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Drömma Bed Review: More Is Definitely Better

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Keep reading this page for our detailed review of the Drömma mattress.

One of the best things about the direct-to-consumer mattress industry today is that with so much new competition coming online, there is a constant focus on using more environmentally-friendly materials, improving mattress quality and reducing cost.

Unlike cheap early online mattresses that were basically strips of low quality foam glued together, online mattress customers today enjoy a wide range of safe and high quality mattresses designed for all types of sleepers, health issues and needs.

The latest company to enter the intensely competitive “Casper-priced” market is Drömma Bed.

To carve a niche out for itself, Drömma Bed has packed a ton of value and flexibility into their product, arguably more than any other mattress in its class.

First off, Drömma’s prices are very reasonable, ranging from $524 to $1,049. And that’s without the discounts they frequently offer – which can be as much as $150.

This puts Drömma in the same range as a lot of other foam mattresses including: Endy, Nest Love Bed, Bear Mattress, Leesa, YogaBed, Keetsa Pillow Plus and Casper.

But Drömma is more eco-friendly than all of them, except Keetsa.

And, Drömma offers a choice in comfort levels, something that only Helix and Nest Love Bed offer.

And, Drömma is the only 12″ mattress of the group. Everyone else’s product is 10″ thick.

That’s a lot of differentiation!

In this review, we’ll take a close look at the Drömma Bed, focusing on how well it performs on 13 different factors including sleep experience, comfort, cooling, and motion transfer.

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About Drömma Bed

Drömma entered the direct-to-consumer mattress market in 2015.

Though a newbie in the industry,Drömma already attracted the attention of many.

The company’s aim is to offer a simple, high quality, environmentally-friendly mattress without the hassles or high costs of buying a mattress in a brick and mortar store.

In the short time they have been in business, Drömma has carved-off a unique niche alongside more established & popular brands such as Casper and Leesa.

One thing I really like about this company is the large number of positive reports about their customer service. Whether you are making an inquiry or reporting a problem, the staff at Drömma clearly bends over backwards to make sure that all customer needs are addressed.

Not many online mattress companies can honestly boast of both a great product and great customer service, at the same time.

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Social Impact

For Drooma, creating the perfect mattress is not just about finding the cheapest overseas way to stick a few pieces of foam together and wait for customers to give you their money.

They obviously care about the world around them, too.

Dromma Bed - CertipurUSOne piece of evidence: they’ve put a lot of creativity and effort into creating a bio-friendly mattress that is safe for the customers and the environment.

Their choice of a soy-based memory foam is unique in this price range. And, of course, it’s CertiPUR-US certified.

In addition, the company has made arrangements to give returned mattresses to charities, helping those without a comfortable place to sleep.

But perhaps the biggest social impact the company is making is on their local manufacturing industry. Drömma produces only 100% US-made products, where every process from design to manufacturing to supply takes place in the country. For example, the soy-based foam used in the Drömma Bed is produced in North Carolina.

Dromma Bed - social impact made in USABuilding in the US has two advantages.

One, quality is guaranteed since the mattress sticks to extremely high US manufacturing standards.

Second, Drömma is also able to keep watch over the entire production process – unlike companies that do their manufacturing in China.

And, of course, lots of American families benefit from the jobs that come with Drömma’s choice to manufacture in the US.

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Here is Drömma’s full price list – it’s about the same as Casper and many other memory foam mattresses you can buy online.

The company also offers significant discounts and offers, from time to time – so keep an eye out.


Twin size  $524
Twin XL  $624
Full size  $724
Queen size  $924
King size  $1,049
California King  $1,049

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Purchase Process

Dromma Bed - order formLike most other similar mattress companies, Drömma operates an online-only sales model.

One reason for this is to get rid of as many costs as possible, costs that would otherwise raise the final price point. This is one reason why brick and mortar mattresses are so expensive.

To buy the Drömma Bed, go to the official website at https://Drömmabed.com/.

The first step is choosing the mattress size you want.

