Morphiis Customizable Mattress Topper

Morphiis Customizable Mattress Topper Review

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The Morphiis mattress is one of the best adjustable-comfort mattresses we have reviewed.

The company came up with the innovative idea of using different-firmness inserts to let sleepers to adjust the firmness of their mattress or different sections of the mattress as they see fit.

Now, Morphiis has applied the same technology to bring us the Morphiis customizable topper.

This topper works a bit differently than their mattress, but the basics are the same – you insert foam strips to adjust how soft or firm the topper feels under specific areas of your body.

If your mattress makes you wake up with a sore back or aching shoulders and hips, this topper may improve your sleeping experience. You don’t have to buy a new mattress, at least for now.

Read on to learn more about the Morphiis adjustable-comfort topper and how to customize it to meet your comfort needs.

About the Company

Morphiis Customizable Mattress Topper

Morphiis is best known for their customizable mattress that lets sleepers adjust its firmness using soft, medium and firm inserts.

The company was founded in 2018, although the founder has been in the mattress industry for years. He was the CEO of Perfect Pressure, another customizable mattress that the company no longer sells.

In addition to the customizable mattress and topper, Morphiis also sells a customizable pillow as well as an adjustable base.

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What Makes the Morphiis Customizable Topper Unique?

Removable Inserts To Adjust Firmness

Morphiis Customizable Mattress Topper

Similar to their mattress, Morphiis provides a set of foam inserts for their topper which customers use to customize the firmness of the topper.

In this case, there’s one set of removable inserts. When you remove an insert, it leaves behind a notch on the topper.

Removing the inserts softens the topper. Putting them back increases firmness.

The inserts are spaced across the mattress in such a way that you can adjust the firmness at critical areas like your shoulders and hips.

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Ultrafoam Construction

Morphiis Customizable Mattress Topper

The Morphiis mattress does not contain memory foam.

It is constructed using ULTRAFOAM, a type of polyurethane foam that stays cooler, lasts longer and provides better responsiveness and support than memory foam.

Note that the Morphiis topper is not technically a cooling pad. While it does stay cool, it’s not the best option for those who are specifically looking for a cooling topper.

See our list of the best cooling toppers for other recommendations.

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Washable Cover

The topper is not washable, but you can remove the zippered cover and throw it in the washer. The cover is polyester so don’t worry about damage from machine washing.

For smaller stains, you can spot clean the cover using cold water and mild detergent.

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How to Customize the Topper

Morphiis Customizable Mattress Topper

Adjusting the firmness of the topper is easy and quick.

The cover is zippered, so you need to unzip it and pull it back to expose the foam underneath.

The topper comes with all seven inserts already in place. This is the firmest configuration. To change firmness, remove some or all the inserts.

Removing some of the inserts creates a medium firm feel. Removing all of the inserts leaves all the notches unfilled, resulting in a soft feel.

If the topper doesn’t feel comfortable at first, I recommend trying each configuration for 2-3 days until you find the most comfortable one.

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Sleeping Experience

Morphiis Customizable Mattress Topper

Your sleeping experience will depend on the configuration you’ve chosen.

With all of the inserts in place, the topper is very firm – uncomfortably so for me. This configuration is excellent if your old mattress is worn out and sagging.

With a few inserts removed, you get a balanced soft + firm feel. Make sure you remove inserts only under the areas where you need more pressure relief.

If your current mattress is too firm, you may find that removing all the inserts is the most comfortable configuration.

The customization feature works great for most people. Most customers claim in reviews that they are able to find an arrangement that felt great for them, and I was able to as well.

One problem we saw is that for tall people like my husband, Eric, the slots don’t line up perfectly with their shoulders and hips, so this pad isn't ideal for super-tall people. I'm guessing really short people will experience a similar issue.

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  • A simple and reliable way to extend the life of your mattress.
  • Removable inserts let you adjust the firmness to improve support or pressure relief
  • ULTRAFOAM construction keeps things cool.


  • Customization may not work that well for tall and short sleepers.

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Quick Details   

Morphiis Customizable Mattress Topper

Price: Below are the current prices of the Morphiis customizable topper. Visit their official website to see the latest prices and offers.

Twin – $175

Full – $20

Queen – $225

King – $250

Sizes: Only four sizes are available. Here are the dimensions for each.

Twin – 75″ L x 38″ W x 3″ H

Full – 75″ L x 54″ W x 3″ H

Queen – 80″ L x 60″ W x 3″ H

King – 80″ L x 76″ W x 3″ H


Cover: Zippered polyester

Returns: 30-day return period. You can stuff the topper into a garbage bag or any other plastic bag before sending it back via the postal service.

Warranty: 3 years

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Where to Buy

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