10 Awesome Ninja Turtle Bedroom Ideas Your Kid Will Love

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Ninja Turtles were all the rage back in the day.

The years have now rolled on, but the Ninja Turtles are just as loved and popular as they were back in the day. Kids still follow their style and are huge fans.

So, this is still a design trend.

In this article, we take a look at 10 awesome ninja turtle bedroom ideas that your kid will love.

1. Turtle Wall Sticker

Your ninja turtle inspired bedroom décor idea doesn’t necessarily have to be something over the top. Something as minimalistic as this wall sticker can get you the kind of results you want. The light green color tone goes exceptionally well with the creamy walls to lend a rustic aesthetic appeal to the entire space. The bunk-like sleeping space adds for more inspiration as siblings can practice some safe ninja training steps before going to sleep. Stay active and sleep like a ninja.

2. Teenage Mutant Background

In the fight against evil, Ninja turtles are always ready to take the lead and push evil out of this world. These excellent ninja turtle bed sheets and wall backdrops complement each other to create the perfect aesthetics. The towering buildings in the background with the turtles on top of the highest tower create a visual representation of just how much power and charisma the turtles had. This wall backdrop is just the kind of mural your kid would want to stare at before they go to sleep. Make sure they envision their own ninja turtle heroics before heading to bed.

3. Little City

Batman wouldn’t be Batman if it weren’t for Gotham City, Thor wouldn’t be Thor if it weren’t for Asgard and the Ninja Turtles wouldn’t be so phenomenal if it weren’t for New York City and its wave of crime. If you want your little kid to truly feel the ninja feeling in their bedroom, it is necessary that you give them their own city to guard. This bedroom décor idea is perfect for your kid’s room. Besides the turtles, you can also place Power Rangers, Spiderman Batman and other characters to get your kid in control. With the added touch of luxury bed sheets, this surely is every child’s dream.

4. Standing Ninja

This towering figure of a ninja turtle standing in the backdrop of your kid’s bed is the ideal room décor for every small ninja turtle fan. Kids would love the blend of exceptional colors, backed with the presence of their favorite childhood hero. The significant color tones add to the beauty of the image and make the ninja stand out. We surely would love to see how this picture looks after nightfall.

5. Michelangelo 

There is no speck of doubt in the fact that kids absolutely love Michelangelo. The orange eyed Ninja is perhaps the fan favorite and is extremely popular among kids. This bedroom décor idea allows you to bring Michelangelo up close with your kid, so that your child sleeps peacefully under the watchful eyes of the ninja protégé. The décor looks aesthetically pleasing and ticks all the right boxes.

6. Ninja Tent

Children just love playing with tents. The entire experience can become even more wonderful for them, if the tent is donned by the ever watchful ninjas printed on the exterior. The ninjas on this tent look artistic and will sit well inside your home. You can place this netted tent on the bed or you can place it somewhere in the corner.

7. Bunking With the Big Boys

This ninja turtle themed bunker is just the definition of bunking with the big boys. If your kid is just moving out to their own room, they will love the presence of their favorite ninja turtles around the room. This décor idea is easy to set up and doesn’t require extensive attention to detail. There are also plenty of open spaces for the kid to practice ninja moves before bed time comes.

8. For the Family

One thing is for sure, your kid will surely sleep in peace with this interior décor idea. Every kid admires the strength and bravery of the turtles and would sleep peacefully under the trusted eyes of the four ninjas protecting them. The dark grey backdrop looks appealing under the ninja turtles and helps add to the details of the picture.

9. Ninja Town

If your kid is an avid ninja turtle fan, they would want their bedroom to be a living ninja town. This bedroom décor idea perfectly catches what a small child fan would want to have inside their bedroom. Most of these accessories can be ideally placed inside your kid’s bedroom without much of an effort.

10. Ninjas on the Walls

Walls set the right background for a Ninja Turtle bedroom.

You can spend all you want on fixtures, but nothing will help achieve the true ninja look than the right walls.

This interior décor theme is the right way to decorate your kid’s room and to make sure that their love for the Turtles lives for long.

Ninja Turtles are more than just fictional characters for kids, who adore everything about our athletic heroes.

Through these bedroom décor ideas you can bring the Turtles right home, for your kids.

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