Available sizes include:

Twin size
Twin XL
Full size
Queen size
King size
California King

Next, you’ll choose the level of firmness you prefer.

There are two firmness levels available; medium soft and medium firm.

We are going to discuss the firmness issue in a bit, to help you decide which one is best for you.

But if you happen to buy the wrong firmness level, don’t worry; Drömma has a very generous 200 day trial period.

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Drömma ships their mattresses free of charge to customers within the continental United States.

Unfortunately, right now Drömma does not ship to AK, HI or internationally. 

Shipping takes approximately 3 to 5 days, although delivery may take longer for larger orders.

The mattress will arrive at your door in a very compact 18” by 18” by 41″ box.

Simply unbox it and unroll the mattress on any flat surface to let it decompress.

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Delivery and Setup

If for any reason you decide that you do not want the mattress you ordered, you can cancel delivery by calling or emailing Drömma before the product departs from their facility. Early cancellations cost you nothing.

The company makes every effort to fulfill orders as quickly and efficiently as possible. According to the company, you can expect your Drömma Bed at your front door 3 to 5 days after purchasing, through it can sometimes take as long as 7 days.

The delivery period may vary if you made more than one order. In addition, multiple orders may arrive at different times.

It is important to note that Drömma only delivers within continental United States. Delivery is free of charge.

The company offers no special delivery options such as White Glove Delivery. If delivery is not successful the first time, it will be attempted again.

As far as setup goes, it’s really easy – as this 30-second video shows:

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Dromma Bed - styling

As far as aesthetics go, the Drömma Bed is not mind blowing.

The mattress sticks to a minimalist design, similar to many other bed-in-a-box foam mattresses.

The cover comes with a simple grooved pattern on top. The top half is white with the bottom half of the cover being ash gray.

If you love simple and minimalist, then you are going to appreciate the styling on the Drömma bed. If you prefer a romantic, flowery feel, then you still have plenty of reasons to buy one.

Besides, you’ll probably be covering up the mattress, most of the time.

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One area where online mattress companies are competing aggressively is in the technology they use in their products.

Drömma’s unique and notable contribution is their use of soy-based memory foam. Drömma has found a way to replace some of the petroleum-based components with bio-friendly soy.

This is of course a long way from the pure organic components used by some other brands, but it is a good start in such a low-priced mattress. Not only is soy safer for the buyer, it plays a role in keeping the environment clean and safe.

Another technology is in the top layer of the mattress, made from a noticeably ‘bouncy’ latex foam.

In addition to using a special kind of foam that perfectly balances between comfort, bounce and support, they have also incorporated ventilated foam to promote air circulation.

No more clammy skin due to excess moisture on the mattress, and no sleeping hot.

Another temperature control technology is found in the middle layer, a 2.5-inch-thick Preserve VG Visco Elastic Gel foam layer made by Hickory Springs Manufacturing in North Carolina.

Dromma Bed - HickorySpringsPreserve-VG-300x195
Preserve VG Visco Memory Foam

Preserve is a special type of foam that was introduced in 2005. It was the first bio-based foam ever produced.

Preserve VG is a Visco memory foam combined with cooling gel technology. This combination creates one of the most comfortable and coolest mattresses you will ever sleep on.

The Preserve gel in the foam keeps temperatures down even in hot weather. It is the same kind of technology you might find in mattresses used in a hospital burn unit.

So, if you have had issues with mattresses getting uncomfortably hot at night, rest assured that this is not an issue with the Drömma Bed.

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Mattress Construction

Dromma Bed - construction 2

The Drömma Bed is an extra-large 12″ mattress made of three memory foam layers of varying size and construction.

Each layer is designed to accomplish a specific requirement. Here is a breakdown of the construction of the Drömma Bed:

1. Cover

The company has not specified what material or fabric the cover is made from (we’ve asked and will update this review when we get an answer).

But it feels really soft and smooth to the touch, adding a little bit more comfort to the Drömma Bed.

The cover is zippered, too, so you can remove and wash it. No need to worry if the cover becomes dirty or stains; just unzip it and give it a wash.

