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10 Popular & Timeless Traditional Bed Ideas

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The term “traditional style” seems like the thing of the past, but it doesn’t necessarily mean outdated, messy, boring – or a space full of antiques.

Instead, today’s traditional style blends color, classic design, the symmetrical placing of furnishing, and even a few eclectic flourishes.

For a traditional style bedroom, feel free to add original artwork, vibrant colors, few house plants, and decorative wallpapers.

Display your personal taste and personality in your bedroom.

Remember, you will feel better and sleep better when you add the color scheme, furniture items, and artwork you love the most.

The traditional style is designed to provide a natural elegant look that emphasizes sophistication and whole-room design.

Here are ten popular and timeless traditional bedroom designs that will help you transform your bedroom into an elegant and timeless space:

1. Wooden Bed With Cozy Blanket

Wooden Bed With Cozy Blanket

A beautiful wooden bed with a cozy blanket keeps the room warm and inviting.

2. Traditional Bedroom With Monotone Walls

Traditional Bedroom With Monotone Walls

This English-style traditional bedroom has all you need for a wonderful time relaxing in your home: upholstered bed, bedside table with nightstand, chandelier, hardwood floor. A truly cozy atmosphere.

3. Comfy Bedroom With Soft Quilt and Pillows

Traditional Bed Ideas

A perfect example of a traditional-style bedroom with a wood-carved bed and soft fluffy blanket.

Note the traditional style clock, photo frame, floor mat, plant on the floor. A great design for wood floor bedrooms!

4. White Furniture

White Furniture

A truly elegant bedroom with a white sleigh-style bed frame, large modern art, beside a French nightstand.

Also, note the bold decorative wallpaper and modern hanging lights.

A clean and eclectic example of Traditional style bedroom design.

5. Light Shades

 traditional bedroom

A more formal, modern take on traditional style, this bedroom makes maximum use of parallel lines and clean, simple colors to create a bright and inviting space!

6. Add Modern to Old

Add Modern to Old

A great example of how to add modern furnishings in an older / historic home.

The green walls pull the warm, cream colors and wooden frame doors together in a surprisingly fresh way!

7. Metal Bed 

Traditional Bed Ideas

Cozy spacious bedroom with a metal bed and rustic wooden drawers and bench, antique mirror above the cupboard, and modern-accent ceiling lighting make this room a timeless choice!

8. Carved Wooden Bed

Carved Wooden Bed

Elegant nightstand on a vanity cabinet, mirror above vintage style cupboard, and decorative lanterns make this space a classic yet luxurious space.

9. Classic Four Poster Bed

 traditional bedroom

Four poster bed with wooden frame on the wall is a beautiful addition in a traditional bedroom.

A clock on a wooden desk, one plant sitting on the floor, squared and simple lines, and the bog palms near the window make you feel just wow.

10. Heavy Wooden Bed With Matching Drawers

Traditional Bed Ideas

Heavy traditional style wood bed set with headboard and bedside table drawers exude the parallel lines that are the hallmark of traditional design.

If you are looking for a warm and timeless space, traditional is the style for you.

Traditional bedrooms are always full of old and new plus personal touches from your life.

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