Best Low Profile Bed Frames

Best Low Profile Bed Frames 2023: Top Picks, Reviews& Buying Guide

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Shopping for a low-profile bed frame?

You’ve come to the right place. 

A low-profile bed frame is a great choice for anyone looking for a minimalist bed that’s less bulky than a traditional bed frame. 

It’s also a good way to make a small bedroom feel bigger and airier. This trick is especially useful in a room with low ceilings. 

A low bed frame is also easier for kids and pets to get in and out of, making it a good pick if you often share your bed with your kids or pets. 

Another reason to get a low-profile bed frame is if you have an extra-thick mattress (12+ inches). It keeps your bed at a comfortable height.

What’s In This Buying Guide?

In this in-depth buying guide, we recommend the best low profile bed frames you can order online. 

Our picks include everything from solid wood platforms to metal frames to help you find exactly what you are looking for. 

If you don't find the bed frame you want, read our reviews of the best modern bed frames and the best minimalist bed frames for other great recommendations. 

And if you are shopping on a budget, we have a roundup of the best bed frames under $200.

Best Low Bed Frames

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  1. Our Top Pick: ZINUS Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform
  2. Best Low Profile Solid Wood Bed Frame: ZINUS Vivek Deluxe Wood Platform
  3. Best Low Profile Metal Bed frame: ZINUS Joseph 10” Metal Platform
  4. Best Heavy Duty Low Profile Bed Frame for Heavy People: Mellow 9″ Metal Platform 
  5. Best Upholstered Low Profile Bed Frame: Allewie Modern Upholstered
  6. Best Extra-low Profile Bed Frame: ZINUS Suzanne 6 Inch
  7. Best Low Profile Bed Frame With Storage: DHP Rose Upholstered
  8. Best Low Profile Bed Frame for Box Spring: ZIYOO Adjustable Metal Bed Frame
Bed FramesFrameFrame heightHeadboardCapacity
low bed frameZinus SuzanneMetal & wood frame7”Yes700lbs
low bed frameZinus VivekWood frame12”yes700lbs
low bed frameZinus JosephMetal frame10”No700lbs
low bed frameMellowMetal frame9”No1000lbs
low bed frameAllewie Metal framen/aYes800lbs
low bed frameZinus Suzanne Metal & wood frame6”No700lbs
low bed frameDHP RoseMetal & wood frame12”Yes500lbs
low bed frameZIYOOMetal frame7”Non/a

1. Our Top Pick: ZINUS Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed Frame

low bed frame

Zinus makes some of the best and most affordable bed frames. In fact, we feature several of their bed frames in this guide. 

Our favorite Zinus bed frame, and our top pick overall, is the Zinus Suzanne, a metal and wood low-profile bed frame. 


  • Sturdy & durable metal and wood construction. 
  • Easy to assemble. 
  • No squeaking.
  • Box spring is not needed. 


  • Several complaints of damaged headboard during shipping. 

Our Review

Can’t decide between a wood or metal bed frame? Why not get one with both materials?

The Zinus Suzanne bedframe combined wood and metal, resulting in a minimalist modern style bed. 

The wood is real solid pine wood, while the metal is heavy-duty steel. So don't worry about the bed holding up your weight. 

The Suzanne bed frame can support up to 700lbs (350lbs for the twin size).

The headboard rises up to 37” from the floor, but the frame itself is only 7” from the floor. 

The Zinus Suzanne bed frame comes with 2.8” wide slats that are placed 2.95 apart. So you don't need a box spring. You can place your mattress directly on the slats. 

Because of its low height, the Suzanne bed frame can accommodate extra-thick mattresses. The headboard is tall so even a thick mattress doesn't cover it completely. 

The Suzanne bed frame is easy and quick to assemble. Everything you need, including tools, is included in the package. 

As long as you’ve assembled it correctly, you should not get any squeaking from the bed, even during certain extra-active moments. 

Issues & Limitations 

A number of customers have received the Zinus Suzanne bed frame with the headboard damaged. Luckily, it’s usually minor cosmetic issues that don't affect the look or function of the bed. 

But if yours comes with serious damage, you can always send it back. 

2. Best Low Profile Solid Wood Bed Frame: ZINUS Vivek Deluxe Wood Platform Bed Frame

low bed frame with drawers

Wood bed frames have a warm and cozy style that’s hard to beat. Our favorite solid wood bed frame is the Zinus Vivek. 

