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The Best Customizable Mattresses You Can Buy Online

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Finding the best online mattress that is perfect for your needs is not easy. There are so many types of mattresses with different materials, thickness and comfort levels. Even two medium firm mattresses might feel different because of the materials used, the foam density and other factors.

The same mattress can also feel different to two different people, a big problem for couples looking for the right mattress that meets their varying comfort needs.

A customizable mattress is the closest you can get to a perfect mattress without having to test 3 or 4 mattresses and returning them until you find the right one.

The manufacturer either makes the mattress based on questions you answered or they make a mattress that can be personalized at home to suit different comfort preferences.

A custom mattress is great for couples with differing sleeping needs and preferences. For instance if your partner loves a soft mattress while you prefer a firmer one. It’s also great for those who have a hard time finding the perfect mattress. If you’ve had to return several mattresses because they are not comfortable, try a customized one.

Here are our top recommendations. For more details on each mattress, see our mattress reviews and comparisons.

Helix Mattress

Helix - the best online mattress that is customizable

Helix is the best personalized mattress you can buy online. They make mattresses based on their customers’ specific needs and preferences.

But how do they know what you need?

Before you order a mattress, you'll need to answer a short sleep quiz. You can specify the mattress size you want and whether it’s for one or two.

The questions are designed to help the engineers learn more about your comfort needs and sleep preferences. For instance, the quiz will ask you to give your weight, age and height. You’ll also be asked about your favorite sleeping position, whether you toss at night, whether you have any pressure points and which comfort feel you prefer most.

Helix uses the answers to create a personalized mattress that in theory should be perfect for you. The actual experience may miss out on a couple of areas but it will come closest than any other mattress to what you are looking for.

For example if you have a back problem, you can request a medium-firm mattress that provides the perfect balance of firm comfort and soft pressure relief.

If you are ordering the mattress as a couple, Helix will combine both your preferences and comfort needs into one mattress that suits you both. They can also create a split dual comfort mattress where each of you gets your own personalized half.

The Helix mattress uses a special type of foam called the Helix Dynamic Foam. It is cooler than memory foam and doesn’t cause any allergic reactions like latex foam. There is also a layer of pocketed coils for cooling and pressure relief.

A Queen Size costs $1, 099. Financing is available.

Luxi Mattress

Luxi best online mattress

Luxi does customization differently. They won’t ask you to take a quiz. Instead, you get a mattress that you can customize yourself at home.

The mattress layers are interchangeable. You can take the first layer and make it the base or interchange the second and third layers. Different configurations produce different comfort levels. So you can customize the Luxi mattress to be soft, medium-firm or firm. If a certain configuration doesn’t feel comfortable, it’s fairly easy to switch up the layers.

Luxi also offers split options for the Queen, King and Cal King sizes. So you can configure one half to be soft and the other firm.

All the foams are CertiPUR-US certified and designed to offer support, pressure relief and cooling. Most notable is the Support Balancing Technology layer which contains individual columns that distribute your weight evenly and prevent pressure points. These columns also help with cooling.

Luxi mattress technology
Luxi Support Balancing Technology

A Queen Size costs $1,099.

Split Mattresses

Fully customizable mattresses are not common. Luxi and Helix are the only two good quality online custom mattresses we could find.

Beyond those two, the next best options are split mattresses. These are quite common and are offered by most online mattress brands including the Love and Sleep mattress, Amore Mattress and Big Fig mattress.

With a split mattress, you can choose two different comfort levels for each half.

Note that split mattresses are usually offered only for Queen, King and Cal King sizes. They also tend to be more expensive than standard non-split mattresses.

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