4Sleep Mattress Review

4Sleep Mattress Review

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A high-quality medium-firm memory foam mattress that excels at temperature control and edge support. A bit firmer than most other beds-in-a-box in this price range.

Great Choice for: Anyone who is looking for an affordable memory foam mattress that doesn't get ‘hot'.

Avoid if: You prefer latex foam over memory foam; or, a softer medium feel.

Price: $549 to $999

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4Sleep's mattress scores very high in temperature control, edge support, comfort and overall sleep experience.

It enters an industry that has become highly competitive as top brands including Casper, Endy and Saatva try to outdo each other.

4Sleep stands out from the crowd in a few ways.

Let's take a deeper look at this mattress to see where it excels – and where it could do better.

What's In This Mattress Review

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About 4Sleep

4Sleep Mattress

The team behind the inception and growth of the company is made up of a husband and wife. Lori and David have experienced firsthand the trouble brought by sleeping on the wrong mattress.

With their extensive experience in the mattress industry, they sought to make things better for customers. The result was the 4Sleep company.

By being directly involved in the manufacturing process and getting rid of the middleman, 4Sleep has greatly streamlined the mattress buying process.

Customers can now buy a quality mattress comfortably and with quality assurance.

Most importantly, they do not have to spend thousands of dollars to get a good mattress.

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Social Impact

4Sleep Mattress Review - TV shootFor 4Sleep, it is not just about selling mattresses and making money.

Lori and David are passionate about making a positive social impact through their business.

One way they are doing this is by promoting local industries. The company’s entire manufacturing process is based in the United States.

This serves a double purpose. One, it ensures the highest quality in terms of materials and manufacturing and two, it boosts local Industries.

In 2015, the company took another step towards improving people’s lives by offering its hand in the Sleep Sensitivity campaign.

The campaign was aimed at improving the quantity and quality of sleep of Americans.

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Purchase Process

As is the case with most of these new direct-to-consumer mattress companies, the purchase process is simple and straightforward. In the case of 4Sleep, the purchase point is their website.

4Sleep does not offer mattresses with varying firmness levels. They have instead focused on creating one mattress that suits a wide spectrum of sleepers.

So it makes your purchase process a bit easier. The only choice you need to make is what size to buy. Here is a list of available sizes.

Twin size
Twin XL
Full size
Queen size
King size
California King

Once you select your preferred size, add it to the Cart and you are good to go. Remember to read the return policy and warranty statement comprehensively before buying.

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Delivery Options

Delivery is done free though FedEx Ground. It usually takes 3 to 5 business days for the mattress to arrive at your door packaged neatly in a box.

The company delivers only to the continental United States from Monday to Friday.

A tracking number, issued at the time of purchase, will help you track your shipment and prepare for its delivery.

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4Sleep mattress cover

Most mattresses put little effort in the outward appearance of the mattress. They opt for simple, minimal styling. 4Sleep takes a completely different route.

Once you unpack the box, the striking crisscrossing design hits you with a pleasant surprise. It looks luxurious.

Though performance is certainly the most important aspect of a mattress, it is not a bad thing when a company pays a little more attention to aesthetics.

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If there is one area where the 4Sleep mattress really stands out from the competitors, it is in the technology used in constructing the mattress.

The mattress has four layers, each of which has its own special function. Even the cover itself is meticulously designed to create the best sleep experience possible.

Here are the notable technologies 4Sleep uses to create the perfect mattress.

  • A unique gel memory foam, ThermaPhase Gel Memory Foam, that maintains a constant temperature range through the night.
  • A ‘Cooling on Demand' Cover that allows every individual to experience their own optimal sleeping temperature.
  • An exceptionally strong edge support system that prevents the edges from collapsing and ensures that you cannot roll off the bed when asleep.

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4Sleep mattress layers

Below is a breakdown of the different layers and parts that make up the 4Sleep mattress. The mattress is 11 inches thick.

