Wooden Bed In White Interiors

11 Iconic Mid-Century Bed Ideas

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Mid-century style rose to popularity in the 1950s and 1960s.

It features the beautiful style statements of natural wood, muted palettes, clean lines, and geometric shapes.

The mid-century style is based on the idea that “good designs can change lives.”

This design is all about modern simplicity, functionality, and accessibility.

Even if you don’t think you like mid-century style right now, learning more about it can change your mind.

The mid-century design is perfect for anyone living in a small, minimalistic space.

Here, we discuss ten iconic mid-century bed ideas that can make your bedroom more functional yet classic.

1. Minimalistic Interior Bedroom

Minimalistic Interior Bedroom

Just take a look at this modern/minimalist bedroom, which includes a mid-century wooden platform bed, Scandinavian-style natural leather armchair with matching bedside tables.

Adding a dark blue wall lights-up the furniture and flooring, highlighting the chair as the centerpiece of the set.  Gorgeous.

2. Grey Walls & Circular Mirror

Mid-Century Bed Ideas

Mid-century modern is all about simple geometric shapes like this simple but interesting circular mirror on a grey wall, that fantastic retro gold lamp, and a simple teak dresser.

3. A Retro Chair

A Retro Chair

Mid-century bedrooms need flashes of color and inspirational design to work.

See how this velvet retro chair underneath color-matching modern artwork blend perfectly with the muted colors and wood flooring in this mid-century bedroom.

4. White Bed On Wooden Floor 

White Bed On Wooden Floor

Rustic patterns can work in a mid-century modern home, too.

Here, we see a rough-patterned oak bed with white bedding.

The potted plants, aqua blue lounge chair, and large modern window brighten up the wood-floored space to create an interesting and inviting space.

5. Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

A few inexpensive design touches can transform very simple furniture into a modern masterpiece.

Here, we see a mid-century modern bedroom outfitted with a very simple wooden platform bed, inexpensive nightstands.

The addition of cool lamps and upholstery to the headboard transform it into a space worthy of that beautiful window view!

6. Wooden Bed In White Interiors 

Wooden Bed In White Interiors

A minimalist white bedroom with a simple wooden platform bed that’s perfect for a teen’s room.

The royal blue bedding with soft pillows, white chair and ladder – and the simple black frames on the wall – all make this a perfectly-styled mid-century bedroom.

7. Low White Accent Table Pulls It All Together

Mid-Century Bed Ideas

The white low-rise mid-century bedside table adds a modern touch that pulls this simple oak platform bed back to the ‘50s.

8. Mid-Century Baby Room

Mid-Century Baby Room

Add a retro wooden cabinet and a big piece of modern art to your baby room and voila – it’s mid-century modern.

9. Colorful Pillows On White Bed

Mid-Century Bed Ideas

Consider adding colorful pillows to brighten up simple white bedding!

10. Mid-century Cabinet & Arm Chair

Mid-century Cabinet & Arm Chair

Add color to punch-up space, like this aqua blue lounge.

Also, note how the white blank drop frame, the blue-green vase, and the green plants tie together and add smooth color contrast to the rough wood textures.

11. Mid Century Modern Gray Upholstered Bed Frame

Mid Century Modern Gray Upholstered Bed Frame

Not all mid-century beds are wood! This grey upholstered platform bed is inexpensive and does a great job.

Mid-century style is all about creating bright, functional, and airy space in addition to appearing tidy and well-organized.

To begin adding mid-century style to your bedroom, first rid your room of all but the essentials; then, select one beautiful mid-century piece of furniture like an Eames chair or nightstand, add a muted color scheme, and hang a few pieces of modern artwork.

Low beds and modern/minimalist furniture complete the look.

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