It comes complete with slats and a headboard, so you don't need to buy anything extra. 


  • Beautiful wood design. 
  • Solid & durable (has a 5yr warranty).
  • Box spring is not needed. 
  • Easy assembly. 
  • Silent.  


  • No lip to keep the mattress in place. 

Our Review 

The Zinus Vivek bed frame is made from real solid wood, so it feels very sturdy. 

Once you put it together, which is an easy process, by the way, it doesn't make any squeaky noises. 

The Vivek frame can hold up to 700lbs of weight, with the twin size having a 350lbs capacity. 

The frame side rail sits 12” from the floor, and under-bed clearance is 8”. While this is still low profile, you do get a bit of under-bed space to store some stuff. 

The headboard is 37” tall, which easily accommodates thicker mattresses. 

You don't need a box spring for the Zinus Vivek bed frame. It comes with wood slats to directly support your mattress. 

Issues & Limitations

The slats on the Zinus Vivek bed frame are flush with the side rails. There isn’t a lip to keep the mattress in place. 

Instead, two of the slats have tape to keep the mattress from slipping. But over time, you’ll notice a bit of movement and you have to constantly reposition the mattress. 

3. Best Low Profile Metal Bed frame: ZINUS Joseph 10” Metal Platform Bed Frame

best bed frames under 200

If you prefer a metal bed frame, we recommend the Zinus Joseph 10” metal platform bed frame. It is an especially great choice for anyone shopping for a modern/minimalist bed frame. 


  • Minimalist style. 
  • Has some storage space underneath.
  • High weight capacity. 
  • Comes with slats. 


  • No holes for a headboard. 

Our Review

At 10 inches high, the Zinus Joseph bed frame is pretty low. Combined with the simple metal construction, the low design gives the bed frame a modern minimalist look. 

The clearance under the bed is 8 inches, which doesn't give you much storage space. But you can still fit some slim totes or boxes under the bed. 

The Zinus Joseph metal frame comes with wooden slats, so you don't need a box spring. The slats are 3 – 3.4 inches apart, so they can support any type of mattress without requiring a bunkie board. 

Other than the twin size which supports up to 350lbs, the other sizes of the Zinus Joseph bed frame can support up to 750lbs, making this bed frame great for all sleepers. 

As with other Zinus bed frames, assembling the Joseph metal frame is easy. Everything you need is included and the instructions are easy to follow.

Issues & Limitations

If you want to add a headboard to your bed frame, don't get the Zinus Joseph bed frame. It doesn't come with holes or brackets to attach a headboard. 

4. Best Heavy Duty Low Profile Bed Frame for Heavy People: Mellow 9″ Metal Platform Bed Frame

low bed frame with drawers

Looking for a low profile bed frame that can support a lot of weight? We recommend the Mellow 9” metal bed frame. 

It has a weight capacity of 1,000lbs.


  • High weight capacity. 
  • Modern low profile design.
  • Rounded corners for improved safety.
  • Box spring is not required.


  • No way to attach a headboard.
  • Frame design doesn't allow easy storage under the bed. 
  • Slats are too far apart.

Our Review

The 1,000lb capacity of the Mellow metal bed frame means it can support heavy sleepers, especially couples. 

It can also support heavy latex and hybrid mattresses without wobbling or squeaking. 

The Mellow bed frame has an all-metal construction, including the heavy-duty slats. It’s pretty straightforward to put together and you get the tools you need in the package. 

One unique feature of the Mellow bed frame that we love is the rounded corners. They reduce painful toe stabs. 

Issues & Limitations

Similar to the Zinus Joseph bed frame, the Mellow bed frame doesn't come with a headboard nor does it have a way to attach one. 

Another issue is with the design of the frame. It has two horizontal bars on the side; an upper one and a lower one sitting on the floor. This leaves just 5 inches of clearance under the bed; too small to fit anything.

The bottom bar is also in the way. You can’t slide anything under the bed. If you were looking for a low bed frame with some storage, the Mellow bed frame is not it. 

There’s also an issue with the slat spacing. They are too far apart to support some mattresses. If you have a foam mattress, you may need to use a bunkie board. 

