Purple Rules

10 Bold, New Hollywood Regency Pillow Ideas

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Have you seen Faye Dunaway’s legendary role In Mommy Dearest? What really stole my attention was her grand home done up in bold Hollywood Regency style luxury – it was enchanting.  

But what does the “Hollywood Regency” style mean?

And how can you add its royal touch to your boudoir without spending a fortune?

Hollywood Regency is all about glamor infused with high-shine lacquered metallics, finely detailed finishes, and expensive materials.

Think: sensual, dramatic, uncluttered and carefully-edited with an eclectic yet monied mix of delicate and bold for a gender-neutral and timeless setting.

One warning though: when designing a bedroom in Hollywood regency style, don’t forget to keep comfort in focus while adding your dramatic accessories.

And nothing speaks comfort more than your choice of pillows.

Choosing the right pillows to accent a high-class setting of a Hollywood style room is not always easy.

To help you get there, we’ve compiled a list of following bold and new Hollywood regency pillow designs.


1. Purple Rules

Purple Rules

Wow! What a beautiful style –  the perfect combination of luxury and comfort.

2. Designer Cushions

Designer Cushions

Place these pillows anywhere, on a bed or bedroom couch, and they will add comfort and a luxurious look.

3. Eclectic Selections

Eclectic Selections

A combination of blue and beige always looks elegant in a Hollywood regency style setting!

4. Shine On

Hollywood regency decorative pillows

Add that royal silk touch with these rich-looking sateen and silk pillows that will compliment any Hollywood Regency bedroom.

5. Silk Embroidery & Pattern

Silk Embroidery & Pattern

What a perfect combination!

Add these pillows in your Hollywood Regency style bedroom for an enchanting look!

6. Royal Setting

Hollywood Regency Pillow Ideas

Hollywood regency style is all about adding a majestic appearance to your home interiors.

The combination of round and square pillows with a color contrast combines luxury with elegance in a Hollywood regency style bedroom.

7. Silk Pillows

Hollywood Regency Pillow Ideas

Pile up some plain silk pillows over a silk bedding for an unmatchable style!

8. Royal Blue

Hollywood Regency Pillow Ideas

Mix blue and white in a fashion that looks just extraordinary in a Hollywood regency style setting!

Note this bedroom with blue curtains and grey and blue pillows on white bedding!

9. Add Luxury

Hollywood Regency Pillow Ideas

Note this luxurious leather sofa in shiny grey against a decorative wall with round and grey decorative pillows.

10. White Is Fancy

Hollywood Regency Pillow Ideas

A perfect bedroom with a warm, inviting, calming, elegant, and luxurious vibe.

Words fall short when describing this beautiful bedroom in white!

Look at how elegance and comfort blend together – white pillows, bedding, and that beautifully-upholstered headboard against a white decorative wall.

When choosing Hollywood regency pillows, go with bold hues and accents.

That said, you want to keep the complexity from going overboard.

Try to stick to two to three shades and one or two basic patterns – this will help keep things harmonious and consistent.

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