1. Top Layer: Comfort and Temperature Control

The first layer is composed of 1.5 inches of ThermaPhase Gel Memory Foam. The main purpose of this layer is to maintain the proper temperature range for a good night’s sleep.

Additionally, the foam contours to your body, providing cuddly comfort and eliminating pressure points.

2. Second Layer: Support and Motion Control

This is the transition layer between the comfort and support zone. It consists of a 1-inch slab of 3 lb foam. This layer achieves two main purposes.

First, it provides a great bounce that couples will surely appreciate. Secondly, it provides good motion control, another big plus for couples .

The foam absorbs energy, thus limiting motion to a specific point of the mattress and preventing disturbance to your sleeping partner.

3. Third Layer: Support

This is the beginning of the support zone. It consists of 1.5 inches of 3 lb foam. It is designed to properly hold up body weight thus preventing sinking and cratering.

The 4Sleep mattress will never develop an ugly crater down its middle due to weak support.

Furthermore, this resiliency layer helps maintain proper body alignment. You will not wake up with any body aches.

4. Base Layer: Support

This is the main support layer. It consist of 7 inches of premium high density foam. This is the layer acting as the foundation and base of the mattress, ensuring that it can hold its own.

With this strong base, the mattress can take up to 450 pounds of combined weight.

5. Edge Support System

This is another area where 4Sleep goes a step further than most mattresses. Most mattresses have a problem with the edges being too weak.

The 4Sleep mattress sufficiently addresses this problem by having a seriously strong edge support system. This is an extra layer of high-density foam added to the two long edges.

Whether you sit or lie down on the mattresses edge, it will still hold up to the pressure. This contributes greatly to the longevity of the mattress.

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4Sleep mattress cover

When you touch the cover of the 4Sleep mattress, it is feels really smooth and does not catch or tear easily.  4Sleeps says the material is strong enough to last as long as the mattress.

The cover is very thin, which is intentional; it helps keep the mattress surface breathable and cool. It is also good at wicking away moisture from the body.

The materials used in the cover include Lycra (the same material used in sports clothing), viscose and polyester.

This special combination of materials is why the cover is so good at temperature control and moisture wicking.

The company recommends the use of a waterproof mattress cover to avoid any damage to the mattress from spillages. You can remove this cover and wash it in a machine.

Be sure to use cold water only. Also, do not iron it and do not dry clean it. This helps maintain the quality, function and integrity of the cover.

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Smell/ Off-gassing

4Sleep scores slightly lower when it comes to smell. The company admits that once opened, the mattress will have a fresh foam’ smell. And it does.

They advise buyers to leave the mattress uncovered for 24-48 hours to allow the smell to dissipate.

With the foam being CertiPUR-US certified, you can be sure that no toxic or harmful gasses are emitted.

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Sleeping Experience

I love the overall sleeping experience of the 4Sleep mattress. A majority of customers who have used it rate it very high, as well.

Below is a closer look at the sleeping experience through various aspects of the mattress: firmness, sinkage, motion transfer, hot/cold issues and bounce.

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4Sleep mattress firmness

4Sleep make only one type of mattress, medium firm.

There is no firm, medium or soft options to choose from. They therefore had to create a product that fits the needs of most people.

When you lie on this mattress for the first time, it immediately feels firmer than expected, especially for a one-fits-all mattress.

But within a few seconds, the mattress begins to contour around your body.

The top layer creates a comfortable hug with just the right amount of sinkage.

Generally, the 4Sleep mattress is more on the firm side than most other memory foam mattresses. It ranks at around 6.5 to 7.0 /10 on an increasing scale of firmness.

So if you like very soft or very firm mattresses, 4Sleep may not be for you.

For most sleepers (back, stomach and side), though, the feel is just about perfect – if a bit firmer and more supportive than you might expect for a foam mattress.

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The third 1.5-inch foam layer of the mattress is designed to deal specifically with sinkage issues.

