Hollywood Regency Bed Ideas

10 Bold, New Hollywood Regency Bed Ideas

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Hollywood regency style is all about recreating the glamour and elegance found in the homes of the movie stars of the 30s and 40s – think Bogart and McCall, Hepburn and Tracy.

But what Hollywood Regency style entail?

Well, this style is not for you if you love simple and minimalistic rooms.

Instead, it entails a blend of rich comfort, exaggerated style, and over-the-top luxury into a single space.

Hollywood Regency bedrooms often include modern touches with old and are design for relaxation and self-pampering.

Think: sensual, dramatic, modern, uncluttered, and carefully-styled with a delicate and bold mix for a gender-neutral setting that’s classic in appeal.

In short, the Hollywood Regency style is all about luxury, sensuality, and superior comfort.

In this article, I’ll walk you through Hollywood regency style bed ideas that will help you turn your bedroom into a showpiece of luxury, glamour, and comfort.

1. Art Deco Style Bed In Hollywood Style 

Art Deco Style Bed In Hollywood Style

With this Art Deco Style Bed with silver tufted upholstered headboard, the bedroom looks more luxurious and comfortable.

Note that an upholstered sofa that is complimenting the bed! The ceiling chandelier is giving a more expensive look to this space.

The padded headboard, white-colored table lamps, and the green plant are sitting near the window, giving the bedroom a lavish look.

2. Luxurious Double Bed With Ornamental Design 

Luxurious Double Bed With Ornamental Design

The golden frame around the headboard adds glamour to this expensive-looking dark space.

Black is a hallmark of bold and elegant and the golden designing on the headboard and the wall making it more unique and sensual.

With modern furniture patterns, this bright bedroom is a dream of many.

3. Classic Style Bed With Extraordinary Mirror

Hollywood Regency Bed Ideas

Perfect-styled bedroom with extraordinary mirror on the back!

Note the table lamp of each side of the bed gracing the entire room.

4. Hollywood Regency Style Baroque Bed

Hollywood Regency Style Baroque Bed

One of the enchanting furniture Hollywood-styled furniture pieces!

This silver and black bed with monochromatic décor, bench, and cupboards giving the space a more expensive look.

5. Velvet Round Bed With Golden Accent

Hollywood Regency Bed Ideas

Velvet is one of the popular styles of Hollywood regency.

This round golden velvet bed is a perfect addition to bedrooms in a cottage.

The bedroom interior includes golden wallpaper and curtains and white cupboard and chair, making it a perfect-styled space.

6. Designer Furniture

Designer Furniture

White luxurious bedroom interior with designer furniture and a canopy bed with an upholstered bench and a rug below it!

7. Golden Furniture

Golden Furniture Hollywood Regency Bed

Luxury bedroom with golden furniture details and decorative walls is a perfect resemblance of a Hollywood regency style. Big comfortable double royal bed in elegant classic interior with colorful flowers sitting next to it

8. Dark Grey Bedroom Interior

Hollywood Regency Bed Ideas

Dark grey bedroom interior with gold accessories, fur rug, simple painting, plants are sitting in metallic vases, wooden floor, chandelier and window with curtains.

9. Style & Glamour

Style & Glamour

Add the elegant wardrobe and dresser of this style and feel like a star!

10. Ornamental Walls

Ornamental Walls

A perfect Hollywood regency bedroom with decorative walls, golden upholstered headboard, golden nightstand, and bold interiors.

Hollywood regency style is for people of every age, from child to teens and grownups.

Now, if you are going for a Hollywood regency style bedroom, stick to the bold colors, dramatic metallics, high gloss finishes, bold black-and-white themes, glam furniture, mirrored walls, ceiling chandeliers and upholstered bed for comfort.

Also, consider replacing your regular mats with Hollywood Regency style rugs. Use hotel quality bed linens and other accessories.

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