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Casper Launches a Low Cost Mail Order Mattress Called Essential

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Casper, the leading mail order mattress brand online, is going all out to win over as many mattress shoppers as possible. They are best known for their friendly-priced Casper mattress which has become a hit especially among millennial customers.

But the Casper is not a luxury mattress and the company was missing out on customers with more money to spend. So they introduced Casper wave, a luxury all-foam mattress costing double their main mattress.

But they still had to contend with aggressive competition from a horde of low cost brands selling mattresses for as low as $200. So they completed their market trifecta with the launch of a new low-priced mattress called the Casper Essential.

With the Essential, Casper is hoping to appeal to shoppers who are looking for a budget online mattress. They will be competing against similarly low priced brands such as Ghostbed and Tuft and Needle.

About Casper Essential

The Essential is the cheapest of all Casper mattresses. A queen size goes for just $600 compared to $950 for the main Casper mattress and $1,850 for the Casper Wave.

At 8.5 inches height, it is also the thinnest in Casper’s collection. The Casper is 10 inches thick and the Casper Wave measures 11.5 inches. So don’t expect a plush hotel-like sleeping experience.

But many early reviews are positive. Most customers say the mattress is cool, comfortable and supportive.

Design and Construction

Casper essential mail order mattress construction

The Casper Essential has three foam layers; a cooling layer, a support/comfort layer and a foundation layer.

1. Open cell top foam layer

This layer is mainly for cooling. It consists of an open-cell structure that allows air and moisture to flow away from the mattress.

This not only ensures the mattress stays cool through the night, it also keeps it fresh. That stale smell associated with foam mattresses is not there.

This layer is also the initial comfort layer. It provides an immediate plush feeling when you lie on the mattress.

2. Responsive memory foam layer

The second layer, consisting of memory foam, provides both support and comfort.
The memory foam layer contours against your body curves and angles. It feels like getting a hug from the mattress.

The contouring is especially beneficial for side sleepers who are vulnerable to painful pressure points around the shoulders and hips.

Most importantly, the memory foam provides good support for your back and keeps your spine naturally aligned. This prevents lower back pain, neck pain and other problems caused by poor mattress support.

3. Foundational foam layer

A thick slice of extra-firm foam forms the foundation of the Essential mattress. It provides compression support, especially for heavier sleepers, and keeps the mattress in good shape for years.

A soft and breathable knit top covers the entire mattress. There is also an OEKO-TEX® certified fire sock for fire safety.

Firmness and Comfort

The Essential is a medium-firm mattress. Casper designed it to fit the needs of most people. It’s neither too firm, which would reduce comfort, nor is it too soft, which would compromise support.

It’s ideal for back, stomach and side sleepers. But I wouldn’t recommend it for those with a heavier body.

The mattress is quite thin compared to most other online mattresses. The two comfort layers may not be enough to prevent excessive sinkage. If you weigh around 180 pounds or more, the mattress may feel too firm and will not last long.

There are plenty other thicker and more supportive online mattresses to choose from.

But for most people looking for a comfortable and supportive that is budget-friendly, the Essential is a good mattress.

Pricing, Shipping, Returns and Warranty

Here is the full price list of the Casper Essential. Financing through Affirm is available. Visit Casper’s official website to check whether you qualify.

Twin size – $350
Twin XL – $400
Full size – $500
Queen size – $600
King size – $725
California King – $725

The shipping, return and warranty policies are similar to those of the Casper and Casper Wave.

Shipping is free for customers in the United States and Canada. The mattress is delivered in a compact box via UPS standard. It will get to you in 2 to 5 business days. In some areas in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York, same day delivery is available.

Because it’s much smaller and lighter than other Casper mattresses, you’ll have an easy time setting up the Essential mattress. Note that Casper does not provide White Glove delivery services.

Starting from the date of delivery, you have 100 days to test the mattress. If you don’t like it – after a minimum period of 30 days – you can make a free return.

If you keep it, your purchase will be covered by a 10-year warranty.


For those who would love to experience Casper’s highly rated mattresses but think they are too expensive, here’s your chance.

At its price point and with Casper’s reputation for high quality products, I can see the Casper Essential becoming yet another big hit.

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