If you don't have one, you’ll need to add it to your budget. 

If you are shopping on a budget, we have cheaper recommendations below including several that come complete with slats and don't need a box spring.   

2. Best Iron Bed Frame With Slats: DHP Brooklyn Metal Iron Bed

wrought iron bed frame

If you don't have a box spring or foundation and don't want to buy one, you’ll need a bed frame that comes ready with slats. 

The DHP Brooklyn metal iron bed has sturdy metal slats that can directly support any type of mattress. 


  • Box spring not required. 
  • Adjustable height. 
  • Sturdy steel and iron construction. 
  • Modern styling. 


  • Limited weight capacity. 

Our Review

You can use the DHP Brooklyn bed frame with or without a box spring. It’s up to you. 

If you opt not to use a box spring, the slats are sturdy enough to support your mattress and you. They are spaced 4” apart for maximum support.  

One of the best features of the DHP Brooklyn bed frame is the adjustable clearance. You can set it at 7” if you want to lower the platform (e.g. if you are using a box spring) or 11” if you want more under-bed storage space. 

As for aesthetics, the DHP Brooklyn metal bed frame has a mixture of vintage, industrial and contemporary styling. It fits well in any kind of decor. 

You can choose from a black or white finish. 

Issues & Complaints

For a metal bed, the DHP Brooklyn is not as strong as we expected. The twin size has a 225lb weight limit, the full size 450lbs, and the larger sizes 500lbs. 

We do not recommend it for heavy people, especially couples and those sleeping on a thick and heavy mattress. 

Also, be careful if you plan to use a box spring or foundation on the DHP Brooklyn bed frame. The weight of the box spring counts towards the total limit. 

3. Best Vintage Iron Bed Frame: Walker Edison Vintage Antique Metal Iron Pipe Bed

iron bed frame king

Looking to add a vintage or antique look to your bedroom? We recommend the Walker Edison Vintage iron bed frame. 

It features a beautiful iron pipe headboard and footboard. 


  • Unique vintage design. 
  • Available in multiple color options.
  • Sturdy. 
  • Silent – no squeaking. 


  • Limited underbed storage space. 
  • Expensive.

Our Review

The Walker Edison vintage metal bed frame looks like a treasure you’d find at a flea market or antique store. 

It really sells the vintage look with the decorating iron piping on the footboard and headboard. 

You can get the frame in either white or bronze. 

Build quality is pretty good. The frame is easy to put together and feels very sturdy. 

It doesn't squeak even during vigorous activities. According to the manufacturer, the Walker Edison bed frame can support up to 500lbs of weight for the King and Queen sizes.

The Walker Edison vintage bed frame only has a few slats across the frame that only work with a bed foundation or box spring. Do not place your mattress directly on the bed frame. 

Issues & Limitations

Probably because of the intricate design, the Walker Edison vintage bed frame is expensive. And remember you’ll also need a box spring or foundation if you don't already have one. 

Another issue is the limited under bed space. At just 6 inches, the clearance is not enough to store boxes and bins. 

4. Best Wood & Iron Bed Frame: SHA CERLIN Frosted Iron Bed Frame With Wood Headboard

cast iron bed frame

Not a big fan of the all-metal look of most iron bed frames? Try the SHA CERLIN heavy duty bed frame that combines an iron frame with a wooden headboard and footboard. 


  • Modern wood & metal style that looks great in most bedrooms. 
  • Heavy duty construction – can support a lot more weight than other bed frames. 
  • Noiseless.
  • Has slats – box spring not required. 
  • Tons of underbed storage space. 
  • Affordable. 


  • The headboard is too short. 

Our Review 

The combination of wood and iron gives the SHA CERLIN bed frame a more contemporary look.

If you don't like the vintage style of other iron bed frames, this is a great alternative. It even uses simple minimalist lines instead of the usual intricate shapes and curves of other iron bed frames. 

But don't let the simple design fool you. The SHA CERLIN bed frame is incredibly strong. In fact, it’s stronger than most iron bed frames. 

