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5 Red Flags It’s Time to Buy a New Mattress

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As a rule of thumb, you should replace your mattress after 10 years.

While some high-end mattresses may last longer than this, most mattresses lose their ability to support your weight properly after around a decade.

Other factors such as age or illness may also require you to start reading Online mattress reviews to find a more comfortable mattress.

Instead of guessing whether it’s time to start shopping for a new mattress, look out for this 5 warning signs. Think of them as your mattress talking to you.

If you have experienced at least 2 of them, then your mattress has reached the end of it's life.

1. Back pain

back pain old mattress

This is one of the classic signs of a worn out mattress – and a serious one.

It might start off with some soreness in your back when you wake up and progresses to shooting pain in your lower back when you stand up from the bed.

Don’t let it get that far. As soon as you start waking up with a sore or painful back check whether the mattress is the problem.

What’s happening is that the mattress is providing less and less support as it ages. When you lie down, your back sinks lower than usual. As your spine is forced to curve unnaturally, back pain begins to develop.

If you are already suffering from back problems related to age, injury or an illness, the reduced support could make it worse. Your doctor may actually recommend you buy an orthopedic mattress.

What you need: A new mattress with excellent back support.

A medium firm mattress is the most recommended for low back pain.

2. Morning stiffness in neck and joints

Sore neck from old mattress
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If you wake up with neck pain, the most likely culprit is your pillow. A high or stiff pillow can stress out the muscles and tendons in your neck.

But if you have been using the pillow before without any issues, your mattress might be showing its age. Again, lack of support is the main issue here. The mattress grows too soft or sags, pushing your body lower than your neck.

Your neck is forced to flex uncomfortably all night and by morning, it’s painfully stiff and cranky.

You may also notice that other joints such as your ships and shoulders are also getting sore. Less support and the resulting alignment problems are to blame.

What you need: A mattress that’s firm enough to hold up your weight but soft enough to provide pressure relief for your shoulders, hips and other high-pressure points. A medium firm mattress is ideal – and there are many good choices for sale online.

3. Tossing and turning too much

Tossing and turning more than usual could be caused by many issues other than an aged mattress with poor support. Stress, lifestyle and sleep disorders are among the many causes of restless sleep.

But if you find that you only toss and turn on your mattress and sleep very comfortably at a friend’s house or in hotels, your mattress could be the problem.

Basically, your body is trying to find a more comfortable position that doesn’t stress your spine or press on your joints. It could also be that your mattress is not as breathable as it was. So you keep turning to ward off the heat.

What you need: A new mattress that is supportive, comfortable and cool.

4. Check for any sagging

One of the most obvious signs of a worn out mattress is cratering at the center. Even a little sagging can be very problematic. It can cause low back pain, neck stiffness and sore joints. It can be especially uncomfortable for couples.

If your mattress has sagged even if it’s just a little, get a new one.

What you need: A new mattress. If you are a couple or have a big body figure, I recommend a hybrid or innerspring mattress. They have more compression support hence can last longer without sagging.

5. Assess overall wear and tear

You can tell just by looking that it’s time to replace your mattress. Remove any coverings and check all over the mattress. This includes the top, bottom and the sides.

Things to look for: tears, shifted materials, loose springs, holes, stains and any other observable damage.

If you own an innerspring mattress, listen for creaks and groans. They are indications of a worn out mattress.

What you need: A new mattress. Read online mattress reviews to find the best mattress that will be comfortable, improve your sleep quality and last long.

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