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5 Tips To Clean Your Mattress – Plus One You Never Would’ve Guessed

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Cleaning a mattress especially a dense one is a challenging task since there are many factors to consider. The primary challenge pertains to the method of cleaning the mattress. If you decide to wash it, the problem you will face is about drying it.

However, apart from these challenges, there are many benefits of cleaning your mattress. Clean bedding gives you quality sleep when it smells fresh. Since we spend most of our time sleeping, it is important to rest on a bed that gives you peace of mind.

When you clean your mattress, you extend its lifespan, and this can save you money in the long run. As such, you should know some mattress cleaning tips to maintain it in good condition. The following five tips on cleaning a mattress can make your life easier concerning this seemingly uphill task.

1. Vacuum The Mattress

The simple way to get rid of dust is to vacuum the mattress regularly. Dust will indeed accumulate on the cushion no matter how clean the sheets are. In some cases, you might not see the dust particles with your eyes. The practical method of cleaning your mattress is to vacuum it strongly.

A vacuum cleaner with a special tool for cleaning upholstery is excellent for the task of cleaning dust. The first thing you should do when you want to vacuum your mattress is to remove all the beddings. You should then vacuum the mattress directly by pressing the nozzle on its surfaces. Make sure you thoroughly clean the top, bottom as well as the sides of the mattress particularly the ridges where dust usually accumulates.

When you vacuum the mattress, apply some pressure so that the nozzle holds tight on the bed. When you use strength, you can get rid of deep dust inside the mattress. After vacuuming the mattress, make sure you put clean bedding.

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2. Spot-Treat The Mattress

Mattresses with bright colors are susceptible to stains, spots, and spillages. These spots can be so irritating since they affect the appearance of the bed. The worse part of these stains and spots is that some of them are stubborn and not easy to remove.

You need upholstery cleaner or a unique solution to remove the spots. You evenly apply the solution over the affected area then wipe it gently using a clean cloth. If you do not have these special spot removers, you can use soap detergent solution in warm water. You directly apply the solution on top of the stain using a toothbrush.

Make sure that the stain is loose, and as it dies, you should then use a damp cloth to clean the remains. Wipe the area clean and make sure that it is dry before you put the bedding back. You must also try to avoid taking drinks closer to the mattress since this will save you the hassle of cleaning stubborn stains.

3. Deodorize The Mattress With Bicarbonate Soda

Bicarbonate soda plays a significant role in cleaning the mattress. It can act as a strong detergent that removes dirt and stains from your cushion. Some people may think that baking powder is for the kitchen, but it also helps in drawing out moisture from the mattress.

Bicarbonate soda is also useful in eliminating odor from the mattress. Moisture in the bedroom due to poor ventilation in some cases causes an odor on the bed. The smell is unpleasant, and it can affect your sleep.

When you want to use bicarbonate soda for cleaning your mattress, you remove the bedding and sprinkle baking powder over it. Leave it for about six to twelve hours so that it can draw dirt stains, moisture as well as odor. After that, you only need to vacuum the mattress to remove the baking powder.

The process is pretty simple, but it performs wonders regarding cleaning your mattress. The process does not involve any labor, but it leaves your mattress with a fresh smell and free of dirt stains.

4. Use Sunlight To Clean The Mattress

UV Sunlight is a natural way of cleaning your mattress, and it does not involve any labor. You merely put your mattress outside where there is access to sunshine and fresh air and leave it for some hours. UV Sunlight and fresh air help to remove odor from the bed.

Airing and sunning your mattress also helps to remove moisture, dust mites, and germs that may be on the mattress. When you use this method to clean the bed, make sure that you put it in a place that is free from dust. You may think that you are cleaning the cushion while you are creating a problem. It is best to vacuum the mattress again after bringing it back inside.

UV sunlight to clean mattress

5. Change Sheets Regularly

Regular washing of the sheets and mattress cover is probably the best remedy that can help you reduce the frequency of cleaning the mattress. When you change your sheets at least once or twice every week, you will keep the mattress clean.

As far as removable mattress covers or pads those are heavier than thin sheets, a good weekly shaking outside to get rid of dust is needed.  Most mattress pads or covers can be washed as well as long as your washing machine can handle the load size.  You may need to go to your commercial laundry service in town.  You will realize that the task of keeping your bed clean is simple.

If you change your sheets regularly, you will prevent the accumulation of particles like germs, dust, and dirt. The mattress gets dirty if you continuously use the same bed sheets where skin cells and fluids from the body combine with these particles to form stains. The stains that build on the bed are stubborn and may not be easy to clean.

Therefore, it is better to prevent the daunting task of cleaning the mattress by ensuring that the bedding is clean. When you wash the sheets, you can use hot water if you wish then use a dryer to make the process easier. The other good idea is that you should have many pairs of sheets since this will save you from regular washing.

If you clean your mattress, you are guaranteed of quality sleep which is good for your mental and physical health. If you follow the above tips, you will only realize that the task is easy to do. You can also stay for a more extended period with the same mattress.

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