The King size can support up to 1000lbs of weight, the Queen size 900lbs, and the full size 800lbs. 

We highly recommend the SHA CERLIN bed frame for heavy people, couples, and anyone who sleeps on a thick and heavy mattress. 

The SHA CERLIN bed frame comes complete with slats, so you don't need a box spring or foundation. But you can use one if you want. 

The underbed clearance is 12”, giving you plenty of space to stow away your stuff. 

Issues & Limitations 

The height of the SHA CERLIN bed frame from the floor to the headboard is 41.5 inches. The headboard is pretty short and most of it gets hidden if you have a thick mattress or use a box spring. 

5. Best Budget Iron Bed Frame: TUSEER Metal Bed Frame

wrought iron bed frame king

Shopping on a budget? Our top affordable pick is the TUSEER metal bed frame. 

This vintage style iron and steel bed frame comes with slats and offers a spacious 13 inches of underbed storage. 


  • Affordable. 
  • Beautiful vintage style. 
  • Lots of underbed storage space. 
  • Sturdy construction – can support up to 660lbs. 


  • Takes time to assemble. 

Our Review 

To keep the price low, the TUSEER combines iron and steel. In fact, most of the bed frame is steel including the legs, slats, and rails. 

Only the headboard and footboard are wrought iron. 

The frame is sturdy and can support up to 660lbs for the Queen size and 550lbs for the Full size. That’s better than some pricier iron bed frames. 

The wrought iron design looks great especially if you love vintage styles. 

You can get the bed frame in a black, antique brown, gray silver or grayish white finish depending on how contemporary or vintage you want it to be.

You don't need a box spring for the TUSEER bed frame as it already comes with slats. 

Underbed clearance is 13”, so you can fit decent sized boxes and bins under the bed. 

Other features of the TUSEER bed frame that we love include the anti-noise tape on the slats and the side tabs that keep your mattress from sliding.

Issues & Limitations

The most common complaint from customers is that the TUSEER bed frame is a bit of a hassle to assemble. 

The instructions are not so clear and some pieces arrive slightly bent and you have to straighten them. 

Most people say they took at least an hour to assemble the bed frame. We highly recommend having someone help you put it together. 

6. Best Victorian Iron Bed Frame: Inspire Q Giselle Antique Victorian Iron Bed Frame

wood and iron bed frame

The Inspire Q Giselle is another great choice if you want an antique or Victorian iron bed frame. 

It doesn't have the ornate wrought ironwork of true Victorian era metal beds, but it still pulls off a classic antique look.


  • Stylish Victorian bed frame. 
  • Sturdy & durable iron construction. 
  • Vintage bronze finish.
  • Tall headboard – great for thick mattresses & box springs. 


  • Requires a box spring. 
  • Pricey. 

Our Review 

The Inspire Q Giselle is far from the heavy and ornate solid iron beds used in the Victorian times. But it still adds a nice antique touch to your bedroom. 

It’s a great pick if you are doing a Victorian theme in your bedroom. The dark bronze finish adds to the antique look.

The Giselle bed frame is mostly iron, so it’s a bit more expensive than other iron bed frames that combine iron and steel. 

The upside is that it’s much sturdier. The manufacturer doesn't specify the weight limit, but it is suitable for heavy sleepers and thick mattresses. 

The Inspire Q Giselle requires a box spring or mattress foundation. Luckily, the headboard is high (51.5”) so don't worry that a box spring and mattress will cover the beautiful iron. 

Issues & Limitations

If you are shopping for a budget iron bed frame, this is not it. It’s one of the pricier iron bed frames among our picks. 

Remember it also needs a box spring. So you’ll have to spend extra if you don't have one already. 

7. Best King Size Iron Bed Frame: Christopher Knight Home Sally King-Size Iron Bed Frame

antique cast iron bed frame

If you are specifically looking for a king size iron bed frame, we recommend the Christopher Knight Home Sally bed frame.

It can hold up to 800lbs, making it suitable for couples and heavy King size mattresses. 