Or, if it gets damaged or you just want a new one, Drömma sells replacement covers online.

In terms of styling, the cover has an undeniable modern look. The minimalist grooved pattern is a simply but elegant style that most will appreciate. But it’s nothing fancy.

2. Natural latex foam layer (comfort layer) 1.5″

The topmost layer is made from eco-friendly latex foam.

Latex foam has many advantages over memory foam. For one, latex foam better at temperature control. Its ability to keep the mattress cool is further boosted by the presence of airflow holes that keep air moving and taking most of the heat away with it.

Another well-known advantage of latex foam is the bouncy support it provides. This is something you will notice the moment you lie on the Drömma Bed.

Unlike a memory foam comfort layer, which tends to stay in place, latex foam has a nice pleasurable bounce. This is a huge plus when it comes to sex.

3. Gel-infused memory foam layer (support and temperature control layer)  2.5″

This is where you will find Drömma’s cooling technology in form of a gel-infused foam. This gel works in collaboration with the holes in the top layer to keep air circulating, thus carrying away heat and moisture from the surface of the mattress.

In addition to temperature control, the second Preserve VG layer also plays a big role in support. The Preserve VG foam is specially designed to contour around the body, especially around the head, shoulders, back and hips. If you have back and joint pain problems, the Drömma Bed addresses your comfort and support needs.

4. Poly foam base 8″

Rounding out Drömma Bed’s construction is the poly foam base layer. This layer acts as the foundational support for the mattress, keeping its structure intact.

This layer also helps set the firmness level of the mattress.

As mentioned earlier, Drömma offers a medium-firm and medium-soft mattress. The density of the base memory foam layer will vary based upon the proffered firmness level.

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Comfort/Firmness Choices

Drömma offers two firmness choices for its mattresses, Medium Soft and Medium Firm.

Here’s how they compare.

1. Medium Soft.

The softer choice features a low-density memory foam base that allows for more sinkage.

The feeling you get with the medium soft is ‘sleeping in’ the mattress rather than ‘sleeping on’ it.

It is ideal for those sleepers that love being hugged by their bed.

Drömma recommends the medium soft for side and back sleepers. This is because the softer foam is better able to contour around common pressure points: the hips, neck and back.

Athletic and lean individuals with sharper hips and joints will also benefit from the medium soft.

Most users rate the medium soft as being softer than most other mattresses.

It ranks a very soft 3 out of 10, with 1 being extremely soft and 10 extremely firm.

2. Medium Firm

The medium-firm Drömma is much firmer, with a firmness rating of about 8 out of 10.

This is firmer than most other ‘firm’ mattresses from other brands.

So only go for the medium firm if you love feeling like you are floating on a mattress. That said, the support is great.

Drömma recommends the medium firm for stomach sleepers. It is also ideal for heavier folks.



I have yet to find any customers complaining about off-gassing, and we didn’t notice any.

Even if there is a little of it, as can be expected from a compressed foam mattress shipped in a box, it is minimal and unlikely to affect you.

I guess it’s possible that more ‘smell-sensitive’ sleepers could experience a bit of off-gassing in the first few hours of unboxing the Drömma Bed. If this is the case for you, I recommend airing the mattress out for at least 24 hours before using it. This will allow the mattress release all trapped gases.

Sleeping Experience

Dromma Bed - Sleep Experience woman on side

Technology is cool, but all that really matters is the sleeping experience provided by a mattress.

A great sleeping experience is a combination of many different aspects of a mattress, most importantly support, sinkage, motion transfer, comfort level, off-gassing and temperature control.

From what we’ve experienced so far, the Drömma Bed is a great sleeping experience.

The support – especially contour support – is fantastic.

As for comfort, the top comfort layer does a fine job cradling without sinking too much. The Drömma’s excellent temperature control performance means it doesn’t sleep hot, either. It doesn’t.

Drömma has a winner on their hands. This is one of the best-sleeping mattresses in this price range we’ve seen yet. And because they use a bio-friendly foam, it makes me sleep just a little bit better 🙂


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Dromma Bed - sinkage

Sinkage is a measure of how deeply a mattress compresses, under a given weight. Sinkage helps you understand whether a mattress supports you well enough, and too much sinkage can make it hard to roll around in your bed.