5. Best Upholstered Low Profile Bed Frame: Allewie Modern Upholstered Bed Frame with Headboard

low minimal bed frame

The Allewie modern bed frame is one of the best luxury low-profile bed frames. The headboard, as well as the frame (except the legs), are upholstered and you can choose from several color options. 


  • Luxury upholstered bed frame. 
  • Multiple color choices. 
  • Sturdy metal bed frame. 
  • Comes with wood slats. 


  • Pricey. 

Our Review 

The fabric upholstery on the Allewie bed frame gives it a luxurious look. It’s upholstered almost everywhere including the tall wingback headboard, the side rails and the rear rail. 

You can choose from several upholstery colors to match your bedroom decor. Options include dark gray, light gray, burnt orange, yellow and green. 

Under the upholstery is a sturdy steel frame and wood slats that support up to 800lbs of weight. 

The manufacturer doesn't specify the frame height, but it appears to be about 10 inches of the floor. So you get that modern low-profile style you are looking for. 

The Allewie upholstered bed frame is easy to assemble. It comes with a tool to put it together. 

Issues & Limitations  

Upholstered bed frames are not cheap and this one is no exception. If you are shopping on a budget, the Allewie bed frame may not be what you are looking for. 

6. Best Extra-low Profile Bed Frame: ZINUS Suzanne 6 Inch Metal and Wood Platform Bed Frame, 6”

minimalist low bed frame

At 6 inches high, the Zinus Suzanne is one of the lowest bed frames you’ll come across. If you like sleeping really close to the floor or you have an extra-tall mattress, this is the best bed frame for you.


  • Extra low profile. 
  • Comes with wooden slats.
  • Easy to assemble. 
  • Sturdy metal frame with a high weight capacity. 


  • No usable underbed storage. 
  • No way to attach a headboard. 

Our Review 

The 6” Zinus Suzanne pairs well with a tall mattress. You can sleep on an extra-thick mattress (14” or more) without worrying about being too high off the ground. 

It’s also great if you sleep hot. Sleeping closer to the ground can help you feel cooler. 

The extra low profile design also looks cool, especially if you love a modern or minimalist style. The small bamboo footboard also adds a bit of an industrial flair to the bed frame. 

By the way, you can get the Suzanne bed frame with a gray or chestnut brown footboard. 

The Zinus Suzanne comes complete with wooden slats, so you don't need a box spring. 

It’s easy and fairly quick to set up with everything you need to be included in the package. 

Issues & Limitations 

If you are looking for a low-profile bed frame that provides a bit of under bed storage, the Zinus Suzanne is not it. 

It leaves just 4 inches of clearance under the bed. 

Another issue with the Zinus Suzanne is the lack of a headboard option. It doesn't come with one nor does it allow you to attach one. 

If you want a headboard for the Zinus Suzanne bed frame, your only option is a wall-mounted headboard.

7. Best Low Profile Bed Frame With Storage: DHP Rose Upholstered Platform Bed With Storage

low profile bed frame with storage

The DHP Rose platform bed is a bit taller than our other picks but still lower than most bed frames. It’s 12 inches high. 

The best part is that it comes with storage drawers. Oh, and it’s also upholstered. 


  • Comes with storage. 
  • Luxury upholstery.   
  • Includes slats. 
  • Beautiful modern style. 


  • Expensive. 
  • Relatively low capacity. 

Our Review

If you want to maximize the storage space under a low-profile bed, look for one with drawers. They make it easy to organize your stuff and access it. 

The twin size DPH Rose bed frame comes with two drawers, while the other sizes have four drawers, two on each side of the bed. 

Each drawer is about 6 inches tall, providing a decent amount of storage space. 

The DHP Rose frame is a mixture of wood and metal and comes complete with slats to directly support your mattress. 

It also includes an upholstered button-tufted headboard and footboard. 

The height of the sleeping platform is about 12 inches. That’s not extra-low, but it’s not too high either. It’s perfect for those who want a low-profile bed without sleeping too close to the floor. 

Issues & Limitations

The addition of the drawers, upholstery, headboard and footboard makes the DHP Rose bed frame pricey. We don't recommend it if you are shopping for a budget bed frame. 

We also don't recommend the DHP Rose bed frame for heavy sleepers and couples. It has a weight limit of just 500lbs, less than most bed frames. 

