Invest In a Crystal Chandelier

10 Elegant & Chic French Country Bed Ideas

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Are you in love with French design but want a comfier, more eclectic look in your bedroom?

Here are some French Country bed ideas to help!

French Country style is an eclectic blend of European ornate décor, rustic hues, calming colors and natural fabrics.

A French country bedroom should be a warm retreat for the soul with a quiet gentleness about the space.

This style is both casual and elegant, containing a hand-picked mix of furniture that seems cobbled together over generations.

French Country bedrooms are always full of life, luxury, and comfort.

The color pallet often includes creamy off-white with accents of vibrant, natural colors and pastel hues.

French country style bedrooms often include such items as an upholstered bed, antique bed frames, an empire style bed, enchanting chandeliers, white side lamps, and somewhat worn antique chairs.  The options are endless, frankly.

Like Shabby Chic, this is a very flexible style that you can personalize to taste without spending a fortune.

Here are ten French Country bed ideas to inspire you to transform your bedroom into a more comfortable, interesting, and luxurious space:

1. French Ornate Bed With Tufted Headboard

French Country Bed Ideas

This bedroom blends French hues such as white and peach with mixed patterns, vintage hanging lights, an ornate tufted headboard and layered bedding.

Note the brick style wall in peach, giving a rustic look to this bedroom.

2. White Country Style Bedroom 

White Country Style Bedroom

A perfect bed for girls! This bedroom design combines rustic style, Provencial touches – and lavender!

This French Country white bedroom fits well on its white painted floor.

Basically, this is a Shabby chic interior girly in the Provencal style. Perfect for city living – or a village farmhouse.

The flowers in the room add charm and color to the space.

3. Upholstered Bed With Table Lamps

King Upholstered Bed With Table Lamps

A symmetrical look for this French-style king upholstered bed with identical drawers and table lamps for each partner.

The off white hues and vintage bedroom pieces give this space a luxurious yet comfy feel.

4. Upholstered White Bed With Pink & Gold Pillows

French Country Bed

Adding pink and gold pillows to a white upholstered bed is a fabulous idea that adds a feminine, romantic touch.

5. Invest In a Crystal Chandelier

Invest In a Crystal Chandelier

Luxe-up your French Country bedroom with a crystal chandelier.

6. French Country In The ‘Burbs

Luxury Country House Bedroom

A large comfortable modern bed can be countrified with floral print cushions and pillows to make any suburban home fell special.

The bright window with a garden view, all white interior, and upholstered bed make this space feel like a luxury country house.

7. Floral Patterns

Floral Pattern Bed Cover

Floral pattern pillows and bed linen can make any room feel like it's Springtime in France.

The fresh rose details and floral pictures on the wall make this look a perfect choice for a girl’s bedroom.

8. Knitted Blanket

French Country Bed Ideas

A cozy bed with knitted blanket and light linens is a perfect selection for a French Country style bedroom.

The bedroom looks refreshing with lots of indoor plants and home decor.

9. Vintage Accents Are Key

Vintage Interior

The choice of accessories is key when designing a French Country home.  Check out this vintage-inspired dressing table with vase and flowers and yhr beautiful antique mirror above.

Angels on the table, an antique wall clock, and simple country dressing table give this the bedroom a chic yet country appearance.

10. Shabby Chic Rules

Shabby Chic Interior Design

Check out this Shabby Chic bedroom set complete with a worn wooden bed frame and tons of soft pillows for relaxation.  Note the use of various shades of white and tan that give this room a fresh and luxurious feel.  Only the patterns are mixed to provide interest.

I hope the examples above of French Country style will help you create your own personal haven.

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