Brooklinen Luxury Sheets Review

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If you’ve considered buying Parachute’s luxury sateen sheets but cannot stomach the high price, then check out Brooklinen's sateen sheets – they sell several high-quality sets for far less money.

Brooklinen sells two types of cotton sheet sets, a classic Percale for those who prefer a cooler sheet and a luxe Sateen for those who want a soft buttery feel. They also sell a cotton twill sheet set for those who prefer a more flannel-like feel.

Finally, Brooklinen sells a set of ultra-soft linen sheets that are to die for.

In this review, we are going to discuss all 4 types of sheets.

About the Company

Brooklinen is a direct-to-consumer bedding company that was founded in 2014 by a husband-wife team. They aimed to create luxury home products and sell them at non-luxury prices.

To do this, they eliminated the middlemen and unnecessary costs that make good quality sheets expensive.

So instead of paying $200 or $300 for luxury sheets, you can spend as little as $91 on a classic starter set.

One thing I like about Brooklinen is that they give you plenty of product options.

Other than the four fabrics, there are many different types of sets you can choose from depending on your needs and budget.

There’s a hardcore set with everything you need for your bed (except the mattress and pillows), a standard set with a fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillowcases and a smaller set without the flat sheet.

You can also buy the sheets and pillowcases individually if you don’t need a complete set.

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What Makes Brooklinen Luxury Sheets Unique?

Luxury Quality at Affordable Prices

Parachute vs Brooklinen

Parachute and Boll & Branch, two other popular online bedding startups, sell their luxury sheets at a premium price. They are great sheets, but that doesn’t mean their price tags are for everyone.

If you are looking for luxury sheets that won’t cost you as much, Brooklinen is a great choice.

Brooklinen's sheets are made with 100% cotton.

While they are not certified organic, they are Oeko Tex Certified. This means they have been tested for harmful chemicals as well as other things like color fading.

And their prices are great.  On Amazon, you can get a 4-piece bed sheet set for  (Full) to  (King).

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Lots of Options!

Brooklinen Luxury Sheets

As I noted, Brooklinen gives you plenty of purchase options to make sure you find one that fits your situation and budget.

There are four types of fabrics available depending on the kind of feel you are looking for. Each fabric is available in multiple sets.

The classic percale sheets for instance come in 4 sets: a hardcore set that includes a duvet cover, a core set with a flat sheet included, a starter set with just a fitted sheet and pillowcases and a mega move-in bundle that includes a comforter and two pillows.

Visit Brooklinen’s official website to see all available sets.

You can also find Brooklinen's most popular sheet sets on

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Lifetime Warranty  

Nothing says quality better than a lifetime warranty.

As long as you own the sheets, Brooklinen says they will repair them for free if they ever rip, pile or fray. And if they cannot fix them, you’ll get new sheets.

These are the kind of sheets that you buy once and forget about it.

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Sleeping Experience

Your sleeping experience will depend on the type of sheets you buy.

The Classic set has the signature crisp feel of percale fabrics. It’s a great choice if you are looking for soft and breathable sheets that keep you cool.

Their Luxe set has the soft and buttery feel of sateen sheets. It’s the best choice for those who prefer soft and luxurious sheets. The only downside of Sateen is that it doesn’t cool you as well as Percale.

Their Twill set has that homely worn feel you get from your favorite flannel shirt. The sheets are luxuriously soft and have excellent breathability.

Their Linen set, the most expensive of their offerings, feels soft and silky. It’s better than Percale at absorbing perspiration and staying cool, making it perfect for hot climates. The only problem is that it wrinkles…a lot.

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  • Excellent quality at affordable prices.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Versatile options.
  • All sheets deliver a luxury sleeping experience.


  • They don’t sell certified organic sheets.

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The Fabrics

Brooklinen Luxury Sheets

There are four types of fabrics to choose from:

Percale: Crispy yet soft. Brooklinen’s classic percale sheets have a 270-thread count and a soft matte finish. Ideal for those who need a cool and breathable sheet. It’s not as smooth as sateen, but it gets softer with every wash.

Sateen: Soft and supple. Brooklinen’s luxe sateen sheets have a 480-thread count, which gives them a heavier but softer feel. Though not the best at cooling, they are great for those who want a softer feel (which gets even softer over time).

Twill: A type of diagonal weave that results in a fabric that feels soft and homely. It has the texture a comfy flannel shirt but thinner and airier.

Linen: A type of fabric made from the cellulose fibers obtained from a flax plant. It’s ultra-soft and highly breathable. Perfect choice for warm summer nights.

All the sheets, with the exception of linen, are made from long staple cotton. This is the best quality cotton. It produces fine, soft and long-lasting sheets.

Besides, Brooklinen uses single ply yarn. This means that each thread consists of just a single fiber. This results in sheets that are soft, non-irritating and hardwearing.

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These Sheets Are Perfect For You If…

Brooklinen Luxury Sheets

  • You want a cheaper alternative to Parachute and Boll & Branch.
  • You want affordable luxury sheets with an extra-long warranty.
  • You are interested in Sateen, Percale, Linen or Twill.
  • You live in a hot area or are looking for sheets to use during the summer (get the Linen or Percale sheet sets).

Check out Brooklinen's full sheet sets on and get FREE Prime Shipping.

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Quick Details

Sizes: Sets are available in all standard sizes from twin to Cal King. Here’s a table showing the dimensions for the pillowcases and sheets.

Brooklinen Luxury Sheets Review

Colors: Apart from the Twill set which is available in 5 color options, the other sets are available in over ten colors.

Returns: Brooklinen offers a return period of 365 days. If the items are unused, returns are free. If they are used, you’ll be charged a $9.99 processing fee. You can also return or exchange individual items within your bundle before the 365 days are up.

Warranty: Lifetime.

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Where to Buy

You can find Brooklinen's full sheet sets on, where Prime shipping may save some cost.

For their full collection, visit the company website:



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