French Country Pillow Ideas

10 Elegant & Chic French Country Pillow Ideas

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French country style incorporates more rustic hues and relaxed textures inspired by the countryside – and a tiny hint of ornate décor.

In simpler words, the French Country style is a seamless blend of rustic and refined.

French country style bedrooms are warm, inviting as well as elegant.

Think: neutral colors, refined, unfussy, fun, fresh, vintage, sophisticated, rustic, intimate, and ornate.

The fabrics you choose for a French Country bedroom make a huge difference, especially for pillows and linens.

Pillows are the basis of a warm and comfortable space, and French Country bedrooms demand a specific style of the pillow to make them work.

To help you shop, we’ve found a few elegant and chic French country pillow ideas that should spark creativity.

1. Grainsack Pillow

Grainsack Pillow

These grainsack pillows look fabulous in this white country bedroom.

2. Love For White

Love For White

Check out this very romantic bedroom with white bedding and tons of pillows contrasting against an aged brick wall.

3. Country Style Bedding

Country Style Bedding

A blend of checkerboard and off-white pillows and a flower vase makes a perfect French country style setting!

4. Combination Pillows On White Bed

Combination Pillows On White Bed

White is a hallmark of a French country style.

And this bedroom in white with lots of pillows is a pleasure to relax in.

5. Grey & Stylish

Grey & Stylish

This comfy bed with an upholstered headboard gets a serious touch of elegance with these stylish grey pillows on a pink bed.

6. Quilted Pillow

French Country Pillow Ideas

Quilted pillows can tone-down an over-styled room and make it much more inviting.

7. Plain Works Too 

French Country Pillow Ideas

Pile more than a few plain pillows on your bed or couch for a more relaxing and natural vibe.

8. Calming Tones

French Country Pillow Ideas

White lights, flowers, and decorative pillows-all are creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere.

9. Colorful Pillows

French Country Pillow Ideas

Colorful pillows always look great on a white bed or couch and create an appealing atmosphere.

10. Decorative Pillows

French Country Pillow Ideas

Decorative pillows are perfect for any special occasion.

For a French-country style bedroom, only choose pillows made with natural and livable fabrics.

A French country bedroom is all about timeless comfort with touches of age and luxury.

To add a bit more interest to your French Country bedroom, add old books, a small antique lamp and a vase of flowers to get that classically warm, comfortable, inviting spot to relax and enjoy.

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