  • Sturdy King size iron bed frame. 
  • Beautiful modern/industrial design. 
  • No box spring required.
  • Double rows of center legs for extra support. 


  • Some people may not like the low profile. 
  • Limited underbed storage. 

Our Review

King mattresses are heavy and need plenty of support. That’s why we recommend the Christopher Knight Home Sally bed frame for King size mattresses.

It can support up to 800lbs of weight. That easily covers the combined weight of a couple and a mattress. 

The Sally bed frame is 79.7 inches wide, which accommodates the 76 inch width of a standard King size mattress. 

To prevent sagging, the Sally bed frame has four rows of legs, two of them providing center support. 

That, combined with the iron construction ensures the Sally bed frame lasts a long time without bending or breaking. 

Style-wise, the Christopher Knight Home Sally bed frame lacks the vintage style of other iron bed frames. Instead, it has a more modern-industrial look. 

The hammered copper finish and the iron pipe headboard and footboard are responsible for the industrial style, while the low profile design and geometric lines balance add a modern look.

The Christopher Knight Sally comes with sturdy slats, so you don't need a box spring. But you can use one if you want, especially if you find the frame too low. 

Issues & Limitations 

With about 10 inches of under-bed clearance, the Christopher Knight Home Sally is a low profile bed frame. 

Not everyone is a fan of the low design. It can make it harder to get in and out of bed and it robs you of underbed storage space. 

Iron Bed Frames Buying Guide

iron beds

What Are Iron Bed Frames?

An iron bed frame consists of a metal frame (side rails, slats, and legs) and a decorative footboard and headboard. 

In many cases only the footboard and headboard are made from iron. The rest of the bed frame is usually steel or some other metal like brass

But you can find iron bed frames that are mostly or completely made with iron. They tend to be expensive though. 

Types of Iron Bed Frames

There are generally two types of iron bed frames that are common in stores and online: tubular iron bed frames and solid iron bed frames.

Tubular iron bed frames are the most popular because they are cheaper and lighter. They are made with hollow iron tubing. 

The downside of tubular iron bed frames is that they cannot support as much weight as a solid iron bed frame. Most tubular iron bed frames have a capacity of up to 500lbs. 

Solid iron bed frames are usually found in specialty stores. They are handmade from solid iron. 

The solid construction makes them heavy. They are also expensive , costing over $1,000.

On the upside, they can support a lot more weight and they last longer. 

Advantages of Iron Bed Frames

Wrought Iron bed frames

1. They look great

The biggest advantage of iron bed frames is their unique design. Most have beautiful wrought iron headboards and footboards that you’ll not find in other metal bed frames. 

An iron bed frame is especially ideal for those who love vintage, antique and Victorian styles. 

2. Strong and durable

Iron bed frames are also strong and durable. But this only applies to premium iron bed frames made from high quality iron. 

3. Relatively lightweight

Despite being metal, most iron bed frames are lighter than wood bed frames. That’s because most are made from iron tubing, rather than solid iron. 

This makes them easier to assemble and move. 

Limitations of Iron bed Frames

  • Most iron bed frames cannot support a lot of weight. The typical capacity for a Queen size is 500lbs, compared to 750lbs or more of most wood and metal bed frames. 
  • Most iron bed frames are available in only a few sizes – usually Full, Queen and King. If you have a twin, twin XL, or Cal King bed, it’ll take more searching to find an iron bed frame. 
  • Iron bed frames generally cost more than regular metal bed frames. 
  • You cannot find an iron bed frame with drawers. Either you slide boxes under the bed or get a wooden bed frame with built-in storage.

How to Choose The Best Iron Bed Frame

DHP Tokyo Bronze Metal Bed

Here’s what to consider when picking an iron bed frame. 

Construction & Build Quality  

The construction and build quality decide how much you’ll pay for an iron bed frame. 

You can get an iron bed frame under $200, but it’ll likely have iron only in the headboard and footboard. It may also have a lower weight capacity (typically no more than 500lbs). 

There are higher quality iron bed frames that can support more weight and contain more iron components, but they cost more (usually $250-$400). 

