Classic White & Navy Blue

10 Splashy & Fun Beach House Bedroom Decor Ideas

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No one can deny the fun, relaxed vibe that a beach house bedroom delivers.

Every beach house bedroom should be a completely casual display of nature and eclecticism, bringing coastal living into your home.

The elements of beach house bedroom décor often include beach-themed wall art, coastal-inspired accessories, pops of pastels and other fun colors, wicker furniture, delicate patterns, tropical accents, brass finishes, worn lanterns – and more.

What counts, though, is the spirit of the coast: relaxed, carefree, and casual.

To get this, focus on pieces with worn finishes, simple designs, and an overall serene vibe.

Here are ten splashy and fun beach house bedroom décor ideas to help you bring the coastal feel into your home.

1. Bed Crowns?

Bed Crowns

What a serene look.

From the comfy bedding to the lightweight bed crown and printed pillows, this room is just so airy and bright.

2. Tropical Motif

Beach House Bedroom Decor Ideas

It’s so easy to bring nature inside when you add a tropical print to your bedroom.

It helps to have tons of sunshine and palm trees in your yard, too.  😉

3. Add Fresh Flowers

Beach House Bedroom Decor Ideas

Fresh flowers add a soothing vibe to any space.

Check out this simple bedroom in beige with comfortable bedding and a few fresh flowers standing on a glass table.

Time for a nap… zzzz.

4. Four-Poster – Au Naturale

Beach House Bedroom Decor Ideas

A truly unique bed that uses tree limbs for posts painted in white.

This would work especially well in a modern style or industrial style beach home.

5. Prints For Color

Beach House Bedroom Decor Ideas

Check how this otherwise ordinary bedroom is converted into a nautical funhouse with the addition of colorful printed curtains and bedding.

Note the artwork on the wall, lots of throw pillows, and the decorative boat above the pallet rack.

6. Seashell Decor

Beach House Bedroom Decor Ideas

Seashell décor is a hallmark of a beach style bedroom.

As is Thai bed design.

See how this unique and lovely Thai bedroom setting is accented with seashells.

7. Pops Of Color

Pops Of Color

Check out this lovely bedroom with tons of color and pattern.

The mix of contrasting colors creates an interesting space full of life!.

8. Modern Nautical Blue

Modern Nautical Blue

OK, so this bedroom might not seem that coastal – until you notice the woven chairs, bamboo shutters, and nautical blue leather finishes.

This look would work well in any west coast beach house setting.

9. Add Color to Distract

Add Color to Distract

This bedroom highlights one of the most common problems with a vacation beach house: one bedroom always seems to get the leftover pieces from everyone’s house.

You can solve this problem by using bold, colorful paint and interesting color-matched accessories to bring the room together and to distract your guest’s eyes from the eyesore.

10. Classic White & Navy Blue

Classic White & Navy Blue

This lovely coastal-style bedroom in white mixed with a tint of blue is just a time-worn classic look for any upscale beach home.

Note the carved wooden headboard with pillows, a wicker basket, and a brass-accented nightstand.

If you want your bedroom to have a more serene and beachy look, use a muted pallet of white, navy blue, aqua, and green. Or soft pastels.

Add nautical accessories and seashells.

Then, finish it off with a little tropical life by adding fresh flowers, tropical palm trees, and soft fabrics with tropical prints.

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