The Drömma Bed medium soft has quite a bit more sinkage than the medium firm, at about 2-3 inches laying on your back. This is quite a bit more than most other beds, but about what you’d expect for a softer foam mattress.

Sinkage in the medium firm mattress is much less, about 1 to 1.5 inches. This is just enough to provide sufficient body contour without too much of the sinking feeling. It’s in-line with most medium-firm mattresses on the market today.


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Motion Transfer

If you sleep two in the same bed, then you understand how frustrating it is to have a partner who wakes up a lot at night or keeps tossing around. The technical term for the disturbance you feel is motion transfer.

When one person tosses and turns in a low-motion-transfer bed, their significant other remains peacefully asleep. In a high motion transfer bed, they might wake the other up.

So, a mattress with minimal motion transfer is big plus for couples. On the other hand, a bouncy, higher-motion transfer bed is better for sex.

The Drömma medium-firm mattress has more motion transfer than most, probably due to its bouncy latex layer.  You may notice your SO more on this mattress than, say, on a Leesa or Loom and Leaf. But when you want to notice your SO, you’ll appreciate that bounce 😉

The Drömma medium-soft mattress, on the other hand, has very little motion transfer. It insulates couples from each other just fine.

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Hot/Cold Issues

There is nothing worse than waking up clammy and hot in the middle of the night.

The Drömma Bed has you covered here. It does an exceptionally good job keeping your bed cool & dry at night.

The Drömma’s temperature control technologies – the ventilated top comfort layer and the gel-infused Visco foam support layer – really do work in keeping temperature under control.  Not only does the Drömma vent the heat away, it also carries away any moisture leaving the bed cool and dry.

In our opinion, the Drömma Bed performs as well as many of the most expensive mattresses you can buy online.


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The Drömma Bed has a 12 year limited warranty, one of the most generous in the market. The standard for most brands is 10 years though others may go as high as 15 years.

As with any other warranty, Drömma’s only covers the buyer with the condition that the mattress is used as directed.

Make sure you understand the specifics of the warranty before buying the mattress. To read the warranty in full and understand how it applies to your purchase, visit https://Drömmabed.com/warranty/.

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Return Policy

One area where Drömma really sets itself apart is in their extra-long trial period of 200 days.

That’s right, Drömma customers have 200 days – over 6 months! – to decide whether they like the mattress or not. Most other bed0-in-a-box companies offer trial periods of 75 to 100 days.

The company recommends that customers use the mattress for at least 30 days before sending a mattress back, to allow the body to adapt to it.

If after the 30-day burn-in period you still do not like your new mattress, then you still have plenty of time to either make an exchange or get a full refund. Just contact the company and they will initiate the return process.

Returned mattresses are collected free of charge and given to charities.

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  • Great value: Drömma scores especially high on comfort and temperature control.
  • Sleeps cool and dry. Drömma’s choice of materials and ventilated construction really does its job.
  • Two firmness levels that cater to a wide range of sleepers.
  • Generous 12-year warranty and 200-day trial period.
  • Bio-friendly foam. If you care about the environment, you might just sleep better on this one.


  • The medium-firm is a bit bouncy. For couples that tend to wake each other in the night, this may not be the right choice. But for those who want a great bed for sex: look no further.

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This Mattress is Perfect For You If…

You want an environmentally-friendly, cool-sleeping memory foam mattress for a great price.

The Drömma Bed provides high-end performance at a price you can easily afford.


Dromma Bed - sleep experience

If you read other reviews available online, you’ll see that almost no Drömma customers have bad things to say about the Drömma Bed. It is genuinely comfortable, supportive and just all round good.

To top it off, Drömma is a very affordable mattress – especially considering its 12-year warranty, 200-day trial, excellent performance, bio-friendly materials and choice of comfort levels.

No other mattress in this price range offers as much value for your money.

Definitely one for your short list!

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