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2-in-1 Zenhaven By Saatva Mattress Review

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In our Saatva Mattress review, we dubbed the Saatva Classic Mattress as a luxury yet pocket-friendly choice. We give the same badge to Saatva's latest luxury mattress, Zenhaven. The Zenhaven mattress is a 100% organic latex mattress. It is more expensive than the main Saatva mattress but much cheaper than what a store will charge you for an all-natural mattress. A queen size goes for $1,999. The mattress uses natural American-made Talalay latex to provide an all-round luxury sleeping experience with good support, snug comfort and just the right amount of bounce.


Zenhaven mattress construction The 10-inch Zenhaven mattress is all Talalay latex. This is apart from the flame retardant wool layer on both sides of the mattress and the organic cotton cover. But the 2-in-1 design is its most unique feature. Each mattress has two comfort options. You flip the mattress to change from one to the other. Here are the different layers of the mattress.


A quilted organic cotton cover provides a cool and soft feeling when you lie on the mattress. You may notice some non-decorative markings on the mattress. These are because of the organic nature of the cotton used. To remove the markings, Saatva would have had to use chemicals. It’s a bit like the grain you see on natural wood.

1-inch New Zealand wool layer

On the inside of the cover, there is a 1-inch layer of natural New Zealand wool. The wool is sewn onto the cover to prevent shifting. The wool acts as a non-toxic fire retardant. It also helps pull heat and moisture away from the surface of the mattress. Note that the wool layer is all around the mattress, even on the underside. Since the mattress is two-sided, you are well protected no matter what side you sleep on.

1.5-inch soft comfort layer

This is the most important layer of the mattress. It is responsible for support, contouring and comfort. It has a 5-zone design, corresponding to different sections of the body. Some of the zones, such as under the shoulders and hips, are softer to allow more pressure relief. Others like at the feet are firm to ensure proper alignment. The aim of the comfort layer is to maintain the body in its natural position. This protects your spine from getting into an awkward shape, which could cause back pain. The comfort layer consists of all-natural Talalay latex.

3-inch soft base layer

This is the base of the soft side of the mattress. It is made from Talalay latex and provides compression support especially for couples and heavier sleepers.

3-inch firm base layer

When you flip the mattress over to the firmer side, this becomes the base layer. It provides added support and prevents sagging.

1.5-inch firm comfort layer

This is the firmer side of the mattress. It consists of Talalay latex that is noticeably firmer. But it’s still soft enough to provide pressure relief and feel comfortable. Note that this layer has the same 5-zone design as the soft comfort layer. So you still get same targeted support and pressure relief.

Firmness and Comfort

Zenhaven firmness This is a 2-in-1 mattress. This means you get two comfort levels in a single mattress; luxury plush and gentle firm. You just need to flip the mattress to change between the two. Most users stick with the luxury plush side. No matter what side you sleep on, the mattress feels luxurious. Many users describe a feeling of weightlessness. Others say it feels like getting a hug, especially when they sleep on the luxury plush comfort side. Thanks to the latex, organic cotton cover and wool fire retardant, the Zenhaven mattress doesn’t get even a little bit hot. It stays cool and keeps fresh.

Buying the Mattress

Compared to online mattresses, Zenhaven is a bit pricey. It’s twice the cost of brands like Casper, Helix and Leesa. Here is their full price list.

Saatva provides easy financing through PayPal credit. You get 0% interest if you pay in 6 months. The mattress is delivered to continental US states at a flat shipping charge of $99. This fee covers delivery and in-home setup. You can also opt to have your old mattress taken away for an extra fee. Because the mattress is heavy, they also offer to send a team to flip the mattress for you free of charge should you decide to change your comfort level. The trial period begins after delivery and extends up to 120 days. Contact customer support at any time during this period to schedule a return. You’ll get a full refund less the $99 delivery fee. As for the warranty, there are two types. With the first, you get a brand new mattress in the first two years if the current one is defective. After that, you have to pay $99 each way to get the mattress repaired or replaced. The second option is what they call the ‘Fairness Replacement Option’. This is a prorated type of warranty. You pay a certain amount (after the first two years) to replace or repair the mattress depending on how long you’ve had it.

The Zenhaven Mattress is Best For…

Zenhaven mattress

  • Those who love latex foam mattresses.
  • Those who prefer 100% organic mattresses.
  • Users who prefer a medium-firm or firm mattress comfort level.

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