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10 Elegant & Chic French Country Bedroom Decor Ideas

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When your priority is to create a calming space to escape from the stresses of the day, a French Country bedroom is an excellent choice.

Often finished in white and light shades of grey and blue, French Country bedrooms provide a soothing and imminently approachable haven for you and your loved one.

Typical highlights of a French country bedroom include muted pallets, tufted headboards, antiques, chandeliers, soft fabrics, potted plants, and worn or distressed furniture.

When it comes to accents and accessory pieces, go crazy!

French Country design is all about an eclectic, cobbled-together look – with touches of panache and high style tossed in, as if by accident.

On this page, we present ten elegant and chic French Country bedroom decor ideas to help you create a warm, relaxing, and comfortable space of your own.

1. A Bed Crown

A Bed Crown

Grace your bedroom with a bed crown!

This elegant French Country bedroom in grey matches a comfortable bed with a vintage chandelier, antique furniture pieces, and a vase with fresh flower – what a perfect spot to relax!

2. French Tufted Headboard

French Tufted Headboard

What a bright yet straightforward bedroom in pastel hues!

This lovely bedroom with a French-style bed and a tree standing on the floor is ideal for spending a long Sunday morning in bed with that special someone.

3. Antiques For Style

Antiques For Style

The French love family heirlooms and antiques.

You, too, can have a French country look without inheriting your grandmother’s clock.

Easy-to-source antiques such as an old chandelier go a long way to add that old-world feel, a hallmark of a French Country style.

4. Duck Pillows

Duck Pillows

Even if pate isn’t your thing, adding a few wild duck pillows to your bedroom can transport your mind to the French countryside as little else can.

5. Ornate Furniture

Ornate Furniture

Consider this kind of decorative upholstered bed for your French country bedroom.

6. Everything In White

French Country Bedroom Decor Ideas

From furniture to fabrics, sometimes keeping everything in white just works.

Check out how calming and warm this bedroom is with white bedding and pillows, nightstands, and curtains – a perfect French Country bedroom.

7. Rococo Style Bed

French Country Bedroom Decor Ideas

Another lovely French Country bedroom in white with a Rococo-style bed!

8. Add Rustic Touch

Add Rustic Touch

This rustic neoclassic bedroom has all that need for a warm and relaxing setting.

9. Hang a Chandelier 

French Country Bedroom Decor Ideas

A vintage style chandelier makes your bedroom more appealing – and far more interesting.

Take inspiration from this elegant bedroom in beige with a hanging chandelier, decorative wallpaper, super-comfortable bedding, and a white cupboard to bring that country feel inside.

10. Neutral Palettes Rule

French country bedroom

A French country bedroom almost always implies neutral shades.

When choosing wall colors for your bedroom, cream and beige always work.

Cozy, layered, eclectic, and textured are words that define a French country bedroom.

As are pastel and neutral shades.

If possible, also bring some of the outsides into your home by adding a few fresh flowers and potted plants.

I hope the above picks will help you create the look you’re hoping for!

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