8. Best Low Profile Bed Frame for Box Spring: ZIYOO Adjustable Metal Bed Frame

what is a low profile bed frame

If you already have a box spring, you can save money by buying a cheaper metal frame without slats. Our top recommendation is the ZIYOO adjustable bed frame. 


  • Low price.
  • Low profile design. 
  • Holes for headboard. 
  • Adjustable width. 


  • Requires box spring or foundation. 

Our Review

The ZIYOO bed frame has a basic construction that’s designed to work with a box spring or mattress foundation. 

While the manufacturer does not specify the metal frame’s capacity, it is strong enough to support the weight of a box spring, a mattress, and a sleeper. 

When assembling the ZIYOO frame, you can adjust the width of the bed to ensure your box spring or foundation fits on the frame perfectly.  

The ZIYOO bed frame has a low-profile design. The side rails are 7 inches from the floor. 

Keep in mind though, that once you add a box spring and mattress, you’ll be sleeping at a normal bed height. 

Issues & Limitations

Bed frames like this one that needs a box spring are becoming less popular. 

A bed frame with slats is more convenient and usually makes more sense in terms of value for money since you don't need to buy a box spring.   

Unless you already have a box spring at home, we’d recommend a regular bed frame complete with slats. 

Low Profile Bed Frame Buying Guide

Modern Bed Frames


What Is a Low Profile Bed Frame 

Low-profile bed frames are short, allowing you to sleep lower and closer to the floor. Generally, bed frames measuring 12 inches high or less are considered low profile. 

The lowest profile bed frame you’ll find is 6 inches. 

Pros and Cons of Low Profile Bed Frames


  • They look great. Some people love the modern and minimalist style of low bed frames. 
  • They are perfect for tall mattresses. If you have a 14-inch or taller mattress, a low bed frame keeps your bed from getting too high. 
  • A low bed frame can help you sleep cooler since it’s closer to the cool floor. 
  • Some sleepers find it easier to get in and out of a low bed frame. Be careful though not to go too low as that can also cause trouble. 


  • Little or no under-bed storage space. 
  • Not suitable for some sleepers, particularly seniors and anyone with bad knees. It can be difficult to get in and out of a low bed. 

What To Look For When Buying A Low Profile Bed Frame 

best modern bed designs

1. Type of Bed Frame 

Metal bed frames are the most common types of low-profile bed frames. They are sturdy and they have a nice modern look. 

If you want a warmer or more traditional style, look for a wooden low profile bed frame. 

And if you want something luxurious, look for an upholstered low-profile bed frame. 

2. Frame Height 

How low do you want to go? 

Low-profile bed frames range from 12 inches to 6 inches high. The ideal height depends on your preferences, how thick your mattress is, and whether you want storage space under the bed. 

3. Box Spring Required?

Does the bed frame come with slats? That determines if you need a box spring or not.

The good news is that most bed frames today have slats, so you can place your mattress directly on the frame without using a box spring. 

That said, be sure to check how wide the slats are. If the slats are more than 3-4 inches apart and you have a foam mattress, find another bed frame or use a bunkie board to ensure adequate support.  

4. Headboard 

If you want a headboard on your bed, get a low-profile bed frame that comes with one or allows you to attach any headboard. 

If it doesn't come with a headboard, it should have holes on the legs where you can attach your own. 

5. Weight Capacity   

Finally, check how much weight the bed frame can hold. This is especially important for larger persons and couples. 

Most bed frames can support at least 700lbs, which is enough to hold a heavy mattress and one or two sleepers. 

You can also find heavy-duty bed frames that can support 1,000lbs or more. 

Low Profile Bed Frames: FAQs

best modern bed frames

Do all bed frames need a box spring?

Most bed frames today don't need a box spring. They come with slats that can directly support a mattress. 

But if a bed frame doesn't have slats, you’ll need a box spring or foundation. 

What’s the best mattress for a low-profile bed frame?

Choose a mattress that is at least 10 inches high. That ensures you are not sleeping too low and having trouble getting in and out of bed. 

Can you put a mattress directly on slats?

Yes, you can. Slats on bed frames are designed to directly support a mattress. 

However, if the slats are too widely spaced, you may need to place a bunkie board (a piece of plywood) on the slats to ensure the mattress doesn't sag between the slats. 

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