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10 Eclectic & Interesting Boho Chic Pillow Ideas

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Boho (Bohemian) Chic interiors are full of visual art and a relaxed spirit. If you are an art lover and socially unconventional, this style is for you.

For Bohemian style think: bright & pale palettes, patterns, and weaves, multicultural elements, lots of layers, botanicals, decorative accessories – the goal is to create an interesting and eclectic bedroom that exudes warmth – and of course, your style.

Boho chic bedrooms often include eclectic art and ethnic history, mixed textures, planters, natural fiber rugs, Turkish and Persian rugs, and wicker or ethnic furniture pieces.

The nice thing about boho chic style is the variety of objects, patterns, and colors at your disposal – you can incorporate almost anything you love.

A vital characteristic of a boho-style bedroom is that it looks inviting and chicly casual.

Pillows are a critical component of any boho chic bedroom  – they are most often used to add color contrast or a comfy ethnic vibe.

Here we have compiled a list of ten eclectic and interesting boho chic pillow ideas to help create a warm and inviting vibe for your bedroom (or living room).

1. Bold Patterned Pillows

Bold Patterned Pillows

These patterned pillows are a fabulous addition in any boho-chic bedroom.

Note the green blanket on the bed, lamp on the bedside table, and plant in the bucket.

2. A Tropical Vibe

A Tropical Vibe

A perfect tropical print pillow to add in your boho bedroom – works well on any white bedding!

3. Warm Colors

Warm Colors

Add comfort and interest with simple warm striped pillows in orange and brown against a rustic orange wall!

4. Pastel Colors

Boho Pastel Colors

Pastels add a clean, warm, and relaxing touch to simple wood furniture and accessories.

5. Mix Patterns and Color

Boho Chic Pillow Ideas

Colorful and patterned pillows on comfortable white bed in a stylish boho bedroom interior with handmade macrame on the white wall and golden lamp on the bedside table.

6. Woven Pillows

Boho Chic Pillow Ideas

These beautifully-designed woven pillows with beads add a classic bohemian touch to any bedroom!

7. Boho Futon

Boho Chic Pillow Ideas

Need to add a bohemian touch to a small space? Check out this boho bedroom with a green futon, striped and dotted pillows.

Add a basket and fur rug, and the boho look is complete!

8. Plants Are a Must

Boho Chic Pillow Ideas

A tropical bedroom with wicker furniture and lots of plants surrounding it.

Note the light green printed bed sheet with white pillows that tie the colors together in this sleek interpretation of boho chic.

9. Boho Macrame

Boho Chic Pillow Ideas

A beautiful boho-interior with macramé on a rustic wall!

Pillows in mix color and pattern with plants on the side, creating a warm and inviting vibe.

10. Knitted Pillows

Boho Chic Pillow Ideas

These vintage boho style knitted pillows make this white-bedded room much more livable and approachable.

I hope you get some inspiration from these picks.

As the boho-style says ‘more is more -you can always add more”.

So don’t be shy about mixing and matching several ideas from above.

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