Use Color For Contrast

10 Bright & Fresh Scandinavian Bedroom Decor Ideas

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Scandinavian interior design highlights simplicity, minimalism, and functionality.

Scandinavian design has been around since the 1950s and remains a popular trend today.

When decorating your bedroom in Scandinavian style, focus on simplicity and functionality.

Use shades that capture & reflect lots of natural light such as soft grays, blues, charcoal, mauves, and milky whites.

A Scandi-inspired bedroom should create a restful atmosphere – so go for soft natural fabrics, minimal clutter, small touches of nature, and anything that spreads natural light throughout the room.

The goal is to keep life simple – and comfortable.

In this article, we present ten new bright and fresh Scandinavian bedroom decor ideas to help you incorporate this feeling into your home.  Enjoy!

1. Empty Poster Frame

Empty Poster Frame

To bring that Scandinavian minimalist feel into your existing bedroom, try adding a large empty frame to beg interest and contemplation.

Empty frames are a popular design touch in many Scandinavian bedrooms.

2. Use Color For Contrast 

Use Color For Contrast

The right color contrast is important to the overall aesthetic of any Scandinavian bedroom.

Anything will work – your furniture, beddings, fabrics, or wall paint.

For example, notice how this beautiful white Scandinavian bedroom works so much better with the addition of a royal blue bed.

3. White Is Evergreen

White Is Fresh & Evergreen

White brings luxurious warmth and an inviting feel into any space.

This lovely bedroom with clean lines, fresh greenery, and an airy vibe is classic Stand-style.

4. Vintage Look

Vintage Look

Another beautiful bedroom in white with a vintage Scandinavian inspired look!

The beautiful plant in a white pot, pendant light, the fireplace… they all bringing a comfortable, warm, and inviting vibe into this bedroom.

5. Pastel Colors

Bright & Fresh pastel colors

Pastel shades make any space look more natural.

Note how open and airy this bedroom looks.

There is no need for tons of furniture and accessories.

Just a few plants and natural fabrics in pastel shades add just a touch of interest in this space.

6. Light & Modern On A Budget

Light & Modern On A Budget

This is a perfect look for your first post-graduation apartment.

Such a simple yet beautiful bedroom with a floor-based bed, simple shelves, plaids, pillows, clock, green plants in baskets.

Easy on your budget – and bright and airy, to open up an otherwise tiny living space.

7. Not Too Many Colors

Scandinavian Bedroom Decor Ideas

You may have noticed that Scandinavian décor often uses a limited color palette, with white predominating along with touches of pale blue, gray, or pastels.

This bedroom with a comfy beige bedding and grey pillows and a few small plants on the white rack exemplifies the typical Scandinavian color scheme.

8. A Feminine Touch

Scandinavian Bedroom Decor Ideas

Pink and rose always work to add a feminine touch to a Scandinavian bedroom.

This lovely bedroom with pink bedding and a big round vase with dried greenery is a perfect place to sleep.

9. Scandinavian Kids

Scandinavian Kids

A fun and lovely Scandi-inspired child’s bedroom.

Note those cute pillows, alphabet blocks on the floor, and a star on the bedside desk.

10. Simple White Nightstand

Scandinavian Bedroom Decor Ideas

A lovely bedroom in white with lots of pictures on the wall.

Note the simple white nightstand with wooden legs complementing the bed.

Decorating your bedroom in Scandinavian style is easy and often inexpensive – and can be quite interesting, depending on the materials and accessories you pick.

Feel free to add layers to your space using comforters and duvets, throws, lots of pillows, area rugs, and faux fur rugs.

Play with the colors, whether in your pillows, linens, area rugs, accessories, art, furnishings, or even flowers.

I hope you get some inspiration from our picks above and find one that matches your taste.

Have fun!

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