This resiliency layer ensures that the mattress is able to provide the right amount of hug without sinking in too much and causing a stuck’ feeling.

In a normal lying position, the sinkage is 1 to 1.5 inches. This is better than most memory foam mattresses that can sink up to 2 inches, creating a terrible stuck in a swamp’ feeling.

When sitting at the edge, the sinkage is much more pronounced at around 4 inches – not bad for a foam mattress!

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Motion Transfer

The second layer is responsible for motion control. Naturally, memory foam is good at absorbing energy and preventing motion transfer.

The same holds true for the 4Sleep mattress. It performs really well at reducing motion transfer.

For couples, this is of great benefit. The movement of one partner will not disturb the other.

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Hot/Cold Issues

Temperature control is one area where the mattress scores a full 10/10.

Despite the fact that memory foam often sleeps too hot, 4Sleep has created a special formulation of foam that works far better than standard memory foam.

This, combined with the cover and the gel-infused top layer make for a mattress that is excellent at keeping temperatures at the optimal level.

Though you can certainly use your heating pad, you will find little need to do so with this mattress.

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The bounce of a mattress comes in handy during sex. The responsiveness of the mattress makes the moment better.

The 4Sleep mattress has a nice bounce that is better than standard memory foam but not as responsive as a latex or spring mattress.

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4Sleep is a very high quality memory foam mattress for the price, about the same as other budget-friendly foam mattresses sold online like Tuft and Needle, Casper, Dromma and more. Here is their full price list:

Twin size $549
Twin XL  $649
Full size  $799
Queen size  $899
King size  $999
California King  $999

As you can see, all prices stay below $1,000. If you were to buy a similar-quality mattress in a traditional store, the price would easily be 3 or 4 times higher.

4Sleep is one of the few mattresses that pack so many great features in an affordably priced product.

Even better, 4Sleep provides a financing option for those who prefer to make smaller payments instead of one big one. Financing is done through PayPal Credit.

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4Sleep’s warranty covers structural defects and faulty workmanship. If your mattress should experience one of these problems within 10 years, the company will either repair or replace it free of charge.

If the problem is just in the cover, this is the only part that will be replaced.

Make sure you read the full warranty statement at the company’s website before purchase. It will help you understand where and when the warranty applies and what situations are excluded.

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Return Policy

Another crucial thing to understand before making a purchase is the company’s return policy.

This comes in handy in the event that the mattress is delivered with a defect or if you are not satisfied with your new mattress.

4Sleep provides a very generous test period of 100 days. Once you have used the mattress for 30 days but still find it not to your liking, you can contact the company for a return within the 100-day period.

Once the return has been processed, the mattress is donated to a charity or recycled depending on your specific location.

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Pros and Cons


  • The construction of this foam mattress is one of the best in the industry. There are four layers, each with its own function plus the highly breathable cover and the edge support system. The result is a mattress that performs beyond expectations especially for its price.
  • Excellent temperature control. You will never feel too cold or too hot thanks to advanced technology and the right design.
  • Excellent price. The queen size mattress, the most popular pick for customers, costs just $899.


  • Though the company assures customers that there is nothing toxic in the mattress, the ‘fresh foam’ smell can still be unsettling for some buyers. This is especially a downside if you planned to use the mattress immediately.
  • If you are used to latex or a spring mattress, the bounce produced by the 4Sleep Mattress will feel much lower.

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This Mattress is Perfect For You If…

You are looking for a stress-free way to buy a quality mattress at an affordable price.

  • Medium-firm is your sleeping comfort level.
  • You are tired of mattresses that get too hot at night.
  • You want a mattress that will last for years.

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4Sleep is one of the best budget foam mattresses you can buy today.

Lori and David's industry experience, great customer service and a quality product has garnered serious acclaim from customers and experts alike.

In a field that is quickly getting crowded, 4Sleep stands out with superior materials, construction and better design.

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