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10 Eclectic & Interesting Boho Chic Bedroom Decor Ideas

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If you love layered textures and billowing fabrics, then you will love the Boho-Chic style. 

A Boho-chic space is unconventional by design, often incorporating a wide range of colors, lots of natural and organic materials, bits of vintage furniture, and overall artistic flair and lots of global decors that work together to add tons of interest while creating a personalized and relaxing vibe.

More than most styles, Boho-chic is one where you can highlight your personality – and your passions.

Boho-style bedroom décor also provides you a ton of latitude to mix patterns and colors almost without restriction.

Here are ten eclectic & exciting boho chic bedroom decor ideas to help you create a personalized, eclectic bedroom to call your own.

1. Cozy Interiors

Cozy Interiors

Look at this elegant and solemn bohemian bedroom with a wicker chair, cushions, pillows, and green plants in a flowerpot and house décor on table and wall.

2. Macramé Wall Hangings

Macramé Wall Hangings

Macramé wall hangings over a comfy bed create a perfectly tranquil Boho setting.

3. Wicker Chair 

Wicker Chair

Wicker furniture is one of the hallmarks of a Boho-style space.

4. Green Plants

Eclectic Green Plants

Greenery is another common focus of a Boho chic bedroom.

Consider adding a wide variety of plants – for both color and interest.

5. Ethnic Pieces

Ethnic Pieces

Check out this unique bedroom with ethnic pieces, modern interior, comfortable bed, the lamp over the bedside table, and cactus plant in a basket against that gorgeous deep blue wall.

Tons of interesting things to see in this room.

6. Leaving Arizona

Boho Chic Bedroom Decor Ideas

What a serene and interesting dester-themed space.

Note the ethnic printed pillows, the decorated basket, and the American-Indian themed wall fabrics.

And of course, that tee-pee in the corner (what?).

7. Modern Touch

Boho Chic Bedroom Decor Ideas

This bedroom proves that Boho-chic doesn’t mean anti-modernist.

Check out this warm bedroom with a comfortable bed with lots of pillows, a patterned blanket, plants – and modern artwork to bring it all together!

8. Bamboo and Wicker

Boho Chic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Check out this simple boho bedroom with a wooden bench, wicker baskets, and woven screen.

This look is extremely easy on the budget.

9. Always Add Pillows

Boho Chic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Nothing is more inviting… than way too many soft and comfortable pillows.

Pile contrasting pillows on a comfortable bed, like this bedroom with its interesting combination of white and orange against large greenery.

10. Boho in White

Boho in White

Need a bit more elegance in your life?

This Boho-chic bedroom in white adds the natural feel using lots of green plants and natural wood pieces.

This is a perfect example of a boho-style bedroom for mature, sophisticated adults.

When designing your Boho style bedroom, think: lots of fresh greens, natural fiber rugs, woven Turkish and Persian rugs, timeless natural colors, mixed prints and patterns, wicker furniture – and candles for a warm and ethnic vibe!

I hope you got a little inspiration from our picks above. Remember, Boho-chic style is all about you – so don’t be shy.

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