Note that here we are talking about tubular iron bed frames. 

Solid iron bed frames are harder to find on major retail websites and they cost $1,000 or more. 

Weight Limit

Check the weight limit/capacity of the iron bed frame. 

It starts at 500lbs for cheaper bed frames and can go up to 1,000lbs for solid iron bed frames. 

Weight limit is important for large sleepers, especially couples. Add your weight to the weight of your mattress to make sure you don't exceed a frame’s limit. 

If you are using a box spring or foundation, its weight also counts. 


Next, pick your favorite style. 

Most iron bed frames have a vintage or antique style. They’ll have pipe spindles on the headboard and footboard. 

This style looks great and works well in most bedrooms.

You can also find iron bed frames with a more contemporary or industrial look. 

Also, check the colors available. A black iron bed frame will look very different from a bronze or copper finished bed frame. 

Decide which color will work best in your bedroom.   

Does It Require a Box Spring?

Slats or no slats?

Iron bed frames with slats save you the trouble of buying a box spring or foundation for your mattress. You can place your mattress directly on the bed frame. 

But if you like the extra height and support a foundation or box spring provides, look for an iron bed frame without slats (it’ll still have 3 or 4 slats to support the box spring). 

Note: Most iron bed frames with slats can also be used with a box spring or foundation.

Underbed Clearance

If you want underbed storage, check how much space you have under the bed. 12 inches or more is ideal for storing boxes and bins. 

More underbed clearance also means the slats sit higher, which makes it easier to get in and out of bed. 

But if you prefer sleeping on a low bed, look for an iron bed frame with a clearance of 10 inches or less. 

Headboard Height  

Check the height of the headboard especially if you plan to use a box spring or you have a thick mattress. 

You don't want your mattress covering up the beautiful headboard. 


Many people are afraid of getting a metal or iron bed frame because of squeaking. 

But in reality, iron bed frames don't squeak as long as you’ve assembled it properly and tightened all the screws and bolts.

That said, some iron bed frames start squeaking after some time and you have to re-tighten the screws. Check customer reviews to see people’s experience with a particular bed frame. 

Ease of Assembly 

Finally, pick an iron bed frame that you can easily put together yourself. 

Check customer reviews for complaints about damaged or missing parts. But generally, most iron bed frames are easy to assemble. 

All the parts and tools you need are included in the package.  

Iron Bed Frames: FAQs

vintage iron bed frame

Are iron bed frames strong?

It depends on the quality of the bed frame. Cheaper iron bed frames can support up to 500lbs of weight for a Queen size.

Pricier iron bed frames with stronger materials can support 600lbs-900lbs of weight. Solid iron bed frames can support 1,000lbs or more. 

Do iron bed frames squeak?

As long as you’ve assembled the bed frame properly, it should not squeak even during sex. 

If it starts to squeak, try tightening the bolts and nuts and apply some WD40 lubricant

Are iron bed frames stronger than other bed frames?

Not necessarily. In fact, many metal bed frames are stronger than tubular iron bed frames. They can support more weight. 

It’s also easy to find heavy duty wood bed frames that can support a lot more weight than an iron bed frame. 

Solid iron bed frames, however, are stronger than most other types of bed frames. 

Is it easy to assemble an iron bed frame on my own?

Most iron bed frames are designed for easy DIY assembly. You’ll even get the tools you need to put it together. 

You don't need a professional to assemble an iron bed frame. 

Which one is best between a wood and iron bed frame?

It’s impossible to pick a winner between wood and iron bed frames since there’s such a wide variety of each. 

You can find a heavy duty iron or wood bed frame that lasts for years. 

Your choice comes down to your preferences. If you like the warmth of wood furniture, get a wooden frame. 

If you prefer the industrial or vintage look of an iron bed frame, go for it.  

Are iron bed frames expensive?

Iron bed frames are generally more expensive than regular metal bed frames. Expect to pay $170-$230 for an entry-level iron bed frame and $300+ for a premium iron bed frame. 

Solid iron bed frames are usually $1,000 and above.     

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