Nautical Bedrooms in Cobalt Blue

10 Splashy & Fun Beach House Bedrooms in Cobalt Blue

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A cobalt blue room is ideal for people who want to bring the cool breeze of the beach into the bedroom.

If you’re dreaming of a beach house bedroom, then this article is for you! We’ve gathered some great ideas to help make your space feel like paradise. The first step is the ideal color scheme. Cobalt blue will give your bedroom an ocean-like vibe!

Make your bedroom stand out by adding a pop of the bold hue. It’s also great in living spaces and kitchens if you need to inspire creativity or boost productivity

Just look at these ten splashy and fun beach house bedrooms in cobalt blue to get some inspiration for your bedroom:

1.) Coastal Style

Beach House Bedrooms in Cobalt Blue with Coastle Style

A coastal-style bedroom in white with a curved wooden bed, white linen, cobalt blue comforter, and matching pillows.

2.) Nautical Bedroom

Nautical Bedrooms in Cobalt Blue

A nautical marine style bedroom with stucco wall in cobalt blue, a white bed with blue comforter, wicker bench, and wooden ceiling lamps.

3.) Add Multicolor Comforter

Beach House Bedrooms in Multicolor

Add fun pops of color to your beach house bedroom with this style of colorful bedding in this light blue interior.

4.) Tropical Patterns

Beach House Bedrooms in Cobalt Blue with Tropical Patterns

Check out this tropical-style bedroom with bright and cheerful tropical patterns on the blue bedding and a few tropical plants.

5.) Decorative Child’s Bedroom

Beach House Bedrooms in Cobalt Blue for childs

A decorative bedroom in cobalt blue with sun-shaped decoratives on the panel wall, a white bed with orange pillows and yellow blanket, and lovely curtains.

6.)  Accent Pillows

Accent pillows are a great way to enhance the overall look and feel of the space.

7.) White & Blue Create a Serene Environment

Beach House Bedrooms in Cobalt Blue and White

A coastal-style bedroom in white and blue creating a tranquil environment.

8.) Paired Up with Pink

Beach House Bedrooms in Cobalt Blue & Pink

A beach house bedroom in blue with a comfortable bed with pink and blue linen and pillows, a ceiling rattan lamp, and a wicker chair.

9.) Blue Paint on Windows

Beach House Bedrooms in Cobalt Blue with Painted Windows

Check out this bedroom with a wooden bed draped in soft linen, comfortable pillows, and vintage blue windows.

10.) Floral Pattern Wallpaper

Beach House Bedrooms in Cobalt Blue with Floral Patterns Wallpaper

Check out this bedroom with a cobalt blue floral pattern wallpaper on the wall against the lovely white bed, blue pillows, and a table with drawers.

A Beach House can be a great place to stay and have fun in the sun! Cobalt Blue gives off an air of tranquility, so our selection is an inspiration when you start decorating your bedroom.

I hope you got some inspiration from our picks. Happy Decorating!

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